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Tanya - 2009



Just hanging around and having fun!! - Tanya with her friends Bethany, Oona and Kelly - and the page includes a 'super-sized' version - Friday 2nd January 2009 ...... a great photo!!

Tanya's friend Bethany's 21st Birthday is in early February and she is having a "B-party" and this means all the guests have to go dressed as something that starts with the letter "B" - this page includes all the details and photos of Tanya's outfit - Wednesday 7th January 2009
---------------------page updated - it now includes photos taken during the Party!!

"City awash" - an article from The Cairns Post on the flooding around Cairns due to Cyclone Charlotte - and Tanya was marooned at her unit complex!! - three photos - Monday 12th January 2009

Tanya is going to University !!
Tanya has been accepted into the Queensland University of Technology!! - she will be studying "Bachelor of Laws" as an external student over a six year period - this page includes the Official Notification, the complete course details, some of the books Tanya will have to purchase, and the orientation program during late February - there is also a note from Tanya's employer - and finally, there is an 'interesting video' to watch!! - the Notification was received on Thursday 15th January 2005
---------------------page updated - added results for Year One Semester One on Wednesday 6th May 2009
---------------------page updated - September 2009 - logo and link removed as requested
---------------------page updated - added results for Year One Semester Two on Thursday 5th November 2009
---------------------and now CLICK HERE to go to "Tanya's 2010 Albumn" for further updates

Tanya with her friends Jaime, Shondelle, Bethany and Kelly - three variations of the same photo - Sunday 12th April 2009 ...... a very nice shot of Tanya!!

Tanya's long, long blonde hair!! - this shot was taken at the Cairns Baseball League grounds - and it also includes Sharon, Brett's friend Kahlia and two of Tanya's friends - three photos - Sunday 19th April 2006

Fancy Dress Party - Tanya has been invited to a "!970's Theme Party" - and her Mum was called upon to do the hair style - this page has dozens of photos and these include the Before Look followed by the Hairstyle and then the Outfit - Saturday 25th April 2009 ...... a great range of shots!!

Mother's Day 2009 - Tanya and Brett took their Mum out to Breakfast - and the venue was Vivo Restaurant, on the Esplanade at Palm Cove - the page includes photos of the restaurant, plus eighteen shots of Sharon, Tanya and Brett - Sunday 10th May 2009

Tanya and a few of her friends went to the Port Douglas "Carnivale" - this page includes details and a link to the Official Web Site - plus photos of the group out to dinner - five photos - Saturday 30th May 2009

Tanya on a tour of a USA fighting ship!! - the 'USS Essex' paid a visit to Cairns and Tanya was one of the lucky few to be able to go on one of the tours!! - page has all the details on the USS Essex plus details on the tour ... and, of course, photos!! - Friday 3rd July 2009

A "Karaoke" Night Out!! - Sharon, Tanya, Brett and a bunch of their friends went to a restaurant ... and they all got up to sing!! - this page has all the details, including the venue, a note from Sharon about her night out, and a bunch of photos - Saturday 4th July 2009

Tanya and Errol - two portrait-type photos - Saturday 4th July 2009 ...... and they are terrific photos!!

"Mater Little Miracles 5ks" - and Australia Post is a Major Partner/Sponsor of this fundraising event - it is held in numerous Queensland centres from May through to August, and "the walk is a wonderful way for families to help make little miracles happen for sick children and babies at the Mater" - the walk in Cairns is being held on Sunday 9th August 2009 - this page includes all the details including the "Certificate of Appreciation" - plus there are eighteen photos and thirteen videos!! - both Sharon and Tanya attended

A holiday trip to Japan ... February 2010
Tanya and Errol are taking off!! - a look around Tokyo and then five days at the Club Med Sahoro Resort - this page includes a map of Japan plus details and photos of the Club Med Resort - this trip is planned from Tuesday 2nd until Saturday 13th February 2010
----------NOTE - this page was started during August 2009 and will be updated as Tanya sends on new information and details
--------------------page updated on Sunday 1st November 2009 - added details of the flight to Tokyo and the return to Cairns
----------NOTE - page updated on Sunday 1st November 2009 - plus information on the Renaissance Sapporo Hotel and the Sapporo Snow Festival
--------------------page updated on Monday 23rd November 2009 - added Tanya's passport photo
--------------------page updated on Tuesday 8th December 2009 - added itinerary for internal Japanese flights
--------------------page updated on Friday 11th December 2009 - added details on the Hotel Asia Center of Japan
----------NOTE - page updated on Sunday -1st November 2009 - plus information on sightseeing in Tokyo ... including the Subway System
----------NOTE - page updated on Sunday -1st November 2009 - and an 'authentic ryokan experience' at the Ginza Yoshimizu Inn
--------------------... and CLICK HERE to go to "Tanya's 2010 Albumn" for more updates ... and 'hundreds' of photos !!

Sharon dropped in to see Tanya at work - and snapped these shots in and around her office - five photos - Thursday 3rd September 2009

Tanya travelled to Brisbane for her University studies and while there she went to a Tri Nations Rugby Match - the game was Australia against South Africa and after the game Tanya met Drew Mitchell, one of the Wallabies - page includes photos, video highlights and a complete game report - Saturday 5th September 2009

Tanya with a few of her "Little Friends" - page includes shots of Tanya nursing and playing with her friends' babies - there are three photos and the dates range from October 2008 through to October 2009 ...... and they are nice photos !!

Tanya is off to the Cairns' races - and Sharon did her hair ... in a very fancy style!! - two photos - Saturday 10th October 2009

---"Happy Birthday" ... and ... ---"Merry Christmas"
Geoff, Sharon, Tanya, Errol, Brett and Kahlia celebrating Tanya's Birthday - on the patio at Brett's unit - the page includes the gift from Dad and Mum which, like last year, is a "combination present" for both her Birthday and Christmas next month - Tanya will receive the present at Christmas but, in the meantime, there is a 'clue' which Tanya has to decipher !! - also there are details and photos on the presents from Brett and Kahlia, along with the dessert made by Kahlia - lots of photos plus one great video - we all got together on Sunday afternoon/evening, as her Birthday was on Monday 9th November 2009 ... a work day !!

Tanya completed the "FRAN" routine!! - and did it in very good time!! - Brett is looking after both Sharon and Tanya's fitness programs - the page includes details on this exercise, a demonstration video by a couple of experts, and shots of Tanya hoisting the bar!! - there is also a link to Sharon doing the same routine - three photos - Thursday 19th November 2009 ...... and they are good photos!!
--------------------page updated on Friday 19th February 2010 - added a video of Tanya's second attempt at this routine
--------------------ATTENTION - Wednesday 8th December 2010 - this link now goes to the CrossFit 'FRAN' Routine Index Page
--------------------------------------------after the page opens, simply scroll down to Thursday 19th November 2009 and Friday 19th February 2010

Tanya and Errol with Taylah and Jasmine - three photos - Sunday 22nd November 2009

Tanya and Errol - and this shot was taken at Tanya's employers' Christmas Party - there are three variations of the same photo - Saturday 5th December 2009
---------------------and now click here to see two more Christmas Party shots of Tanya and Errol

It's Christmas Time - and Tanya, Errol, Troy, Jodie, Tamara and Damien got together to produce three 'singing-and-dancing' Christmas videos !! - and they are pretty good !! - December 2009


Tanya's employer in Cairns is (name removed as requested) - this page includes an audio-video presentation commemorating their 125th Anniversary - released on Thursday 12th February 2009
---------------------PAGE UPDATED - added an article from The Cairns Post published on Wednesday 22nd April 2009
---------------------PAGE UPDATED - September 2009 - name and link and page removed as requested