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Brett - 2005



Shoulder Injury

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His 26th Birthday - Saturday 5th February 2005
----------a note from his Mum - with four photos
----------an email from Tanya, who was in London - and a card is included
----------An email and picture from Maria Gabriela Delgado......who lives in Caracas, Venezuela
--------------------and an ecard from Maria

Went to Ric Doo's 40th Birthday Party - which had a "Hawaiian Theme" - twenty photos!!! - Saturday 19th February 2005

A new car!!! - due to his injury, Brett is unable to drive a car with a manual-gear-change at the moment and a "Doctor-Friend" lent him this one!!! - two photos - Saturday 26th February 2005

As part of his shoulder rehabilitation program, Brett's physiotherapist gave him a number of exercises to be done in a pool - here are nine photos taken during one of these sessions on Wednesday 2nd March 2005 - Photos 1 and 2 - Photos 3 and 4 - Photos 5, 6 and 7 - Photos 8 and 9

The Pierre de Coubertin Awards
"Australian Olympic Committee - The Pierre de Coubertin Awards" - Brett was invited to attend the Launch of these Awards and here he is ready to go and dressed in his 2004 Athens Olympics uniform - two photos - Tuesday 22nd March 2005

Brett and a few of his friends spent the Easter break holidaying in The Daintree, North Queensland
Click here to go to the albumn - twelve photos - March 2005

2005 DrinkSmart Northern University Games
Brett was invited to attend the launch of these Games which are being held in Cairns during July - page includes details on the Games, an article from the Cairns Post, and five photos - Wednesday 6th April 2005
------"Help Wanted - Looking for Volunteers" - added two newspaper articles, including one photo - May 2005

Baseball - swinging the bat again!!!
The first "batting practise" since the injury - twelve photos of Brett doing T-work - at the Trinity Beach Baseball Complex - Sunday 17th April 2005

Smithfield Community Pool
Swimming is now a part of Brett's injury rehabilitation program - eighteen photos - Wednesday 20th April 2005

Brett and a few of his friends headed back to The Daintree, North Queensland for the Queen's Birthday holiday weekend
Click here to go to the albumn - eighty-eight photos!!! - June 2005

The Rugby League "State of Origin Game Three" - Brett, and Ritchie Mounsey, were keen to see this game - but it was sold out!!! - so what did they do??? - this page has all the details, plus numerous Stadium photos and other information - Wednesday 6th July 2005

Brett out for the night watching "The Monster Trucks"!!! - newspaper article and photos - Saturday 25th June 2005

Hitting Coordinator for The 2005 Major League Baseball Australian Academy Program - Gold Coast, Queensland
This program runs from Thursday 30th June to Sunday 14th August 2005 - the page includes the Program details, Brett's appointment and Duty Statement, accommodation, etc

2005 Baseball World Cup - Holland - September 2005
Brett met up with Stella and Simone - following the game on Sunday 11th September in Eindhoven - thirteen photos
Brett, Stella and Simone out to lunch in Rotterdam on Tuesday 13th September - fifteen photos

White Water Rafting!!! - Brett and Andrea spent the day on a river in Tully, North Queensland - three photos - Friday 23rd September 2005

Cairns Heat Baseball - Junior Presentation Day
Brett was invited by the Club to present the Trophies and Awards - twelve photos - Saturday 1st October 2005

Smithfield State High School - "Class of 1995"
Brett and his ex-classmates getting together for their "10 Year Reunion" - held at the Yorkey's Knob Boating Club - thirty-one photos - Saturday 5th November 2005