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Brett and Kahlia - 2013
plus Ramsay and Tai



Brett's Unit in Trinity Beach Albumn

Geoff and Sharon
aka - Dad and Mum
are now living in the Unit



Brett's Home in Kewarra Beach Albumn

CrossFit ... 2009 and 2010 x


CrossFit ... 2011 x


CrossFit ... 2012 x


CrossFit ... 2013 x


Cairns Baseball League ... Brett's 2013 Season

Darwin Baseball League ... Brett's 2013 Season




Miscellaneous Notes and Photos of Brett during 2013
One article and Baseball Cards - as at Tuesday 17th December 2013

Miscellaneous Notes and Photos of Kahlia during 2013
Eight photos - as at November 2013

... Brett ... CrossFit Gym
Brett attended one of the CrossFit Gyms here in Cairns - lifting weights and running - six photos - date unknown

Kahlia Asleep ... January 2013
And Tai picks up the camera a snaps a terrific shot - the page includes the original photo along with five animations - January 2013

... Brett ... Tuesday 5th February 2013
An email sent to Brett ... which included his present from Dad and Mum - Tuesday 5th February 2013

Tai = Future Baseball Slugger !! ... Friday 8th February 2013
Here is a shot of him about to swing the bat during a session of batting training - and the page also includes a photo of Brett from 1986 - Friday 8th February 2013

Tai = Machine Operator !! ... Saturday 9th February 2013
Tai is teaching "Breakthrough Joe" how to use an excavator - during a 'Baseball Working Bee' - Saturday 9th February 2013

A Night Out + Karaoke !! ... Saturday 9th March 2013
A night out at Apres Beach Bar and Grill in Palm Cove - with some karaoke thrown in!! - Tanya and Kahlia along with their friends Jess, Mark and Tennille - and the page includes nine photos - Saturday 9th March 2013
---------------page updated on 25th July 2013 - added a terrific video showing Tanya, Kahlia and Tennille on the Dance Floor
---------------page updated on 12th June 2014 - added a fantastic photo of Tanya along with Facebook Comments

A Girl's Night Out !! ... Saturday 23rd March 2013
Tanya and Kahlia and a few friends headed out to the Red Beret Hotel - five photos - Saturday 23rd March 2013

Swimming and Lunch at Lake Eacham ... Saturday 30th March 2013
Geoff, Sharon, Tanya, Brett, Kahlia, Ramsay and Tai along with two of Tanya's friends, Jess and Kath, headed to The Atherton Tablelands to spend the day at this picnic and recreation spot - it was a great day out with good food, a bit of running / exercising, and lots of swimming and fun in the water - the page includes a map and all the details on Lake Eacham along with five terrific videos and over fourty photos - plus there was an early Birthday Present for Geoff ?? - Saturday 30th March 2013
---------------page updated on 30th April 2013 - added another twelve photos which were 'found in a camera'

... Light Repairs at the Cairns Baseball Fields ... Saturday 6th April 2013
And yes, Kahlia went up in the cherry picker with the electrian who was replacing the light globes - and there are "looking up" and "looking down" shots
......................while on top of the pole, she took some terrific aerial and panoramic photos of the Baseball Complex and these can be seen by clicking HERE

Tai at a Baseball Training Camp ... Sunday 14th April 2013
The Cairns Baseball League Pre-Season Competition started today and with the assistance of Geoff and Kahlia, Tai put on a batting display - fifteen photos - Sunday 14th April 2013

Just Lying Around !! ... Sunday 14th April 2013
Here are Tanya and Kahlia and Tai just lying around in the shade at the baseball fields - there are eight photos and each one has been uploaded in both colour and black / white - Sunday 14th April 2013

... Tai preparing for future Olympics ... Sunday 21st April 2013
Tai has joined up with "Little Athletics" and today was the second week of events and competition - he was in Hurdles and Sprints, along with the Long Jump, Discus Throws and Shot Put - the page includes his Results - plus twenty two photos and a terrific seven and a half minute video - Sunday 21st April 2013

... Let's go to the Beach !! ... Thursday 25th April 2013
Brett, Kahlia and Tai at Trinity Beach - and the page includes six terrific photos, especially those of Kahlia - plus there are three photos of the "Esplanade and Sand" - Thursday 25th April 2013

Time Out !! ... Sunday 28th April 2013
Here are Brett and Tai at the Baseball - two photos - Sunday 28th April 2013

... Kahlia ... Monday 13th May 2013 ...
And the page includes the details and photos of the presents from both Brett and Geoff and Sharon - Monday 13th May 2013

... Ramsay and Tai ... Sunday 2nd June 2013
Both Ramsay and Tai had a go today at running, jumping and throwing!! - the page includes six photos along with three great videos - the highlight of the day was Ramsay clearing 0.95 metres in the High Jump ... and yes, this is one of the videos!! - Sunday 2nd June 2013

... A Fun Day Out !! ... Saturday 15th June 2013
Geoff, Sharon, Brett, Kahlia and Tai went along to this school fundraising event - and Tai (and Brett) had a great time!! - tried out lots of the rides and they both had a go on the "High Flyer" - this page includes twenty two photos and two terrific videos featuring the "High Flyer" ride - Saturday 15th June 2013

... Baseball Jewellery ... Saturday 27th July 2013
This Gold Baseball Glove Charm with a Cultured Pearl was being sold by one of Sharon's friends ... so we bought it for Brett!! - the page includes a photo, the Official Valuation Certificate plus the price we paid ??!! - Saturday 27th July 2013

... Hen's Night Party ... Saturday 27th July 2013
Kahlia went along to Jaelee Denman's Party - the page includes eight photos ... two of which show The Entertainment!! - Saturday 27th July 2013

... In Memory of Tanya !! ... Sunday 28th July 2013
Sharon and Kahlia, along with lots of Tanya's friends, are going to complete this event - this page includes all the Run Details along with a Promotional Video and Course Map - there are two teams being entered and all these details are also listed - being held in Cairns on Sunday 28th July 2013
---------------page updated on 2nd August 2013 - the page now includes sixty one photos and four videos taken before, during and after the Run

... Along the side of the House ... July to October 2013
Brett and Kahlia decided to landscape this "forgotten" area ... plus turn an unused alcove into a storage / garden shed - this first page shows twelve photos taken before the work got underway - and then, at the bottom of the page, there are links to a total of nine pages which detail the construction of the shed plus landscaping and concreting along with a vegetable garden and a new fence and gate - overall the pages include over one hundred and eighty photos - the work started in July and finished during October 2013

... Tai starts Work !! ... Wednesday 21st August 2013
And Tai is starting his Working Career ... at just seven years of age !! - this page includes Facebook Comments and two photos - Wednesday 21st August 2013

Sharon's Birthday #59 ... Thursday 22nd August 2013
And it was not a "happy" day - her first birhtday without her Beautiful Daughter - there was a lot of support from Brett, the staff at North Cairns Post Office, the people of Benchmark CrossFit Trinity Beach, along with dozens of both Sharon's and Tanya's friends - plus Sharon and Brett had organised a Very Special Tribute to Tanya - there was also a visit to Tanya's "Spot at Trinity Beach" - this albumn includes over eighty photos and one video - Thursday 22nd August 2013

... Kahlia = CatWoman !! ... Friday 23rd August 2013
Adrian Nelson celebrated his 21st Birthday with a "Fancy Dress Party" - and Kahlia went along as CatWoman!! - this party was held at the Cairns Baseball League Complex in Trinity Beach - the page includes six photos of Kahlia with her friends ... PLUS ... two videos of Kahlia and Tennille Denman riding the 'Bucking Bull' !! - Friday 23rd August 2013

... At Trinity Beach ... Saturday 24th August 2013
Kahlia and Tai at Trinity Beach - three photos - Saturday 24th August 2013

... Happy Birthday, Tai ... Thursday 5th September 2013
It is Tai's Birthday!! - and the page includes a Facebook Post and Photo from his Mum which received lots of 'comments' and 'likes' - plus all the decisions and details on the present from Geoff and Sharon!! - Thursday 5th September 2013

... to Linda Gough !! ... Saturday 14th September 2013
Here is Kahlia at Linda's Birthday Party - four photos - Saturday 14th September 2013

... At Trinity Beach ... Saturday 21st September 2013
Brett, Kahlia and Tennille Denman enjoying the Beach - six photos including one generated by Computer Artiste Tennille - Saturday 21st September 2013

... Around the Yard ... September 2013
This page includes "before and after" shots of the garden along the rear fence - four photos - September 2013
---------------page updated on 13th November 2013 - lots of Work and Changes to the Garden - added another fifteen photos to this page
---------------------------------------------------------------------------and these shots include "Tanya's Tina Barina Red Windmill"

... Bougainvillea ... September 2013
"Trying to Save a Bougainvillea Story" - two photos - and this 'operation' started during later September 2013
---------------page updated on 14th October 2013 - added one update photo of the bougainvillea
---------------page updated on 18th November 2013 - added another update photo of the bougainvillea

... Brett ... CrossFit in Darwin ... Tuesday 8th October 2013
Brett has joined "CrossFit Top End" - his photo was used in the header for a 'Workout of the Day' - plus there are lots of Facebook Comments - Tuesday 8th October 2013

... At Trinity Beach ... Saturday 12th October 2013
Brett, Kahlia and Tai at the Beach - three photos along with Facebook Comments - Saturday 12th October 2013

Kahlia's New Business Card


... In the Pool ... Saturday 2nd November 2013
Brett, Kahlia and Tai along with a few friends in the pool at a Port Douglas Motel - two photos - Saturday 2nd November 2013

... Kahlia's New Car ... November 2013
And it is an Alfa Romeo Giulietta - the page includes all the details on this vehicle - plus Facebook Posts and Comments ... along with a competition to pick who will be the first person to put a scratch / dent in it !! - two photos - during November 2013
---------------page updated on 28th November 2013 - added photos and Facebook Comments on Kahlia's Personalised Number Plates

... Christmas Day ... Wednesday 25th December 2013
Geoff, Sharon, Brett, Kahlia, Ramsay and Tai spent the late morning and lunchtime at Brett's home in Kewarra Beach - at this point, this albumn includes a few of the Cards, Letters and Gifts we received ... along with eighty three photos of Present Opening time !! - Wednesday 25th December 2013
There is a "SPECIAL SECTION FOR TANYA MARY" which includes Messages, Facebook Comments, Ghost Bike, Trinity Beach and Tanya's 'Through the Years' Wall at Brett and Kahlia's

... New Years Eve ... Tuesday 31st December 2013
Brett and Kahlia, along with a few friends, booked a room at one of the resorts on The Cairns Esplanade - they stayed for three days wich included New Years Eve - a perfect view of the Fireworks !! - Sharon dropped by to say "hello" - the page includes twelve photos along with lots of Facebook Comments - Tuesday 31st December 2013
There is also a link to the "TANYA MARY ON NEW YEARS EVE" albumn



2013 Cairns Baseball League Season
playing for 'Breakthrough Bandits Masters'

Sunday 5th May 2013 three photos and one video HERE
Sunday 8th September 2013 one video ... 3.5 minutes HERE
Photos during the Season five photos and Facebook Comments HERE
Year to Date Statistics up to and including Sunday 27th October 2013
and the page also includes a photo of
The 2013 'Masters' Grand Final Winning Team
Bandits Presentation Night sixteen photos which include Brett and Kahlia
plus Brett's Award ... "Batting"
plus Kahlia's Award ... "Club Person of the Year"



"Saturday 26th October 2013"


and this page was started on Saturday 27th October 2012

updated on Friday 9th November 2012
added details of their "Four Years Since Our First Date Anniversary"



"Sunday 21st September 2014"

Sunday 22nd September 2013

Saturday 26th October 2013