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Brett's Team
for Season 2004

"The Portland Sea Dogs"

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Off-season and Spring Training
News and Notes

Brett's accommodation in Portland
The Eastland Park Hotel

Stadium and Facilities
Hadlock Field - "The Wall" - Video Board - Mascots

The Season
Game Broadcasts - Live

Player Profiles

News and Notes during the Season
Game-by-Game Reports

Brett's Statistics
Home Runs
Hitting Streaks

The Eastern League 'Top 10' - Batting
The Eastern League "All Star" Game

"MVP" - Home Run Record - The "30 - 15" Club
...and click here for an article from the Cairns Post
...and click here to see a photo of the "MVP" Trophy

End-of-the-Season Reports

Videos of five of Brett's plate appearances

Photo Albumns
2004 Sea Dogs Team Photo
2004 Sea Dogs Baseball Card

A parcel from Amber Patton
Incl - photos, souvenirs, newspaper articles, postcards, etc

Most of the photos in the albumns
below were taken by
(click here for the official web site)
......and there are some fantastic shots!!!

 Albumn Name  Number of photos
 Brett with the fans  2
 General  5
 Striding in to bat  1
 A few final adjustments  4
 In the batter's box and ready to hit - taken from the front  31
 In the batter's box and ready to hit - taken from the back  12
 Swinging - taken from the front  20
 Swinging - taken from the back  17
 Broke the bat!!!  3
 Laying down a bunt  1
 Where did that hit go???  27
 That's a home run!!!  3
 Running the bases - home to first base  3
 Running the bases - at first base  19
 Running the bases - first to second base  2
 Running the bases - at second base  10
 Running the bases - sliding  5
 Running the bases - standing/waiting on base  3
 Playing first base - waiting for the pitch  2
 Playing first base - glove down and ready to field  17
 Playing first base - receiving the ball  2
 Playing first base - holding the runner  4
 In the outfield - waiting for the pitch  2
 In the outfield - making the catch  2
 In the outfield - throwing  3
 In the outfield - running in at the end of an inning  2