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Trinity Beach --- from the air !!

A note from Geoff on Saturday 16th December 2006

The first shot below was sent to us by Sharon's sister, Lesley

They arrived yesterday, and are from the Google Earth Library and are the most recent photos taken of our area in that Library

BUT they are quite old - at least twelve/eighteen months - and there are a number of buildings/houses missing

Our house stands out pretty well though!!!

As well as being a bit out-of-date, they were taken during the dry season as can be seen from the "green" grass on
the previous page of eight photos compared to the "brown" grass in these shots!!!

As with the previous page, the original photo is first and that is followed by two more which point out our home, the various landmarks, etc


NOTE #01 - the photos below were obtained by using screenshots from----and click on the logo to go to the Official Web Site

NOTE #02 - the shots are 1500 pixels wide so make sure your screen/monitor is set to its maximum size ... they were uploaded at this width so all the details can be seen clearly ... you may have to use both the 'left-right' and the 'up-down' scroll bars ... I have a twenty-two inch monitor and the photos display perfectly across the screen, from edge to edge !!

NOTE #03 - there are two very large photos for a total size of 1.35Mb ... so be patient as the page may take a few extra seconds to completely download

Trinity Beach and the surrounding area

A close-up look at our Duplex