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Brett - 2008




---"Happy Birthday!!!" --- Tuesday 5th February 2008
---------A note from his Mum, with a few "Pics from the Past"
---------A "smorgasbord" from Tanya
---------plus a couple of 'useful' presents

"Mother's Day" - photos of "MUM" and "MOTHER", Geoff and Sharon's parents - an ecard to Sharon - a photo/video of Tanya and Brett soon after they were born - a present for Sharon from her two kids - lots of details on 'Jamie Oliver', and a fantastic roast dinner planned-prepared-made-and-served by Chef Sharon!!! - as well as all this and more, there are lots of great photos!!! - Sunday 11th May 2008

PURCHASED A HOME UNIT !! --- June 2008
Click here to go to the albumn - includes all the details along with hundreds of photos!!!

Just finished a day's work with Breakthrough North Queensland - and he's filthy dirty!! - two photos - Thursday 7th August 2008

---"Merry Christmas!!!" --- Sunday 14th September 2008
Yep, that date is right ... Christmas came early ... in September!! - a card from Dad and Mum - plus "one-thousand-two-hundred-and-ten-things" - What are They??? - Sunday 14th September 2008
------------------Page Updated - added another "one-hundred-and-seven-things" on Tuesday 30th September 2008

Sharon and Brett went for a walk and swim at Trinity Beach - and Sharon had her phone/camera with her and snapped a few shots of Brett - three different photos, but with lots of variations done with an image software program - Saturday 4th October 2008

Brett after a hard day's work!!! - one photo ... but with five different looks!!! - Friday 31st October 2008