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Sunday 12th November 2006

Dolls, Bears and Golliwogs

NOTE - there are seven large photos on this page
and it may take a few extra seconds to download completely

A few notes from Sharon on Monday 13th November 2006

The Brass Cot We have had this for a long time - over thirty years - and it has been fully restored
Both Tanya and Brett used it
Click here for more details and photos, including shots "before-and-after" the resoration
The Patchwork Quilt
(on the base of the cot)
This was bought by Sharon's Mother at a church fete for Brett when he moved into a 'big' bed!!
This would have been around 1982
The Patchwork Quilt
(on the end of the cot)
We are not sure where the smaller quilt hanging over the end of the cot came from
Sharon would guess that it was from her Mother - and, unfortunately, for some forgotten reason!!
The Cabbage Patch Doll This is Tanya's
She won the money to buy it - gambling when she was nine-and-a-half years old!!
Click here for the details
The Lambswool This was Tanya's and then Brett's
They slept on them as babies
When we went out in the evenings they used to sleep on them wherever we were
They were very "fashionble" at the time - good conductors of heat - warm in winter and cool in summer
The Timber Cradle This was made as a Christmas present for Tanya by a friend of ours, Mike Walpole
Mike made four of these - one for each of his two daughters, a girl who lived next door, and Tanya's
As a guess, it was around 1983
The Doll in the Cradle We knew Tanya was going to receive the cradle from Mike and Kathleen, so Santa brought her the doll the same Christmas
The Knitted Shawl in the Cradle This was made by Aunty Jessie Stapledon, a friend of Sharon's Mothers, for Tanya when she was born in 1975
The Golliwog This was knitted by Sharon's sister Lesley for Brett when he was born on 5th February 1979
The White Woven Carry Basket This was given to Tanya, along with a doll and bedding, by Sharon's Mother when Brett was born
This was so she would have a new baby with a carry basket like her Mummy!
It was made by Gwen Hack, a cousin of Sharon's Mother, who was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis
Goldilocks She is in the carry basket, and is one of Sharon's childhood dolls
Goldilocks was recently in The Doll Hospital for some 'plastic surgery'!!
Click here for all the details and lots of photos, including "before-and-after" the hospital visit
The Yellow Shawl in the Carry Basket This is just an acrylic shawl Sharon had for Tanya when she was a baby
It was used for Brett too
The Bear and the "Other Animal" These were gifts to Brett from some of his 'baseball admirers'!!

Tanya bought one of these when she was living in London during her "Working Holiday"

This doesn't live in the cot!!

It's a Snobby-Upper-Class-English-Bear who feels it's too good to be associated with the commoners!!

It is sealed up in a dust proof bag which is also sealed up in a box

Hibernating - and waiting for more suitable company before it comes out!!
Beverly She is another of Sharon's childhood dolls
Like Goldilocks, she recently had a stay in The Doll Hospital
Click here for all the details and lots of photos, including "before-and-after" the hospital visit
Beverly is a loner, and has her own place to live!! - click here for the details