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A "home" for

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A note from Geoff on Tuesday 1st August 2006

Sharon's doll has been spending her days sitting on our bed,
But at night she was banished to the floor!!!

In Beverly's words - "I want a place of my own"

Something like this would have been perfect
......but a bit too expensive!!!
This one was on an Ebay Auction, and sold for over $200.00

Beverly realised that this type of condominium was out of her price range,
but she still wanted her independence
and hated sitting on the floor - all night, every night!!!

Searching through other Ebay Auctions, she found the one below

It is not quite what she wanted,
though she is prepared to live in it for a few years
and then 'upgrade' to something more like the one above!!!

She is also hopeful that her Mother might take her out for a walk every now and again!!!

It appears to be in very good condition for it's age

The size looks to be just right,
and Beverly will be able to set up house in her own corner of the room!!!

The price seems pretty good too!!!

--The Ebay Auction

Classic Dolly or Teddy Stroller
Vintage pusher/pram
Very cute!!!
All original, this Classic fold down dolly stroller/pusher is in remarkable condition
We can not find any tears rips or repairs to the original vinyl
The frame is metal and the fold down mechanism is working perfectly
There are some minor chips to the paint work on the metal frame
But these are really only mentioned for accuracy of description
because it does not detract from the use or display of this cute stroller
Rubber tyres have good tread
The manufacturing logo 'Classic' is clear and undamaged on the metal foot plate at the front
Approx Measurements:-
Height to top of handle - 70cm - 27.50 inches
Width across the front - 29cm - 11.50 inches
A great one to use to display vintage dolls and teddy bears
or as vintage decoration in its own right

Item location - South Australia, Australia
This auction ended on Sunday 30th July 2006
The starting price was set at $19.99 and there was just one bid during the auction
Ours!!! - so we paid $19.99 plus postage and insurance

Made by......

Beverly's New Home


Sharon and Beverly

Tuesday 8th August 2006

--Auctions for similar Prams

......for a price comparison!!!


Auction #01

Vintage Stroller
This stroller has been in storgae for sometime
It needs some 'tender-loving-care' to restore it to it's former beauty
It is a collectable item that is more than sixty years old
It would be delightful as a home for a doll collector's display
All the original components are in working order
It still has the original wheels and park brake
Ideally the lining should be replaced,
however the existing could be recovered with a suitable material
The frame is in very good condition all round
For storage or transport, the stroller is easily collapsible
to a flat position via two slip rings on the handle arms
Item location - Sydney, New South Wales Australia
This auction ended on Sunday 3rd February 2008
The starting price was set at $14.00
The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale


Auction #02


1950's original Cyclops Child's Pusher
The outside maroon vinyl
and the wheels and hub caps are all in very good original condition
However, the vinyl cream lining is split on the crease
When erected, the height from top of handle to the floor is 90cm
The pusher folds down to small size
Sold during September 2008
The final selling price was $82.50