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Sharon - 2007




Our 32nd Wedding Anniversary - Thursday 4th January 2007
------Notes and photos from the "Groom-to-the-Bride" and from the "Bride-to-the-Groom"
------the page includes "Our Photo on Canvas" - a gift from Tanya and Brett
------over twenty photos of us!!!

Sharon caught by surprise!!! - two photos - Saturday 13th January 2007 ......a nice shot!!!

A set of cordless headphones - for when she is watching a DVD while exercising!!! - details and photos - Wednesday 17th January 2007

The Cairns Taipans are in the National Basketball League Playoff's and Sharon and Brett are there to support them - the page includes two photos, the result and game report, and an interview with the Taipans' Coach, Alan Black - and lots of "orange fingers"!!! - Friday 23rd February 2007

Sharon is going to see "The Delltones" and listen to their "doo wop" music of the 1960's!!! - a Christmas present from Tanya - page includes all the details with official links, etc - plus a note from Sharon after the show - Saturday 17th March 2007
She is also going to see "Superstars in Concert" which is "a live international musical tribute celebration and is the biggest celebrity impersonator production of its kind in the world!!" - and this is also part of the present from Tanya - page includes all the details - this show is on Saturday 14th April 2007

Mother's Day - Sunday 13th May 2007
This page has all the details of "Her Day" - including a note from Sharon, a few presents and one of them is Elvis!!!, lunch with Tanya, a 'special' call from Brett in the United States - and heaps and heaps of photos!!! ......lots of great shots!!!

Technicians were testing the special cameras, located at Australia Post Offices, that take passport application photos - and Sharon jumped in front of the camera!!! - and it's a pretty good photo - Wednesday 30th May 2007

Port Adelaide Girls Technical High School - Reunion!!! - June 2007
Sharon is heading off to Adelaide to meet up with her school friends from 1967 - and that is fourty years ago!!! - this page includes Sharon's flight details, links to her High School class photos, and all the information on the Reunion - thirty photos!!! - the Reunion is being held on Saturday 9th June 2007
While she was in Adelaide, she naturally caught up with her family - click this link for another twenty photos!!! - June 2007

-!-WARNING-!-Here are nineteen photos taken on Sunday 5th August 2007--

......and it's #53!!! - Wednesday 22nd August 2007


Took her Mum out to lunch



CLICK HERE to see two photos

#1 - at lunch with Tanya

#2 - a phone call from Brett,
as mentioned in the audio file opposite


He is in the United States with the
Altoona Curve Baseball Club
so he arranged with
Jason Dambach, the Curve Game Commentator,
to send his Mum a
"Birthday Call"
Click on the play button below to hear what Jason
said as Brett came in to bat for the first time in the
game against the Reading Phillies in Pennsylvania

Windows Media Player required to play this audio file

--#01 - an early present - Royal Winton Chintz 'Marguerite' Breakfast Set - "I love it ... it is so beautiful"
------------------This page includes:-
------------------------#1 - a note from Geoff to Sharon
------------------------#2 - all the details on this breakfast set, along with lots of photos
--#02 - another early present - going with Tanya to see "The Ten Tenors" on Wednesday 15th August
------------------This page includes:-
------------------------#1 - a sushi dinner before the Show, which is called "Nostalgia - A Journey of Musical Memories"
------------------------#2 - the venue
------------------------#3 - all the details on The Ten Tenors, with lots of photos
------------------------#4 - a 'live' sound clip of the group singing "Bohemian Rhapsody", and
------------------------#5 - how Tanya came by the two tickets
--#03 - Colonial Red Cedar Ladies Desk and an Antique Tapestry Arm Chair
------------------This page includes:-
------------------------#1 - "before-and-after" shots of Sharon's work area
------------------------#2 - lots and lots of photos
------------------------#3 - measurements of the desk
--#04 - a gift from Australia Post
------------------This page includes:-
------------------------#1 - a note to Sharon
------------------------#2 - details on the "TELeGRAM"
--#05 - from Anne Kippin
------------------This page includes:-
------------------------#1 - the card from Anne
------------------------#2 - the gift - "The Big Book of Cross-Stitch Designs"


Sharon' new mobile phone - Telstra Model #252 - like her previous one, this unit is a digital camera, video recorder, music machine, etc - and yes, it does make phone calls as well!!! - this page includes photos, plus all the details on Sharon's new piece of technology - Thursday 11th October 2007

Sharon and Brett are heading to Townsville to see Elton John 'live' in Concert!!! - this page includes details of the Show, seating chart, reviews, and seven 'midi files' of some of Elton's hits - the concert is being held on Tuesday 4th December 2007

Australia Post - 2007 Staff Christmas Party
This page includes all the details on the function and the venue - plus "graphic detail" on what Sharon will be having for dinner!!! - also includes lots of great photos - held on Saturday 8th December 2007