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From The World Cup Newsletter
"Family Reunion in Eindhoven"

Stella and Simone
arranged to meet Brett during the Championships
Eindhoven - Sunday 11th September 2005
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NOTE - these photos were sent to Brett by Stella

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Stella and Simone---


Brett with Stella and Simone---------

Brett with Simone------------

Brett with Simone and Kevin---

Brett with Simone and (???)------


Thursday 15th September 2005
A note from Laura Daems

Hello Geoff
I am the stepsister of Simone and I helped to arrange the meeting
I knew that Brett was in Holland and found out where he played, and together with Stella we found out he stayed in Rotterdam
Stella and Simone left him a message
As by a miracle the bus driver of the team is family of mine and the owner of ZEEBRATOURS, the bus company
He contacted me to give us the number of Leo (the man left in the last picture) - he is the one that stayed with the team (do not know the English word for that)
He arranged for Stella, Simone, Eliem and Simone’s boyfriend Kevin (the guy standing right in the picture with Brett and Simone) to be able to see the game and got them 'VIP' passes
Little miracles still happen
Laura (daughter of Emiel)