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Sharon also has a
Royal Winton Chintz "Old Cottage" Trio
and a
Royal Winton Chintz "Old Cottage" Teapot
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Royal Winton Chintz "Marguerite" Breakfast Set

Pattern #9432

Made in England


This page includes
- details of the Ebay auction
#02 - emails to and from the seller
#03 - lots and lots of photos
#04 - identification of Royal Winton backstamps
#05 - details on the Royal Winton - Grimwades Company, and
#06 - details of other auctions to give a price comparison


A note from Geoff to Sharon on Wednesday 18th July 2007
Yes, it's very early - in fact, there is still thirty-five days to go!!
But I had to get it now in case it sold ...... so ......



- The Auction Details

Royal Winton "Marguerite" Chintz Breakfast Set
Up for for sale is this stunning complete breakfast set from Royal Winton
in their "Marguerite" chintz pattern
The set is dated 1942-49
The entire set is in excellent condition having no chips, cracks or stains
There is no wear to the gilt trim on any of the pieces
There is only very, very minor crazing commensurate with age

Item location - Highvale, Queensland Australia
This item was listed during July 2007 with a "Buy-it-Now" price of $600.00
??--How Much Did I Pay--??


Below is some correspondence
'to-and-from' the seller of this Set

Debbie Crisp
19 Showgrounds Drive Highvale
Queensland 4520 Australia
Email - debcrisp@tpg.com.au

Debbie is a Member of this Association

Click on the logo to go to their
Official Web Site

A note I sent to the seller (Debbie Crisp) on Wednesday 18th July 2007

Hi, and as you can see from my Feedback, I am a genuine buyer
Now, my Darling Wife loves this set!! - and there lies the problem
Looking at the bank balance, it is just a bit too much at the moment
So would you accept an offer of $520.00 for the set?
Sharon has looked at heaps of breakfast and tennis sets, and this is the one!!
I don't know much about this type of thing, but the auction details and photos look very nice
I take it that it is a 'genuine' set in very, very good condition?
Finally, if you are willing to accept my offer, how much would the postage and full and complete insurance cost to send it up here to Cairns in Queensland, postcode 4879? - and can I pay via PayPal?
I hope you don't mind this note
Regards, Geoff

......and the reply

Hi Geoff
The set is genuine and original!
All of the pieces are in excellent condition!

I am quite happy to take $520.00 for the set and yes, payment using PayPal is fine also
The cost for postage to Cairns, registered with insurance, is $17.20
If you can confirm you would like to buy the set at this price by return email, I’ll alter the listing to the agreed price and you can purchase it immediately
Then I can send you a Paypal invoice and get this packed up this afternoon for you!
Kind regards, Debbie

A follow up note I sent to the seller

Thank You!!
I will now go to the auction page and refresh until the new price is listed and then finalise the sale
My Wife is My Life and I am glad I can get this for her
Thanks again!!

......and the reply

Hi again Geoff
I'll get this packed up this afternoon and hopefully get it to the Post Office before 5.00pm
Thanks so much for your purchase
I'm sure your Wife will love the set!
Kind regards, Debbie

So the price I paid was
plus postage and insurance

A final note I sent to the seller

Can I ask you (another) favour?
I want to surprise Sharon with this, so could you address is to Brett Roneberg at the address below, instead of me
Sharon normally collects the mail each morning from the Post Office, and Brett is our son, and she'll think that the parcel is for him!!
Regards and Thanks, Geoff

......and the reply

Hi Geoff
I’ll take it down to the Post Office this afternoon when I pick my kids up from school
"Brett" should get his parcel tomorrow or Friday, I would think
Bye, Debbie

A note to the seller after the parcel was delivered - Tuesday 24th July 2007

The Royal Winton 'Marguerite' Breakfast Set
Hi Debbie
To use one word to describe this set - FABULOUS!
To use two words to describe this set - ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!
Sharon really loves it
............... and many thanks for the box of "Guylian Chocolates"!! - was very nice!!
We will be keeping an eye on your store
One day, if you happen to have a Tennis Set in this same pattern, send us an email!!
About to log in to Ebay and leave the 'Very Positive Feedback'
Great dealing with you
Regards, Geoff


More photos - taken after we received the Set

Sharon's pieces of Royal Winton Chintz China on display in our lounge
NOTE - the links to see the pieces on the left are at the top of this page


The Pattern



Tray - 10.125 inches across the handles x 8.625 inches wide
Teapot - 4 inches tall x 5 inches across handle to spout
Cup - 2.375 inches tall x 3.25 inches wide
Cream Jug - 2.25 inches tall at the handle x 3.125 inches across handle to spout
Egg Cup - 1.25 inches tall x 1.875 inches wide
Toast Rack - 2.75 inches long x 2.25 inches wide x 1.875 inches tall


The Backstamps


  The New Royal Winton backstamp
Notice the circle around the Royal Winton name
The 1995 indicates the year that Grimwades re-established itself as Grimwades Ltd
Some items made between 1995 and 1998 may NOT have the 1995 Year indicator at the bottom of the mark
But ALL have a circle around Royal Winton and say "LTD", with a period, after the Grimwades name
Current "general issue" patterns are Florence, Julia, Majestic, Marion, Old Cottage, Richmond, Royalty, Stratford, Summertime, and Welbeck
The majority of the re-issues were produced in 1997 and later
An early Royal Winton backstamp
  A little later Royal Winton backstamp
The "A" was incorporated after 1943

This looks to be exactly the same as the markings on the various pieces of the Set

In the auction details, the seller says the Set is from 1942 to 1949, and this appears to be 'right'
  Another example of a post-1943 backstamp
  Another example of a post-1943 backstamp


Information #01

The photos and pricing information below are from

and click on the logo to go to their Official Web Site

(1) click here to go to the "Royal Winton Pattern List"
(2) click here to go directly to the
"Chintz Marguerite - Gold Trim" items page
(these pages/details were available as at Wednesday 18th July 2007)

SPECIAL NOTE - The Marguerite pattern was also listed with a Burgundy Trim and a Blue Trim

Pattern Name - Royal Winton "Marguerite" with Gold Trim
Pattern Number - 9432
Pattern Description - Chintz, Floral, Gold Trim
Date - circa 1928
Manufacturer Status - Discontinued pattern

The items shown in the photos below are from the Six Piece Breakfast Set (Flat Cup)
in the Marguerite (Gold Trim) pattern by Royal Winton
Individual Creamer, Open Sugar, The Complete Set,
Individual Teapot and Two Slice Toast Rack

Pieces Listed at Replacements Ltd
(these details were available as at Wednesday 18th July 2007)

Breakfast Set - Individual Creamer Only
size 2.25 inches - Countess - USD$49.99 = AUD$57.10

Breakfast Set - Individual Teapot (with?) Lid

size 3.25 inches - Countess One Cup - USD$119.95 = AUD$137.00

Breakfast Set - Six Piece Tray Only

size 9.125 inches - Honeymoon - USD$349.95 = AUD$399.65

Breakfast Set - Six Piece Tray Only

size 10 inches - Countess - USD$349.95 = AUD$399.65

Breakfast Set - Open Sugar Only

size 1.875 inches - no price

Breakfast Set - Individual Creamer Only
size 2.125 inches - no price

Breakfast Set - Two Slice Toast Rack Only
no size - no price

Breakfast Set - Individual Teapot Only - Countess One Cup
size 3.25 inches - no price


Information #02

The information below is from

and click on the logo to go to their Official Web Site


Information #03


for further information
......and the page includes
#01 - a History of Chintz China
#02 - the History of the Royal Winton - Grimwades Company, and
#03 - details on reproduced Chintz Patterns, included the costs


Auctions for similar Breakfast Sets

......for a price comparison!!!



This set looks to have a green trim - ??? - or is it just the camera/photo - ???
I can only find references to the gold, burgundy and blue trims - ???

Shop - Bath Antiques Online
Bath Antiques Online brings together a select showcase of the finest antiques and collectables from the West of England
Our dealers are renowned for their specialist knowledge and keen eye
And we have hand-picked items from the broadest range to offer something to suit every taste and budget
Marguerite Tea Set
Marguerite pattern tea set for one by Royal Winton
Excellent condition
Dateline - circa 1930's
Dimensions - Tray 10 inches x 8.5 inches
July 2007
Price Estimate - GBP310.00 to GBP410.00 = AUD$726.50 to AUD$960.85
Sold during November 2003 and the actual selling price was not listed



This set looks exactly the same as Sharon's

Rare Royal Winton Marguerite Chintz Six Piece Breakfast Set
This is a rare signed Royal Winton six piece breakfast set in the Marguerite chintz pattern with a gold trim
This pattern was made circa 1928 and numbered 9432
This collection consist of a 10 inch X 9 inch tray, a teapot (1 cup), a 3.25 inch diameter cup, a 2 inch creamer, a 1.25 inch sugar bowl, and a napkin holder
The condition is very good for it's age
The set is free of cracks, chips and wear, and with slight crazing and gentle use
This is a wonderful English Chintz Collection
July 2007
Item location - Brooklyn New York United States
The auction was listed with a "Buy-it-Now" price of USD$495.00 = AUD$565.25
Had not sold at Thursday 6th December 2007



There is a lot of damage to this set!!!
Also, this one has the blue trim

Royal Winton Chintz Marguerite Tea-for-One Bedside Set
Up for auction is this pretty Royal Winton chintz Marguerite patterned set
This set has the blue trim
Comprising of a tray, cup, cream jug, egg cup, toast rack and teapot
Unfortunately, the top of the teapot has been broken and repaired
The cream jug has some internal staining
The toast rack also has a small repair, which is only noticeable if closely scrutinised
These damages are only mentioned for accuracy as the set displays beautifully
All the pieces have the same blue Royal Winton mark, except the toast rack which is too small for marking
This is a lovely Royal Winton set at a low starting price!
July 2007
Item location - Dursley Gloucestershire United Kingdom
This auction finished on Sunday 24th June 2007
The starting price was set at GBP20.00 = AUD$46.65 and there were nine bids during the auction
Final selling price - AUD$267.25



This set looks exactly the same as Sharon's

Vintage Royal Winton Marguerite Breakfast Set
The set has no chips, cracks, or repairs
Each piece is factory signed
The set has very nice gilding
The teapot measures 4 inches in height and 4 inches across and the tray measures 10.5 inches in length and is 8.75 inches across
The other pieces are complete and graduate in size
August 2007
Item location - San Diego California United States
The auction was listed with a "Buy-it-Now" price of USD$585.00 = AUD$682.30
Did not sell



This set looks exactly the same as Sharon's
......but it has a 'bonus" plate!!

Royal Winton Marguerite Breakfast Set
Seven pieces
The Pattern is Marguerite and this is clearly marked on all pieces
The set is in perfect condition with no chips, cracks or repairs - even the spout is perfect!!
There is vintage crazing
The breakfast plate is 8.75 inches square and is 9.75 inches diagonally - the serving tray with insets is 10.25 inches handle to handle and is 8.75 inches wide - the teapot is 4 inches tall to top of lid and 5.25 inches handle to spout - the cup is 2.75 inches tall - the toast or crumpet holder is 2.975 inches by 2.375 inches by 1.875 inches tall - the creamer is 2.5 inches at the tallest point - the sugar bowl is 1.25 inches tall and 1.875 inches across
This set is truly a rare find!!
August 2007
Item location - United States
The auction was listed with a starting price of USD$60.00 = AUD$71.25
Final selling price - AUD$313.20



Part set only

Royal Winton Grimwades Marguerite Teapot, Cup and Sugar
Offered here is a vintage Royal Winton chintz Marguerite teapot, cup and open sugar
Originally manufactured in England around 1928
These three pieces are from the original six piece breakfast set which also included the tray, creamer and toast holder
These would be great replacement pieces for an existing set, or to use on their own
The Marguerite pattern is a lovely floral design in multiple colors with gold trim
The teapot will hold one cup of tea and measures 4.5 inches tall and it 5 inches wide including the spout and handle
The cup is 2.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide
The open sugar is 1.25 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter
All three pieces are in good condition with no chips, or cracks
However, there are some tea stains inside the teapot
All the pieces show a little age crazing
The teapot alone, as available on Replacements Ltd, would sell for over USD$125.00 = AUD$157.00
August 2007
Item location - Guttenberg Iowa United States
Listed with a starting price of USD$20.00 = AUD$25.20
Final selling price - AUD$169.85


These Breakfast Sets were made in a number of patterns


to see the photos and auction details for numerous other sets