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Thursday 28th September 2006

NOTE #01 - there are a lot of photos on this page
and it may take a few extra seconds to download completely

NOTE #02 - towards the bottom of this page there are updated photos
showing Goldilocks after her visit to The Doll Hospital during October 2006



Another of Sharon's Childhood Dolls

A note from Sharon

I would have received Goldilocks as a Christmas or birthday gift
I figure I would have between three and six years old
That means I received her between 1957 - 1960
This makes her at least fourty-six years old!
These are approximations and I cannot confirm these dates
The clothes she has on in the pics were made by my Mother
I remember how I loved her blue check apron (or as I called it - a pinny!!)
I also loved playing with her hair which probably explains why it has thinned over time!

Height = 14 inches = 35.5cm


Geoff playing with dolls in the Backyard!!!


Goldilocks is going to Hospital!!!

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......and the page includes a number of photos
plus notes from Sharon


As you would have seen from the "Hospital Notes" above,
Goldilocks needed 'surgery' to her face
She now has bright new eyes, and her cheeks, lips and eyebrows have been redone
Sharon is very, very happy with the result!!!

The three photos below were taken on Wednesday 25th October 2006
and compare these to the ones at the top of this page!!!

NOTE - yes, I know the three shots are almost exactly the same!!!
I couldn't decide which one was the best, so uploaded them all!!!
The stray piece of hair???
Left like that, because Goldilocks is a "wild child"!!!
Actually, I didn't notice it until I had uploaded the photos