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Sharon - 2006




Sharon and her new telephone - a Christmas present - three photos - Sunday 1st January 2006

Our 31st Wedding Anniversary - Wednesday 4th January 2006
----------Card and note from Geoff to Sharon
----------Card and note from Sharon to Geoff

"Hello, my name is Sharon" - the desktop wallpaper on Sharon's computer - two photos - Monday 9th January 2006

"WAVE" Glass Square Electronic Body Fat Scale - a lie-detector for weight!!! - page includes a note to Sharon, photos, and all the details on Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis!!! - Wednesday 11th January 2006

A night at the basketball!!! - Sharon went to the Cairns Taipans v Hunter Pirates NBL Semi Final - went with Tanya and one of Tanya's work friends - all the details and a few photos - Thursday 9th February 2006
----------UPDATE - The Taipans won this game!!!
----------This page now also includes details on the games played as the Finals Series progressed!!!

Sharon's new computer!!! - "Toshiba Satellite A100/C01 Notebook" - all the details and photos - Saturday 18th February 2006
----------page updated on Monday 17th January 2011 - added photos of the bottom of the laptop
----------page updated on Friday 18th February 2011 - needed a new keyboard - added all the details with receipts

Sitting around the back yard - and what's this??? - she's getting changed!!! - thirteen photos - Thursday 9th March 2006

Sharon is 51 years 6 months and 16 days of age!!! - Thursday 9th March 2006
Lots of photos!!! - Lots of looks and poses!!! - Lots of legs!!! ------ and "Oh, so hot !!"
(01) Dressed in RED - a very short dress!!! - thirty photos..........includes some terrific shots !!
(02) Dressed in BLUE - a very short dress!!! - five photos..........includes some terrific shots !!

A "Surprise Trip" to Adelaide !!
A Family Wedding !!
Sharon's nephew, Shaun, is marrying Sarah on Saturday 18th March 2006 - and Sharon is going!!! - holidays, time-off work, the flights, etc are all arranged!!!
The page includes
------(01) all the details, such as the invitation, flight schedule, and a note to Sharon
------(02) video of the Virgin Blue take-off!!!
------(03) Sharon's "Day-by-Day Diary"
------(04) over 115 photos!!!

Sharon with some of her "Kitchenalia" items - three photos - Tuesday 2nd May 2006 ..........nice photos !!

Sharon, and she's lying on the floor in the computer room listening to Brett's game on internet radio!!! - this shot was taken on Saturday 13th May, and the game she was listening to was being played in the United States on the Friday - it was the game in which Brett hit a "Grand Slam" while playing with the Altoona Curve against the Binghamton Mets ..........this page is the Game Report, and scroll to the bottom to see Sharon's photo

Sharon, with a message she sent to Brett!!! - after listening to the game between the Altoona Curve and the Erie SeaWolves - "her boy" was the ninth inning hero!!! - Saturday 8th July 2006 ..........this page is the Game Report, and scroll down to see Sharon's photo

"In Shape and In Control"!!! - Sharon's new Magnetic Elliptical Strider - lots of details and photos, including six shots of Sharon on her new machine - Saturday 22nd July 2006

"The Poseur" - and Sharon is "behaving in an affected manner"!!! - four photos - Sunday 23rd July 2006

Sharon with Beverly, her childhood doll - lots of photos, including shots of Beverly's "new-old" home - Tuesday 8th August 2006

Her Birthday - and it is #52!!! - Tuesday 22nd August 2006
Presents!!! - Cards!!! - Emails!!! - and lots and lots of photos!!! - Tuesday 22nd August 2006

The "tropical paradise" down the side of our unit - and three of the shots include Sharon in the background - four photos - Friday 25th August 2006

Sharon is a Beach Girl!!! - including "Cute in a black top" and "Mermaid" and "Nature's Girl" - some terrific photos taken at the beaches north of Cairns - and these shots are just 'a little bit risque'!!! - eight photos - Monday 28th August 2006..........includes some terrific shots !!

A drive up the coast north of Cairns - Monday 28th August 2006
We stopped at a number of beaches and tourist attractions on the way - had lunch at Daintree Village before heading home - thirty-eight terrific photos, plus maps and other information - and thirty-three of the photos are of Sharon!!!- Monday 28th August 2006..........great photos !!

A photo taken back in nineteen-seventy-five and another shot taken thirty-one years later in two-thousand-and-six - the same "pose" and the same "poseur"!!! - Monday 28th August 2006

"Short Shorts" - Sharon in a pair of cut-off jeans and wearing different shirts and tops - including a white tshirt, a yellow blouse, a scarf ...... and no top at all!!! - twenty-seven photos - Sunday 3rd September 2006..........fantastic !! - can she really be fifty-two years old ??

Sharon' new mobile phone - NEC Model #N412i - and as well as making phone calls, it does 'a million' other things!!! - camera, video, music, etc, etc!!! - this page includes photos, plus all the details on this "smallest of phones with the biggest range of features"!!! - Sunday 10th September 2006

A drive around the Tablelands, including the Yungaburra Markets and a look at the Curtain Fig Tree - and visiting the Antique Shops!! - this page includes details, maps and nine photos, with some great shots of "Sharon and the Tree"!!! - Saturday 23rd September 2006

Sharon, Tanya and Brett - and the three of them are heading out for 'lunch at a posh hotel'!!! - the "Reef Fiesta" at the Cairns International Hotel - this page includes a note from Geoff to Sharon - plus all the details and the menu - and lots of photos of the venue and the three of them before, during, and after lunch!!! - Sunday 1st October 2006