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Cairns and Trinity Beach

Click on this thumbnail for a map
of the Cairns area, including
the beaches north of the city


View from a lookout on the Kuranda Range Road

Captain Cook Highway - the main road between Cairns and Trinity Beach - taken from the car!!! - January 2001

Aerial Views    1 photo
Note - lots more aerial views below
The Esplanade    6 photos
The Beach    1 photo
Looking south along the Beach    8 photos
Southern end - back to the Beach    5 photos
Southern end - The Rocks    1 photo
Looking north along the Beach    4 photos
Swimming enclosure - The Net    2 photos
Note - also see 'crocodile article' below
Sunrise over the Beach    5 photos
L'UNICO Trattoria    2 photos

Tanya's "Homesick Moments" Photos

Tanya departed for her
"Two Year Working Holiday"
on Tuesday 21st October 2003

Before leaving she went down to the
beach and snapped a few shots

To take with her for those
"homesick moments"!!!

Here are Tanya's four photos

Number One and Two

Number Three and Four

Trinity Beach ... looking from a helicopter

Trinity Beach - from the air!!!

Eight fabulous photos

Simply click on the helicopter

Taken during 2006, these shots include:-
Our three homes in Trinity Beach
Tanya and Brett's Primary School
our local shopping centre
the baseball fields
......and more!!!
Saturday 16th December 2006
Added four more aerial photos
Click here to see these shots taken
via "Google Earth" and "Whereis"

A crocodile visits Trinity Beach!!! - the page includes the front page of The Cairns Post and the complete article - there are a number of photos, plus a link to a video of the croc in the swimming enclosure - Sunday 23rd March 2008


July 1986---Cairns - before the reconstruction and new developments - this photo and article was published in a "Twenty Years Ago" supplement in a July 2006 edition of the Cairns Post - here are some major changes when compared to the other shots in this albumn!!! - one photo ..........NOTE - we moved to Cairns in November 1981

Reconstruction of the Cairns Esplanade - from mudflats to a Lagoon and Aquatic Centre!!! - March 2003 ..........great picture
----------and an article on the Official Opening - from the 'Cairns Sun' newspaper - March 2003

Aerial view of Cairns, showing the Marina and Esplanade developments - July 2003 ..........great picture again!!!
----------This page also includes a link to eighteen photos of Sharon!!!

Another aerial view of Cairns City - postcard - April 2004

Looking across the Lagoon and out to sea, and this is a postcard shot added during April 2004 - in May 2008, a great photo of the Lagoon at night was added to this page

The Cairns Esplanade and beach walk - postcard - April 2004

The Esplanade - outdoor dining at night - April 2006

The Esplanade - the Lagoon during the day and evening - two photos - April 2006

Entrance to the Flecker Botanic Gardens - April 2006

Cairns is flooded!!! - a cyclone crossed the coast to the north of the City and dumped a lot of rain - this page includes a rainfall chart, newspaper articles, and a number of photos - Thursday 20th April 2006