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Sharon - 2014





#01 ... Rose-of-Sharon Cross Stitch
This was started on Saturday 1st March 2008
The albumn has the pattern plus all the details and weekly photos on Sharon's progress


#02 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - CrossFit 2010
#03 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - CrossFit 2011
#04 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - CrossFit 2012
#05 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - CrossFit 2013
#06 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - CrossFit 2014
(along with Tanya) Brett, Kahlia and a few friends, regularly complete various CrossFit Exercise Programs
Sharon started back in April 2009
---------------The sessions are set and supervised by Brett - Ritchie - Lars
Check out the above albumns ...... they include hundreds of photos and dozens of terrific videos !!

Sunday 19th January - CrossFit Competition - 110 x photos + 1 x video
Saturday 25th January - Session at "Tanya's Stairs" - 14 x photos
Saturday 8th February - Working Out in the Rain - 7 x photos
Saturday 8th March - HandStand Push Ups and Pistols - 8 x photos
Thursday 27th March - Thrusters and Lateral Burpees - 8 x photos
Saturday 21st June - 'Soldier on' Fundraiser Competition - 55 x photos
Saturday 2nd August - Session at "Tanya's Stairs" - 40 x photos
Saturday 9th August - Session at Trinity Beach - 15 x photos + 2 x videos
Saturday 4th October - Session at "Tanya's Stairs" - 1 x photo
Tuesday 4th November - Sharon and The Sled - 1 x photo + 1 x video
Saturday 29th November - "F. Y. U. F." Routine - details and times


Miscellaneous Notes and Photos of Geoff and Sharon during 2014
PAGE #01
- Thirteen Sections - page includes Facebook Posts and articles and photos - updated to Monday 21st April 2014
PAGE #02 - Fifteen Sections - page includes Facebook Posts and articles and photos - updated to Friday 17th October 2014
PAGE #03 - Seventeen Sections - page includes Facebook Posts and articles and photos - updated to Monday 8th December 2014
PAGE #04 - Fourteen Sections - page includes Facebook Posts and articles and photos - updated to Wednesday 31st December 2014

... North Cairns Post Office ... Anne's Last Day
And it is the last day of work for "Mail Sorter Anne" - and there is Chocolate Cake and Cream and a Card!! - eight photos - Friday 3rd January 2014

... Wedding Anniversary #39 ... Saturday 4th January 2014
The page includes a Facebook Post from Geoff to Sharon along with dozens of 'Likes' and 'Comments' from friends - we miss Tanya Mary so much on Special Days like this - it is our Anniversary Tradition to have Kentucky Fried Chicken and we had a big heap of it with Brett, Kahlia and Tai ... followed by Magnum Icecreams!! - there are six photos taken at lunch along with a few from our Wedding Day - Saturday 4th January 2014..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... North Cairns Post Office ... Staff Get-Together
There are three reasons for this get-together - #1 = a late Christmas Party and #2 = Jo retiring and #3 = Anne retiring - the photos include all the Staff, the spread and of course, the alcohol!! - there are also details and photos of the Presentation made to Anne - twenty two photos - Friday 10th January 2014

... Lunch with Natalie Beecroft ... Tuesday 14th January 2014
A long lunch with Natalie, one of Tanya's best friends - a chance to "talk and laugh and cry" about Tanya Mary - the page includes a note from Sharon along with five photos - Tuesday 14th January 2014

... Competition ... Sunday 19th January 2014
Our First CrossFit Competition!! - Sharon, Brett and other members from our Benchmark CrossFit Trinity Beach group decided to have a go and see how they compared to other clubs around Cairns - two teams were formed and entered - it turned out to be a great day, and both Sharon and Brett reached a 'personal best lift' in the Deadlift and Back Squat sections!! - this page includes the teams, all the details on the four workouts, a full results list, along with one hundred and ten photos and one video and dozens of Facebook Comments - Sunday 19th January 2014..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... Session at "Tanya's Stairs" ... Saturday 25th January 2014
Today's session was held at "Tanya's Stairs" on The Esplanade at Trinity Beach - before the workout we left Bougainvillea for 'Our Girl at Her Special Spot' - the page includes photos of Sharon talking to Tanya Mary (and maybe asking her for a bit of help!!) along with shots taken during the workout program - fourteen photos - Saturday 25th January 2014..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... Australia Day ... Sunday 26th January 2014
A sad day because Tanya loved to celebrate everything Aussie!! - this page includes a note to her from Dad and Mum, another from Karen Turner, plus one from Jodie Vincent - there is a link to 'Australia Day 2004' which Tanya celebrated with all her friends while living in London - there is also a series of shots showing Sharon with her "Two Tattoos for Tanya" - eleven photos - Sunday 26th January 2014..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... Working out in the Rain ... Saturday 8th February 2014
Today's session was the "F**k U Up Friday Done On A Saturday" routine - and it poured rain the whole time!! - the page includes the workout details along with Facebook Comments and seven photos taken at the end of the session - Saturday 8th February 2014

... Breakfast at Brett and Kahlia's !! ... Sunday 16th February 2014
And here is Sharon about to dig into "A Big Breakfast" cooked up by Kahlia - the page includes a Facebook Post and Comments - there are also five terrific photos of Sharon - Sunday 16th February 2014

... Sharon's Mum's Birthday ... Friday 21st February 2014
This page includes a Facebook Post by Sharon along with the Comments from family and friends - plus a couple of great photos - Friday 21st February 2014

... Red Velvet Cupcakes ... Wednesday 26th February 2014
Melissa, one of the Staff at North Cairns Post Office, brought one of these in for Sharon ... just like Tanya Mary!! - four photos - Wednesday 26th February 2014

... An Interesting Session !! ... Saturday 8th March 2014
Today's session began with Brett teaching the group how to do HandStand Push Ups and then Pistols - and everybody managed them pretty well !! - there are Facebook Comments along with eight photos which include Sharon, Brett and Kahlia - Saturday 8th March 2014..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... A Walk to the Top !! ... Sunday 16th March 2014
Sharon and her friend Kerry went for a Sunday morning walk - two photos ... plus 'flashbacks' !! - Sunday 16th March 2014

... Major League Baseball ... March 2014
Sharon, Brett and Kahlia, along with a few friends, are heading to Sydney to watch two Major League Baseball Games - these are being held on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd March 2014 - at this stage, the page includes full details on the games, converting the Sydney Cricket Ground into a Baseball Stadium (with photos and video), ticket prices and a detailed seating chart, plus accommodation at The Menzies Hotel..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )
................................the games have been played !!
................................the trip is over !!
................................scroll to the bottom of this page for links to over fourty photos and videos
................................plus lots of facebook posts and comments
................................includes Sharon, Tanya, Brett, Kahlia, Rhona ... and The Cairns Contingent

... Weights and a bit of Jumping !! ... Thursday 27th March 2014
Under Brett's direction, today's session included Thrusters and Lateral Burpees - there are Facebook Comments along with eight photos which include Sharon and Brett - Thursday 27th March 2014

... "The Lego Movie" ... Saturday 5th April 2014
Sharon, Brett and Tai went along to see this - there are Facebook Comments along with a photo of Sharon and Tai - the page also includes links to Movie Reviews and a Trailer - Saturday 5th April 2014

... Afternoon Tea Party ... Sunday 8th June 2014
Yes, it's the Queen's Birthday Holiday Weekend - and Melissa Harwood, Sharon's work mate, decided to organise a True-British-Style Afternoon Tea Party !! - this entailed dresses, shoes, hats and all the other finery !! - plus there was even a String Quartet !! - this page includes a Note from Geoff to Tanya about the Party, along with some terrific shots of Sharon - there are nineteen photos and two videos along with dozens of Facebook Posts and Comments - Sunday 8th June 2014..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... Competition !! ... Saturday 21st June 2014
Sharon, Brett, Ritchie and Andrew formed two teams to enter the "Soldier On Fundraiser" organised by REPS CrossFit - the page includes all the details along with the Workout (MURPH) - and the Results!! - plus there are fifty five great photos!! - Saturday 21st June 2014

... An 8km Trail Run ... Sunday 22nd June 2014
Sharon entered this Eight Kilometre Trail Run - and it is being held along the tracks through the forest and up and down the hills near Speewah / Kuranda - and Tanya went along with her!! - the page includes all the Event Information and Map - plus eight photos and one video along with a Facebook Post from Geoff to Tanya - Sunday 22nd June 2014..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )
................................UPDATED - Sunday 29th June 2014 - added a Complete Race Results List - Sharon finished #33 !!

The 41st Anniversary of our First Kiss !!...and this page includes a Facebook Post from Geoff to Sharon - Thursday 10th July 2014
---------------page also includes details on the 39th Anniversary on Tuesday 10th July 2012
---------------page also includes details on the 40th Anniversary on Wednesday 10th July 2013
---------------page also includes details on the 42nd Anniversary on Wednesday 10th JUNE 2015
---------------page also includes details on the 43rd Anniversary on Sunday 10th July 2016

... Great Photo !! ... Sunday 20th July 2014
A terrific shot of Sharon and Brett - taken at the Baseball Fields - Sunday 20th July 2014

... Session at "Tanya's Stairs" ... Saturday 2nd August 2014
Today's session was held at "Tanya's Stairs" on The Esplanade at Trinity Beach - it was organised and supervised by Brett and included 'Tabata' and 'Stair Running' and 'Sand / Water' workouts - and Tanya was there showing us all a beautiful sunrise - there are two terrific series of photos, one with the "Girls on the Guys Shoulders" and the other with the letter "T" - in addition, there are a number of Facebook Posts and Comments - all told, there are over fourty photos - Saturday 2nd August 2014..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... Session at Trinity Beach ... Saturday 9th August 2014
Today's session was also held at Trinity Beach - it was organised and supervised by Brett, who did not participate due to an injury - the workout included four sections, using both the stairs and the beach and the details are included - this page has two videos along with fifteen photos, three of which show the beautiful sunrise!! - Saturday 9th August 2014

Sharon Margaret Coudrey

Sunday 22nd August 1954

click HERE for more information

"Little Things Mean A Lot"

by Kitty Kallen

... Sharon's 60th Birthday ... Friday 22nd August 2014
A "Surprise Birthday Brunch" with thanks to Melissa Cards and Gifts from Workmates
The Glorious Food Sharon's Birthday Cake
Miscellaneous Photos ... and some that should have been deleted !!
Tanya Mary's Plaque at Trinity Beach "Running the Stairs"
Street Sign "Birthday Girl" Sash
Birthday Balloons Gifts
More Feasting !! ... and another Birthday Cake
Birthday Notice in The Cairns Post A visit with Tanya Mary at Trinity Beach
Balloons for Tanya Mother and Daughter
Skipping and "Running the Stairs" A "Very Special" Gift from Brett
Sharon's Facebook Post to Tanya and Brett Geoff's Facebook Post to Sharon
Hundreds of other Facebook Posts and Comments New "Fairy Lights" for Tanya's Ghost Bike
Cards and Gifts from Family and Friends ... and more !!..........( we all miss you, Tanya Mary )

Sharon's Dinner ... prepared by Geoff ... Tuesday 9th September 2014

Reply from Sharon ... "I absolutely LOVE you - THANK YOU !!"


video address = http://www.ronebergcairns.com/2014onwards/general2014_2453.flv


28th September 2014


"Hello, Sharon"











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... North Cairns Post Office ... "A Quiet Moment"
Fun and Games at the Post Office!! - the page includes a Facebook Post and Comments - and one photo with Sharon, Melissa and Jack - Tuesday 30th September 2014

... Sharon gives her Opinion ... Saturday 11th October 2014
Sharon answers this question - "What do you think of a move to change Far North Queensland to Tropical North Queensland??" - and the page includes newspaper reports and one photo - Saturday 11th October 2014

... North Cairns Post Office ... "Sharon and Tanya"
Sharon and the staff attended an Australia Post Function - and Sharon wore some "very special items" - this page has a Facebook Post and Comments along with a note from Sharon - and there are four photos - Saturday 11th October 2014..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... A visit from Knowlton ... Sunday 2nd November 2014
Knowlton has organised a holiday in Cairns, Trinity Beach and Port Douglas!! - travelling with cousins Rex and Denny along with a group of friends, he was able to catch up with Sharon - lots of shots including lunch at Trinity Beach and a Visit with Tanya, plus the 'Geoff Roneberg Baseball Field' - the page also includes a number of Facebook Comments - twenty photos - Sunday 2nd November 2014..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... North Cairns Post Office ... The Melbourne Cup
Sharon and the staff dressed up "just a little bit" to celebrate the day - and Sharon and Caroline wore some "very special items" - plus there was some snacks and wine (non-alcoholic!!) - and Sharon won $30.00!! - this page has a Facebook Post and Comments - and there are ten photos - Tuesday 4th November 2014..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... Birthday and Marathon !! ... Sunday 9th November 2014
Sharon completed this Half Marathon in Tanya Mary's Memory last year ... and she is doing it again because Sunday 9th November 2014 is Tanya's Birthday!! - this albumn was started when Sharon registered during July 2014 and, at the moment, it includes all the Race Details along with the Course Map and Information - plus Facebook Comments - more will be added as Sharon starts her training, etc - it is being held in Port Douglas on Sunday 9th November 2014..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )
---------------this albumn is now updated and finished !!
---------------it includes the following sections:-
------------------------------Tanya's Ghost Bike ... cards and a 'new outfit' for her Birthday
------------------------------Tanya's Spot at Trinity Beach ... cards and flowers
------------------------------all the details on the Marathon with detailed course maps
------------------------------Sharon's training records
------------------------------friends who are also participating
------------------------------messages from Geoff / Sharon / Brett ... Dad / Mum / Brother
------------------------------hundreds of Facebook posts and comments plus emails from friends
------------------------------Sharon's Shirts and her Medal and Official Certificate
------------------------------Sunday morning in Port Douglas ... and a Sunrise sent by Tanya
------------------------------videos ... three showing Sharon during and finishing the run
------------------------------photos ... and there are over one hundred and twenty
------------------------------lunch with Tanya Mary at Trinity Beach
------------------------------email message from Kelly Richardson

... North Cairns Post Office ... Jack has a New Camera
... and yes, it had to be tried out!! - this page has a Facebook Post and Comments - and there is one photo - Wednesday 3rd December 2014

... CHRISTMAS ... Thursday 25th December 2014
..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )
------------------------------Tanya's Ghost Bike - Decorated for Christmas
------------------------------North Cairns Post Office - Bootcamp Workout
------------------------------North Cairns Post Office - Big Beautiful Breakfast + Presents + The Staff + A Kiss
------------------------------North Cairns Post Office - Presenting 'Special Awards' to all the Staff
------------------------------North Cairns Post Office - Details on the 'Special Awards'
------------------------------Tanya Mary Roneberg - Messages
------------------------------Tanya's Ghost Bike - Card and Photos
------------------------------Tanya's Memorial Plaque at Trinity Beach - Card and Photos
------------------------------An "interesting" Present for Brett
------------------------------Gifts both "Given" and "Received"
------------------------------Cards and Messages and Emails
------------------------------The Ronebergs - West and South Australia

Friday 26th December 2014

"Running the Stairs" ... at Trinity Beach

NOTE ... there are enlargements below ... including Geoff !!