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Brexton Picnic Hamper

The Queen!!!

What is this picture here for??
Read on for the story!!


A note from Geoff to Sharon on Wednesday 19th April 2006
"How long since we went on a picnic??
Well, it's just over two years ago - Sunday 2th March 2004!!

Here is a shot of you taken that day

and if you click on the photo
you will see the complete albumn of our day around Mossman and the beaches north of Cairns

Now look closely at the photo - crappy old plastic containers
We will even have the company of Queen Elizabeth II!!

I hope you like the set,
and as soon as it arrives, yes, you can plan a picnic for us!!"


---The Ebay Auction

Brexton Picnic Hamper
Super Special "Coronation Edition"
Absolutely complete with two working Thermos flasks
Settings for four lucky picnickers!!
The carry case is finished in white/cream leatherette with unique carry handle
and twist type locks in green Melamine (I think that is what it is called)
The hamper includes
4 x small dinner plates
4 x cups and saucers
4 x sets cutlery (knife, fork and teaspoon)
3 x glass jars for sugar, tea and milk
2 x very special metal food containers with metal sealing clips
salt and pepper shaker, and
4 x cool drink tumblers
The knives are embossed in gold with Queen Elizabeth's insignia
This hamper is nearly sixty-years-old and is showing some signs of age
There is unfortunately a split in one of the Thermos mugs
and one of the food containers is missing a sealing clip
Also because the hamper has been packed away for so long some corrosion
is evident on the cutlery where the leather straps hold them in place
However, it truly is a wonderful peice of nostalgia
which would suit any one who fancies a drive in the country!!
Should the lucky new owner wish, restoration would be a piece-of-cake

Item location - Sydney, New South Wales Australia
This auction ended on Wednesday 19th April 2006
The starting price was set at $50.00 and there were ten bids during the auction
Ours was the winner!!! - at $114.50 plus postage and insurance


Another note to Sharon
"As I mentioned above, we'll have a nice picnic somewhere
But then you have a bit of 'work' to do!!

Firstly, the split Thermos mug should be replaced,
and maybe the missing clip could be found as well
Below is an Ebay link which might give a few leads in finding these items
This is a starting point, and you'll probably have to use Google Search as well

Secondly, the seller says that it could be restored quite easily
From the photos it looks like the leatherette might need 'tightening and/or reglueing'
Also hopefully you can remove the marks on the cutlery

It is a bit hard to know exactly what's involved until the hamper arrives here,
but when it does, you are in charge of returning everything to 'as new' condition!!

And remember, the quicker you get it done
- the sooner we become regular picnickers!!!"


A note from Geoff on Monday 24th April 2006
"As you have read in the auction details above, the cutlery has some corrosion marks
But until the hamper arrives,
it is impossible to know how bad it might be and whether it can be removed

This set of Brexton cutlery, located in Liverpool in England, came up for auction
and it finished today

The seller wrote that they were all in very good condition

I debated whether to have a bid or not,
and use the forks and spoons as replacements in our set
The knives would not be completely suitable,
as the four in the hamper have the "ER" marking

I decided to take the chance and placed a GBP10.00 bid
This converts to around $24.00 Australian
- with another $10.00/$12.00 for international postage
I did not want to go any higher as our set may clean up perfectly

I was outbid, with the auction finishing at GBP15.00

So Sharon, it is back to you - to keep cleaning, restoring and looking!!"


!!! The Set was Returned to the Seller !!!

... faulty flasks ...
... torn lining ...
... overall, it was really a piece of junk ...


The Hamper was auctioned again on--

The auction details were exactly the same as when we bought the hamper
and as listed above
(and I have no idea if the thermos flask problems were fixed by the seller!!!)

This auction ended on Sunday 28th May 2006
During the auction there were twelve bids
The final selling price was $100.51



......for a price comparison!!!


Auction #01

As well as the comments on condition listed in the auction notice below,
the right-front of the case appears to be damaged
Also, it looks like a bit of a 'mixture' of contents!!!

Brexton Picnic Set
You are bidding for a picnic set made in England by Brexton
The set consists of the following:-
6 x ceramic saucers with leaf and flower design - marked Brexton England 8050
4 x ceramic cups - marked Brexton England 8050
4 x ceramic bread plates with same design - marked Brexton England 8050
2 x oval white hard plastic dinner plates with a chef cooking at an outdoor barbie cart
- these are marked Rnamin Ware Patent Melmac TM reg
4 x green round plastic dinner plates - marked Associated Plastic Non Stain Dinner Ware
2 x Brexton plastic food boxes
3 x Brexton containers for coffee, sugar and tea
2 x Brexton salt and pepper shakers made from the hard plastic
5 x knives - marked Brexton Made in England Stainless Steel
5 x forks - marked Brexton Chrome Plate Made in England
3 x teaspoons - marked Brexton Chrome Plate Made in England
1 x ordinary teaspoon - unmarked
I guess these were made in the 1950's
The picnic case measure 57cm x 32cm and 15 cms down
The right hinge needs repair - my hubby might agree to fix it!!
Item location - Richardson, Australian Capital Territory Australia
This auction ended on Saturday 3rd June 2006
The starting price was set at $35.00
There were no bids
The seller immediately relisted this hamper
This second auction ended on Saturday 10th June 2006
The starting price was again set at $35.00 and there was one bid during the auction
The final selling price was $35.00


Auction #02

Brexton English Picnic Set
Circa 1950's
Original case
Purchased new in the 50's and has had little use since
Four place setting
With rectangular shaped china plates having a flower design
Also includes:-
Stainless steel knives, forks and spoons
Two plastic food boxes
Two thermos flasks (1 original - 1 not)
Item location - Melbourne, Victoria Australia
This auction ended on Saturday 10th June 2006
The starting price was set at $30.00 and there were seven bids during the auction
The final selling price was $102.50


Auction #03

Vintage Brexton Picnic Set in Case
The set includes:-
three porcelain plates. four porcelain saucers, four porcelain cups in a basket,
two storage containers in a basket, two rectangular food containers, two storage bottles,
salt and pepper, four knives, four forks, four spoons and three thermos
Unfortunately one plate has been broken and its all in pieces
I have seen replacement sets on Ebay for around eight dollars
Measurements - 63cm wide x 33cm depth x 14cm high
This picnic set is a piece of memorabilia!!
They are sort after by vintage car enthusiasts!!
Question during the auction - does the thermos have screw tops and are they original Brexton equipment?
Answer - the thermos have screw tops - they are Made in England, Thermos Limited - they look like they
are missing the cups that screw on top of the two largest thermos - the small one is also Thermos brand
and it has the screw on cup - I have seen these Brexton Sets with these types of thermos on Ebay - maybe
it was on the overseas sales - some have the metal checkered ones - it would be best to have
a look at other sets to see and compare

Item location - Clear Island Waters, Gold Coast Australia
This auction ended on Thursday 6th March 2008
The starting price was set at $0.99 and there were five bids during the auction
The final selling price was $57.00