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The auction receipt - Saturday 12th April 2008
We didn't get much for it!!!

The set was nice
but not as nice as this one which we bought during March 2008

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A note from Geoff to Sharon on Wednesday 19th April 2006

"How long since we went on a picnic??
Well, it's just over two years ago - Sunday 2th March 2004!!

Here is a shot of you taken that day

and if you click on the photo
you will see the complete albumn of our day around Mossman and the beaches north of Cairns

Now look closely at the photo - crappy old plastic containers
We will even have the company of Queen Elizabeth II!!

I hope you like the set,
and as soon as it arrives, yes, you can plan a picnic for us!!"

......and CLICK HERE for the details of the
Brexton "Coronation Edition" Picnic Hamper
I bought as a surprise for Sharon

-----As you will read, this hamper was returned to the seller-----

-----The picnic had to be postponed-----

-----A new hamper had to be found-----


A note from Geoff to Sharon on Sunday 4th June 2006

---The Ebay Auction

Picnic Basket

Both elegant and practical!!
Don’t be fooled by cheap plastic sets!!

This is an exquisitely handcrafted wicker picnic basket
It is fully lined with quilted cotton
The basket is stylish yet durable, and will give you pride in its ownership

The basket includes over thirty pieces of real utensils
There is no plastic in this picnic set!!

Contains settings for four people
and also included is a four-cup thermos, with four crockery cups, plates, etc

Truly, this set is one to own for many years

Size closed - 53cm wide x 20cm high x 35cm deep

An email I sent to the seller during the auction
Hi, and I have just placed a bid on the hamper
The photos show the item very nicely, and it looks great,
but could you please confirm that there is no damage or chips to any of the pieces,
as you don't actually mention the condition in your auction details
Also, just for information, is there any sort of maker's marks
on the hamper and/or the contents??
Plus, do you have any idea of the age, ie, new, one year, five years old, etc, etc
Thanks, and I hope the auction is a success for you - Geoff
......and the reply
Hello Geoff
Every item in the set is in pristine condition!!
No chips, some still in original plastic containers!!
About the manufacturer, I can see the authentic wicker label
As the set was a gift,
I didn’t really want to go back to giver to ask too many more questions
Other friends have told us that the set is worth in excess of $120.00
I believe the item is just over twelve months old - as that is when we received it

Item location - Robina, Gold Coast Queensland, Australia
This auction ended on Sunday 4th June 2006
The starting price was set at $25.00 and there were eight bids during the auction
We won!!! - with a winning bid of $51.00 plus postage and handling


---More Photos and Details!!!

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to see five large shots taken after the hamper was received
plus a complete list of the contents


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to read emails to-and-from the seller after the hamper was received


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---The Manufacturer

Yizhan Picnic Basket - Model Number YZ1-2521

(click on the above picture to go to their Official Web Site)

Office Address - RM.1004-1005, 10/F, Blk.A, World Trading Plaza, No.9, Fuhong Rd, Shenzhen, China
Postcode - 518033
Telephone - (86) (755) 83662826 83690928 83690938
Fax - (86) (755) 83690968
Email - szyizhan@szyizhan.com
Factory Address - Building A1, The 3rd Industry Park, The 3rd Industry Zone, Fenghuang Village, Fuyong Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen Yizhan Weaving Craft Company was established in 1995 as a manufacturer and exporter of picnic baskets and picnic backpacks
Our product range includes picnic bags, cooler bags, garden bags, beach mats, picnic blankets, and all kinds of picnic baskets made of willow, fern and bamboo, sea-grass, rattan and wood
Our office is in the center of Shenzhen city, with over 20 sales representatives
Our factory is located in Shenzhen China and has over 800 workers and an area ff 20,000 square meters
The estimated average production capability is two fourty-foot-containers per day
Each year we develop a wide range of new designs to meet consumer's requirements
The unique design, exquisite technology, good quality, reasonable price and punctual delivery of our goods enable us to enjoy a good reputation in the world
Most of our designs have a patent and many of them have Awards, both national and international
Also, individual customer's designs and enquires are welcome
Our main markets are Europe, America, Australia, Japan and Korea
We have a strict quality control system so that all of our goods are of high quality
We insist on a "The Customer Comes First" policy


---'Price Comparison' Auctions

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for the details of "many and varied" picnic set auctions


---Our First Picnic!!!

Click on Sharon for all the details
and 38 photos!!!
of our picnic using the new hamper