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On Thursday 2nd July 2009------(almost nine years after the event !!)
thirty-four videos of Brett at the Sydney Olympics were uploaded to this site

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The Sydney 2000 Olympics

In Brett's words - "An awesome experience !!"


NOTE - This is "Part One" of the Olympic Index

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which includes
the Athletes' Parade in Sydney, souvenirs, Brett's return to Cairns,
his Olympic tattoo, speaking engagements, awards, donations, etc


- The Australian Olympic Committee - and other "official" letters and information

#01 - "Congratulations on your selection" letter from the AOC - Tuesday 22nd August 2000

#02 - "Congratulations on your performance" letter from the AOC - 26th October 2000

#03 - Official Participation Certificate

#04 - Official Participation Certificate - Baseball - Australia finished in seventh place

#05 - The Olympians Club of Queensland - details of the "Olympians Celebration 2000 Dinner"

#06 - Invitation the the above Dinner - to be held on Wednesday 22nd November 2000 - at this Dinner all athletes are to be presented with their Official Participation Pin - Brett was unable to attend (in Cairns), and his pin was presented at a later stage

#07 - "Two free return flights to any destination"!!! - a gift from the major sponsor, Ansett Airlines - unfortunately Ansett went "bust" before Brett was able to go anywhere!!!

#08 - "Congratulations on competing" letter from the Queensland Academy of Sport - Wednesday 1st November 2000

- The lead-up to the Olympics

#01 - "Roneberg in line for selection" - in the training squad - article from the Cairns Post - Saturday 29th July 2000

#02 - color photograph which was published with the above article ..........a nice photo

#03 - SELECTED!!! - "Baseballers in Olympic Team" - article from the Cairns Post - Friday 25th August 2000

#04 - a notice from the Brevard County Manatees web site - Brett was still in the USA when the final selections were made

#05 - "On Games duty" - an article from the Cairns Post - Saturday 26th August 2000

#06 - is now the only representative from Cairns in the Olympics - article from the Cairns Post - Saturday 2nd September 2000

#07 - "Manatees player hopes Olympics in off-season plans" - article from the Florida Today paper - includes interview with Brett, photos, and comments from the Marlins - Sunday 3rd September 2000

- Return to Cairns from the United States

This section has been redone!!!
It was one of the first albumns that I uploaded, and some of
the photos and articles are not clear and are difficult to read.
So, a new albumn has been made and is called
"Invitational Game with Cubs"
and it can be accessed by clicking here


Flying to Cairns from the USA, Brett arrives on Saturday 2nd September 2000 - he then departs to join up with the Olympic team on Monday 4th September 2000 - while in Cairns, he is going to play in the local competition and will suit up for Cubs against Reds

#01 - "Coup for Cubs with Olympian on roster" - a pre-game article from the Cairns Post - Thursday 31st August 2000

#02 - "Cubs get boost from Roneberg" - another pre-game article from the Cairns Post - Saturday 2nd September 2000

#03 - the game - five photos - Brett being interviewed, Geoff and Sharon, Sharon scoring, Brett with bat and ball

#04 - the game - four photos - Cubs team photo - Brett at bat and running - and on the mound to pitch the last inning!!!

#05 - the game - three photos - Brett on deck swinging and in the batter's box

#06 - post-game report from the Cairns Post - Brett got a couple of hits, and Cubs lost the game!!!

- Departing Cairns for the Olympic Games!!!

#01 - "A proud Olympian - there'll be chills when I take to the field" - from the Cairns Post - Monday 4th September 2000 ..........a great article and photo!!!

#02 - Brett checking through at Cairns Airport - and Geoff and Tanya - six photos - Monday 4th September 2000

- The Australian Team

#01 - "Australia finalises Olympic Baseball Team" - complete roster and report on the team - Monday 11th September 2000

#02 - "......the team includes durable Cairns first baser......" - article from the Adelaide Advertiser - Friday 25th August 2000

#03 - the official Team photograph

#04 - another team photo, with the players wearing their Olympic track-suits

- Player Profiles

#01 - various profiles were released on each of the Olympic athletes - this page contains excerpts from Brett's, and details his career "in brief"

- The Olympic Village

#01 - the Village streets, and athlete's cabins

#02 - the cabins, and Brett's bed and area!!! - the athletes were able to keep the "Sydney 2000" doona!!!

#03 - the athletes' bus - and the Olympic Rings in the gardens - in both photos, the Olympic Flame can be seen in the background

Towards the end of the Olympics, the Australians started to decorate their cabins!!!

......Number One

......Number Two

......Number Three

- Clothing and Uniforms

For the Olympics

#01 - "Blazer Induction Ceremony" - 15th September 2000

#02 - The formal suit - two photos of Brett ..........nice photos

#03 - Opening Ceremony uniform - and also worn during the Athletes' Parade after the Olympics ..........two great photos

#04 - Closing Ceremony uniform


#01 - training/batting practise uniform - two photos ..........two nice photos taken out front of the athlete's cabins

#02 - game uniform - #17!!!

#03 - player's cap

#04 - Olympic baseball supporter's cap

After the Olympics, Brett had a display unit made up for a few items - including a jersey autographed by the Australian Team, a baseball bat signed by "many and varied" athletes, various Olympic pins, etc, etc

#01 - the display unit

#02 - Brett with his Olympic souvenirs

- Baseball Venues

Olympic Baseball Stadium

#01 - aerial view of the Stadium - and the entrance sign ..........a terrific shot!!!

#02 - another aerial view

#03 - the Stadium at night ..........another great photo!!!

Blacktown Olympic Centre - Aquilina Reserve

#01 - aerial view

- The Opening Ceremony

#01 - "Hero Fax" we sent to Brett - "We will be watching!!!" - and saw him amongst the thousands of other athletes!!!

#02 - "Biggest cheers for Aussies" - an article on the Opening Ceremony from the Cairns Post

#03 - photo published with the above article - Andrew Gaze leads the Australians into Olympic Stadium

#04 - "Roneberg on a big high" - "There has been nothing better in my life than the Opening Ceremony" - an article from the Cairns Post

#05 - Brett and some of the 110.000 spectators!!!

- Brett in "The Baseball Games"

#01 - standing on first base - v Korea - Monday 18th September 2000

#02 - "Roneberg on a big high" - a win against Korea!!! - article from the Cairns Post

#03 - photo published with the above article - Brett "high-fiving" a team-mate!!! ..........a nice photo

#04 - chasing down a foul pop-up - v Japan - using his cleats as brakes, but crashed into the fence and nosed dived over it!!! - have the entire incident on video!!! - Tuesday 19th September 2000 ..........by the way, he did not get the catch!!!

#05 - playing first base - v Japan - Tuesday 19th September 2000

#06 - safe at first base - with first base coach, Greg Jelks - v Japan - Tuesday 19th September 2000

#07 - a win over South Africa - Wednesday 20th September 2000

#08 - photos taken during the game against Cuba - Brett playing first base, and includes a great stretch!!! - Friday 22nd September 2000 ..........really good photos!!!

#09 - waiting on-deck - v Cuba - and the two photos include good shots of the crowds of spectators - Friday 22nd September 2000

#10 - Brett swinging and then heading to first base - v Cuba - Friday 22nd September 2000 ..........great photos, plus you can see Brett up on the "Big Screen"!!!

#11 - playing first base, and receiving a pick-off attempt - v USA - Sunday 24th September 2000

#12 - attempting to break up a double play with a take-out slide - v USA - three photos - Sunday 24th September 2000 ..........really good photos!!!

- The Closing Ceremony

#01 - Brett with a few of the Closing Ceremony dancers

A few scenes of the Stadium and around Sydney

The Olympic Flame #1

The Olympic Flame #2

The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge - and fireworks!!!

......and more fireworks at the Bridge and Opera House

The Sydney Opera House - and some huge fireworks!!!

- With Athletes

At a "Huge Party" following the Closing Ceremony

#01 - with three of the soccer girls

#02 - with Alisha Ferguson - women's soccer team

#03 - and with Alisha again

#04 - with Tamsin Barnett - volleyball team

#05 - with one of the volleyball Gold Medallists

#06 - with Kylie (Baseball Statistician)

#07 - with Brooke Wilkens - softball team

#08 - with Melinda Gainsford-Taylor - athletics team

#09 - with one of the Swiss athletes

#10 - with a Canadian gymnast

#11 - with Daniel Kowolski - swimming team

#12 - with Tamsyn Lewis - athletics team

#13 - with Tatiana Grigorieva - pole vault

#14 - and another (different!!!) look at Tatiana!!!

#15 - and two Olympians!!!

#16 - with Angie - volleyball team

During the Athletes' Parade in Sydney on Tuesday 3rd October 2000

#01 - with team-mates and members of the women's soccer team

#02 - with Kylie (Baseball Statistician) - and a great shot of the Sydney Opera House

#03 - with Susie O'Neil - swimming team

#04 - with Angie - volleyball team

Other photos

#01 - Brett in full baseball uniform with Peter Brock - Peter was the Baseball Team Liason Officer ..........a very nice photo!!!

#02 - Peter Brock, Dawn Fraser and Laurie Lawrence - at a basketball game


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