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Victorian Football League (VFL) Grand Final Day

September 1982

......and we all got dressed up in football jerseys, had a barbeque
and watched the game via live television coverage from Melbourne


The supporters!!! - in the back row are (unknown girl on the left), Kathy, Lance, Val (St Kilda), Barry (Melbourne), Mike (Hawthorn), and sitting are Annette (Centrals Cairns), Kathleen, Sharon (Geelong) and on the ground in front is "Sneaky", holding a Centrals Cairns Bulldogs Mascot

Sharon, and she looks better in this outfit than in a football jersey!!! - two photos

"Sneaky", the cook for the day - and his well designed and built barbeque ..........and that is our home in the background - in Wewak Street, Trinity Beach

Mike, and this jersey looks a bit small!!!

Mike and Kathleen enjoying the food

Barry in his Melbourne jersey - with his own "Brownlow Medal" around his neck!!!

Val, a St Kilda supporter

Barry and Sharon

..........and here is something extra!!!

June 1985

Tanya won!!!

We were part of a large group that followed the football on a very regular basis - every year, every week!!!
And naturally we had to have a Tipping Competition!!!

Tanya also put in her 'Dollar a Week' - and picked her own selections
During June 1985 she won the prize pool - which was $38.00!!!

At that time, "Cabbage Patch Dolls" were all the young girls wanted and Tanya used her winnings to buy her own
(in the following photos, Tanya is holding one of these dolls which belonged to next-door-neighbour Louise)

"Sneaky", who was running the Tipping Competition, gets ready to say a few words and make the presentation to Tanya - and from the left, watching are Annette, Dale and Sharon, with Louise and Tennielle (baby) on the floor

Tanya and "Sneaky", who looks a little bit lost for words!!! ..........a really nice photo of Tanya, and her long blonde hair

"I Won!!!" screams Tanya!!! - watched by Annette, Dale, Geoff (having a smoke in the back), and Sharon