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The page tells a great story of Sharon's Day


Sunday 11th May 2008 ... and it's ...

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......and, Mum, here are your kids !!!

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A Gift from Tanya and Brett

A note from Jamie Oliver

This book is very close to my heart
It's about no-nonsense, simple cooking with great flavours all year round
When I began writing it, I didn't really know what recipes I would come up with, but something began to inspire me very quickly. . . my vegetable patch!
I came to realize last year that it's not always about looking out at the wider world for inspiration
Being at home, feeling relaxed and open, can also offer this
I love to spend time at home in the village where I grew up, working with the boss, Mother Nature, in my garden and seeing all my beautiful veggies coming out of the ground
The book has over four-hundred pages and inside you'll find more than one-hundred new recipes, plus some basic planting information and tips if you fancy having a go at getting your hands dirty as well!

Jamie Oliver

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Sharon and her Kitchen and her Cook-Book

Checking out some of the one-hundred recipes ......

...... and for Mother's Day Dinner we will be having ......

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? The cooking is done ...... How did Sharon go ?
Does the result look like the picture in the book ?

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Brett and his plate ......

...... and Tanya camped on the floor
(small and large variations of two photos)


The Chef is all smiles !!!
(three variations of the same photo)


A final word from Sharon