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Sunday 3rd September 2000

Invitational Game with Cubs in Cairns

Flying into Cairns from the USA,
Brett arrived on Saturday 2nd September 2000

He was scheduled to depart on the following Monday
to join up with the Olympic team for training

While in Cairns he played in the local competition,
suiting up for Cubs in a game against Reds



Articles published before the game ...

"Coup for Cubs with Olympian on roster" - pre game report - published in the Cairns Post on Thursday 31st August 2000

"Cubs get boost from Roneberg" - another pre game report - published on Saturday 2nd September 2000

... and the result

Game report from the Cairns Post on Monday 4th September 2000 - Brett got a couple of hits including a double - and pitched the final innings

The Cairns Post newspaper

Brett being interviewed by Simon Cameron - and having photos taken - two photos

Before the game got underway

Ready to do some batting practise

"Play Ball"

Next batter up - on deck and having a swing

#25 is in the batters box - and ready to go!!! - from the back

Ready to hit - from the front - Photo Number One - Photo Number Two ..........great shots!!!

Picked a walk, and heading to first base

About to take his lead from first base

----------and now at second base

Way out in rightfield!!!

----------and I tried to enlarge Brett playing position #9 ..........but, blurry!!!

On the mound!!! - ready to pitch!!! ..........a nice picture

----------the pitching sequence!!! - three photos ..........looks good!!!

After the Game

Brett looking relaxed ..........another nice shot

Team photo ..........and, yes, it looks good as well!!! - a good photo of Brett and the Cubs 2000 Team

The Scorers

Sharon was one of the Official Scorers!!!

The Spectators and Other Photos

Brett's parents watching the game ..........and it's a nice photo

Brett with Mother #1 Sharon and Mother #2 Anne Kippin ..........a great shot, but just a little blurry

Geoff enjoying a smoke ..........blurry unfortunately


Two news reports ... one before and one after the game

Cubs' Coach, Matt Bolton, is interviewed and speaks about Brett's return to Cairns
He also mentions his season in the USA ... plus "the real reason" Brett wants to play !!

During the game report, there is footage of Brett hitting a double and running the bases

The video also mentions Brett's departure for the Sydney Olympics

Cameron Cairncross is mentioned
plus there is some terrific shots of 'someone' throwing perfect batting practise !!


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