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Sharon, Tanya and Brett





Outside our unit in Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria - March 1979

Sharon and her children - with Tanya looking a very cute 3 year old!!! - March 1979

"Mother" has had her hair curled!!! - two photos - March 1979

A FANTASTIC family portrait!!! - a great photo!!! - during 1979 ..........fabulous!!!

Inside our Melbourne unit - Brett is about 8 months old - September 1979


A visit to the "Big Pineapple", a tourist attraction on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane Queensland - June 1980 ..........a nice family photo

..........and a ride on the train through the Plantation

Feeding the kangaroos - and Tanya having a very close look!!! - June 1980

Tanya and Brett, with their very attractive Mother!!! - November 1980 ..........a great picture of Sharon

On the beach at the Gold Coast, Queensland - with the high-rise unit blocks in the background - Sharon is 26, Tanya is 5, and Brett is almost 2 years old - November 1980

............and another shot of the three of them on the beach - November 1980
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A visit to The Bird Park and Animal Sanctuary at Currumbin, Queensland - feeding the lorikeets - three photos - November 1980

..........and a ride on the Sanctuary Minature Railway

In Adelaide for Christmas - and here are Sharon, Tanya and Brett with Geoff's Dad and Mum's sulphur-crested cockatoo - December 1980


The three of them - July 1981
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We had a holiday in Paris (thanks to Geoff's employers, L'Oreal of Paris) - and here are Sharon, Tanya and Brett in their souvenir "Paris" shirts - July 1981

On the jetty at Green Island - December 1981

Christmas Day - and everyone is ready for dinner!!! - December 1981 ..........a really nice family photo


Everybody in the nude!!! - a picnic on a beach north of Mossman, Queensland - and a nice shot of our Suzuki Sierra 4 Wheel Drive - two photos - February 1982

Sharon is 28, Tanya is 6 1/2, and Brett is just over 3 years old - two photos - July 1982

Out in the bush, doing a bit of four-wheel driving - July 1982 ..........this is not a very clear photo, but it gives the idea of where we were


In front of our unit in Madang Street, Trinity Beach - Brett had just turned 4 years old - February 1983

With Charlotte, our kangaroo - four photos - November 1983


Tanya watches, and Sharon helps, as Brett cuts his 5th Birthday cake - 5th February 1984


Canoeing on Lake Tinaroo, which is on the Tablelands east of Cairns - Brett watching as Sharon and Tanya head to shore - May 1985

Ready for a ride on the "Bally-Hooley Cane Train" which operates from the Mossman sugar mill - July 1985


Camping at Pinnacle Village Camp, situated at Wonga Beach - north of Cairns - our tent, and Sharon getting breakfast ready - two photos - January 1986

A very well dressed family!!! - July 1986 ..........a nice picture of the three of them


Sharon, and her kids are heading back to school - Sharon is 32, Tanya is 11, and Brett is 8 years old - February 1987 ..........another nice shot


We drove from Cairns to Adelaide for Christmas in 1988 (and that is a long, long way!!!) - each night we stopped at Caravan Parks and hired an on-site van - here are Sharon, Tanya and Brett relaxing in the Park - and our mighty Ford Cortina!!! - this was on the return trip to Cairns - January 1988


Tanya and Brett, with Sharon who is in her Australia Post uniform - June 1990

Taken at the Cairns Baseball League fields - two photos - December 1990 ..........two nice pictures


Another photo taken at the Cairns Baseball League fields - and on the right is "The Diamond One Scorer's Box" that Geoff built from "scraps and donations" - January 1991


Ready for a night out - and 17 year old Tanya looks very nice!!! - November 1992 ..........a great picture!!!


At Sharon's Mother and Dad's home - during a visit to Adelaide - July 1994


Sharon is 41, Tanya is 20, and Brett is 16 1/2 years old - August 1995


Christmas Day - Tanya and Brett paid to have Sharon's grandmother's clock repaired and restored ..........nice photo


At Tanya's home on Christmas Day 1999


International Lefthanders Day!!! - a card from Sharon to Tanya and Brett - and a reply from Tanya - Saturday 13th August 2005


Sharon, Tanya and Brett - and the three of them are heading out for 'lunch at a posh hotel'!!! - the "Reef Fiesta" at the Cairns International Hotel - this page includes a note from Geoff to Sharon - plus all the details and the menu - and lots of photos of the venue and the three of them before, during, and after lunch!!! - Sunday 1st October 2006


"Mother's Day" - photos of "MUM" and "MOTHER", Geoff and Sharon's parents - an ecard to Sharon - a photo/video of Tanya and Brett soon after they were born - a present for Sharon from her two kids - lots of details on 'Jamie Oliver', and a fantastic roast dinner planned-prepared-made-and-served by Chef Sharon!!! - as well as all this and more, there are lots of great photos!!! - Sunday 11th May 2008

Sharon's Birthday - the page has a few recent photos of Sharon - plus is Geoff serenading her?? - also included are photos of her "silken present" - PLUS - Tanya and Brett took their Mother out to dinner and to see a movie - the page includes lots of photos and details on their night out, along with a 'souvenir' present - PLUS - all the facts-and-figures on an unexpected Birthday Present from The Queensland Government!!??!! - Friday 22nd August 2008


"Mother's Day" - Tanya and Brett took their Mum out to Breakfast - and the venue was Vivo Restaurant, on the Esplanade at Palm Cove - the page includes photos of the restaurant, plus eighteen shots of Sharon, Tanya and Brett - Sunday 10th May 2009

A "Karaoke" Night Out!! - Sharon, Tanya, Brett and a bunch of their friends went to a restaurant ... and they all got up to sing!! - this page has all the details, including the venue, a note from Sharon about her night out, and a bunch of photos - Saturday 4th July 2009

CrossFit ... The Instructor - earlier this year Brett started helping Sharon out with a fitness program and soon after Tanya also joined in - Tanya mentioned what they were doing to her friends at work and all of a sudden Brett had a bunch of students!! - he runs a session two or three times a week which is really appreciated ... so they all got together and bought him a few "associated items" plus "a bottle of booze" as well as a "thank you" card from them all - the page includes a video of Tanya making the presentation and a photo of the card - included are Brett, Sharon, Tanya, Louis and Andria - Kellie and Bethany were not able to be there today - Saturday 21st November 2009


Mother's Day - an early start with Tanya calling around at 6.00am to give Sharon a card and present ... which will be used immediately!! - they head off to do a walk from Crystal Cascades to Copperlode Dam ... and back again!! - then a visit around to Brett's and something to eat - in total there are thirty-eight photos, some being spectacular shots during the walk - Sunday 9th May 2010

A climb to the top of Walsh's Pyramid - two or three times a week Sharon, Tanya, Brett and a few friends do a Crossfit Exercise Program - for some time the talk has been that they should climb "The Pyramid" as one of their sessions - this is a 'mountain' at Gordonvale, which is about twenty-five kilometres south of Cairns - well, today is the day!! - Sharon, Tanya and Brett along with Josh and Amanda set off early and started the climb around 6.00am - the page includes all the details on "The Pyramid" and safety instructions for making the climb - plus there are one hundred and two photos and one video!! - Saturday 21st August 2010


Here are the three of them ... just after finishing a fourty minute CrossFit Running Routine - two photos - Saturday 19th February 2011

Mother's Day - as the Cairns Baseball League's 2011 Season was getting underway, everyone met up at the baseball fields - Sharon received a nice card, a sleeveless jacket ... and a "Sing-A-Long" present - and the page includes all the details and photos of Sharon, Tanya, Brett, Kahlia and Tai - Sunday 8th May 2011
------------page updated on Friday 22nd July 2011 - added nine photos of Sharon, Tanya and Kahlia which were taken at the Show
------------page updated on Tuesday 26th July 2011 - added a video of a Cairns Local News Segment following the Show

Sharon's Birthday - Monday 22nd August 2011 - and we all got together at the Baseball Fields on Sunday 21st August - lots of cards and presents and the Birthday Cake made by Tanya - this page has twelve photos
------------and here is another ten photos taken during the day

It's "Father's Day" and it's also "Tai's Fifth Birthday" - so what better thing can you do besides go racing around, just a couple of inches above the ground!! - and it was a terrific family day out, with Sharon, Tanya, Brett, Kahlia, Ramsay and Tai having a great time ... and with Geoff taking the photos and videos - this page has all the details on the races, along with fourty six photos!! ... and a fantastic fifteen-and-a-half minute video!! - Sunday 4th September 2011