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Sharon - 2008




New Year's Day - and Sharon has chosen a new career - Baseball Pitcher!!! - the page includes two photos and three videos, one of which is a 'Special Introduction'!!! - Tuesday 1st January 2008

Our 33rd Wedding Anniversary - Friday 4th January 2008
----------notes from 'Geoff-to-Sharon' and 'Sharon-to-Geoff'
----------a huge basket of flowers and a card for Sharon
----------photos of Sharon at work
----------phone calls and texts from Tanya and Brett
----------three shots from our Wedding Day

Sharon's "Herb-A-Torium"
Her herb and vegetable garden - this link will take you to dozens of photos, and a story from Sharon on how it all got started - and, of course, photos of the 'spectacular' results she has had ... as a farmer!! - from Thursday 13th March 2008

Sharon's pretty smile - three photos, with links to 'super-sized' versions of each shot - plus a photo of one of her friends!! - Friday 21st March 2008

A picnic at Lake Placid and a visit to the Barron Gorge Hydro Power Station - a day out during Sharon's holidays - the page includes lots of information plus nineteen terrific photos!!! - most of these shots include Sharon but there is one of Geoff and Sharon together!!! - Tuesday 25th March 2008

"Three Antique Purses"
Sharon's present to Fiona for her Fiftieth Birthday - this page includes heaps of photos of Sharon with the framed cross stitch before it was posted to Fiona - also there are a couple of notes from Sharon, along with all the details on the pattern that Sharon used - this project was a couple of years in the 'crafting', and was finally finished, framed and sent during March 2008

"For a Pretty Girl"
A big box of Tulips for Sharon!! - just sent them for no particular reason ... just because ...!! - the page includes a card sent with the delivery, a story on the meaning of tulips, and lots of terrific photos - it also includes a link to Tanya's trip to Holland during which she saw millions of them!! - Wednesday 23rd April 2008

"Colonial Red Cedar Ladies Desk"------"Edwardian Ladies Arm Chair"------"Regency Style Coffee Table with Leather Inlay"
Sharon's Corner of the World - page includes all the details on these items - along with dozens of photos!! - page completed on Sunday 27th April 2008

"Mother's Day" - Sunday 11th May 2008
This page includes heaps of stuff!!!
Photos of "MUM" and "MOTHER", Geoff and Sharon's parents - an ecard to Sharon - a photo/video of Tanya and Brett soon after they were born - a present for Sharon from her two kids - lots of details on 'Jamie Oliver', and a fantastic roast dinner planned-prepared-made-and-served by Chef Sharon!!! - as well as all this and more, there are lots of great photos!!!

Another new Mobile Phone ... and it's her third one in just over eighteen months!!! - tried an "NEC" and then moved to a "TELSTRA" and this time it's a "NOKIA" - page includes photos plus all the Features and Specifications - bought the phone via a Telstra Plan during May 2008

Click on this logo----to go to the Dictionary's Web Site, and RISQUE is defined as "suggestive of, or bordering on, indelicacy or impropriety"
Okay, you have been informed and warned!!! ... if you still want to go ahead, click on this link ...
-----------------------"THEY" have been going well for years and years, but is it time for a service and tuneup?? - Friday 30th May 2008

"Beach Girl" - Monday 9th June 2008
Yes, she is dressed for the beach ... but the shots were taken in our backyard - Sharon is wearing a blue bikini top, and there are eleven fabulous and terrific photos!!! - each photo has three variations, these being normal, large, and super size - the shots were taken on Monday 9th June 2008 ...... just a note - Sharon is turning fifty-four years old this coming August ... she does not look anything like that age!!!

Sharon in her Australia Post uniform - one photo - Monday 16th June 2008

"After 1,057,881,600 Seconds"
Two photos of Sharon - click HERE for the first and HERE for the second photo - each page has a small plus a framed large version of the same photo - Saturday 12th July 2008 ...... terrific shots!!!

A small, but very nice, shot of Sharon - one photo - Tuesday 15th July 2008

"Sharon in a Red Dress"
Sharon was invited to Andria's Birthday Party, who is one of Tanya's friends - after "heaps of deliberation" Sharon decided to wear her red dress which, by the way, she has had for a number of years ... and it still fits perfectly!! ... and looks terrific!! - this page shows nine photos taken before Sharon headed off for her night out - Saturday 26th July 2008 ...... and as mentioned above, Sharon turns fifty-four in less than a month ... but does not look it at all!!!

Sharon got a speeding fine!! - and it cost a hundred dollars!! - all the details with a shot from the speeding camera - and the page includes a nice photo of Sharon in "Her Future Home" - Saturday 9th August 2008

"A Shopping Trip"
Sharon was on holidays and decided to 'max-out' our credit card!! - she hit the shops and bought a number of outfits - shots of each one will be added to this page ... along with the prices!! - lots and heaps of photos!! - Wednesday 13th August 2008
----------Wednesday 13th August 2008 - photos of one outfit have been added
----------Friday 15th August 2008 - another two outfits are now on the page
----------Sunday 17th August 2008 - the fourth outfit was added to this page

---"Sharon turns Fifty-Four"
-----------------------------Unbelievable!!! ... Look at the Photos ... She looks just Thirty-something!!!
Yep, it's My Wife's Birthday - the page has a few recent photos of Sharon - plus is Geoff serenading her?? - also included are photos of her "silken present" - PLUS - Tanya and Brett took their Mother out to dinner and to see a movie - the page includes lots of photos and details on their night out, along with a 'souvenir' present - PLUS - all the facts-and-figures on an unexpected Birthday Present from The Queensland Government!!??!! - Friday 22nd August 2008

Three Roses for Sharon - sent to her at work ...... for no particular reason ... just because!! - page includes photos of the flowers and how they look in our lounge room - plus a copy of the card sent with them - and an 'interesting' text message!! - Wednesday 27th August 2008

A visit to the hairdresser and Sharon is now a ...
Yes, it's true ... I now have a 'brand new' Wife!!! - this dramatic change was done in two stages - on Saturday 13th September 2008 and on Thursday 30th October 2008 - the pages include notes from Sharon - plus some 'before' and 'after' shots - plus photos taken during Sharon's visit to the hairdresser - and lots of super-size shots of The World's Newest Blonde Bombshell!!!
NOTE - if you are looking at this for the first time, check out Stage One first as it is a lead-in to the final result in Stage Two

Sharon tried designing an update for our web site - she wants to become a WebMaster!! - this page includes her first effort ... and a comment!!! - Wednesday 15th October 2008

Melbourne Cup Day
Sharon is heading off to work wearing her fascinator!! - by the way, the page includes a description of what the hell this is!! - fifteen photos, including some super size shots - Tuesday 4th November 2008 ...... NOTE - the page also includes a link to eight more photos of Sharon and the staff at Earlville Business Centre - and they are all wearing "the things"!!

-- Merry Christmas, Sharon
More new appliances for Sharon ... because when she is in the kitchen, she needs all the help she can get!!! - this is a "Surprise Early Christmas Present"!! - and it is a Flavorwave Oven Turbo - which uses halogen heat, infrared waves, and convection cooking ... plus I arranged for a Platinum Model Upgrade - with all that help, every meal should be perfect ... well, maybe!!! - the page includes all the details, plus a video and lots of photos - Wednesday 12th November 2008
----------UPDATE - also received a 9 Minute Marinator - free of charge!! - click here for the details, video, and lots more photos - Friday 12th December 2008

Australia Post - 2008 Staff Get-together ... aka A Christmas Party!!
For the staff at Earlville Business Centre - this page includes details on the "Breakfast Banquet" - plus five photos - held on Sunday 21st December 2008