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Tanya - 2010


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2009 and 2010


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Handstand Push Ups


A new Barbeque - and it is a "Coleman RoadTrip LXE Grill" - the page includes lots of photos along with a promotional video - Sunday 17th January 2010
--------------------page updated on Friday 22nd January 2010 - added a 'Christening Ceremony' and 'First Use' photo

A holiday trip to Japan ... February 2010
Tanya and Errol are taking off!! - a look around Tokyo and then five days at the Club Med Sahoro Resort - this page includes a map of Japan plus details and photos of the Club Med Resort - this trip is planned from Tuesday 2nd until Saturday 13th February 2010
----------NOTE - this page was started during August 2009 and will be updated as Tanya sends on new information and details
--------------------page updated on Sunday 1st November 2009 - added details of the flight to Tokyo and the return to Cairns
----------NOTE - page updated on Sunday 1st November 2009 - plus information on the Renaissance Sapporo Hotel and the Sapporo Snow Festival
--------------------page updated on Monday 23rd November 2009 - added Tanya's passport photo
--------------------page updated on Tuesday 8th December 2009 - added itinerary for internal Japanese flights
--------------------page updated on Friday 11th December 2009 - added details on the Hotel Asia Center of Japan
----------NOTE - page updated on Sunday -1st November 2009 - plus information on sightseeing in Tokyo ... including the Subway System
----------NOTE - page updated on Sunday -1st November 2009 - and an 'authentic ryokan experience' at the Ginza Yoshimizu Inn
--------------------page updated on Tuesday 2nd February 2010 - added details on the airport transfers between Obihiro and Club Med
--------------------page updated between Tuesday 2nd and Saturday 13th February 2010 - added all the 'SMS-text' and 'MMS-photo' messages received from Tanya
--------------------page updated on Tuesday 16th February 2010 - added a Postcard from Tanya that she posted while they were at Club Med
--------------------page updated during March 2010 - added Tanya's Daily Diary ... and 640 Photos ... and 15 Videos !!

Tanya ... Errol ... Brett ... Kahlia
On Monday 25th May 2009 Brett booked to go to AC/DC's Black Ice World Tour Concert which is being held in Brisbane during February 2010 - this page includes photos and a promotional video, along with all the tour details, and the Brisbane venue and seating chart - and it also includes a note on the 'scalpers' making huge profits via Ebay!!

--------------------page updated on Saturday 27th February 2010 - added a Concert Review and four photos
--------------------page updated on Friday 12th March 2010 - added three photos of Tanya, Errol, Brett and Kahlia

Tanya and Errol had dinner at the Jade Buddha Restuarant while they were in Brisbane for the AC/DC Concert - this page has all the details plus two photos of Tanya and Errol along with a shot of the view from their table - Friday 26th February 2010

The Cairns Taipans Basketball Team - "Hollywood Nights"
Annual Ball and Presentation Night
This page includes the Promotional Brochure along with a newspaper report detailing the Taipans' Award Winners - plus there are nine photos of Tanya and Errol with John, Jane, Sandee, Matt, Nat and Mark - Saturday 27th February 2010

Kahlia had a day at work so Tanya and Brett took Tai to "Muddy's Playground" in Cairns - the page includes a few details on the Playground along with thirty great photos - Sunday 2nd May 2010

Mother's Day - an early start with Tanya calling around at 6.00am to give Sharon a card and present ... which will be used immediately!! - they head off to do a walk from Crystal Cascades to Copperlode Dam ... and back again!! - then a visit around to Brett's and something to eat - in total there are thirty-eight photos, some being spectacular shots during the walk - Sunday 9th May 2010

Cairns Baseball League
Geoff has been awarded "LIFE MEMBERSHIP" !! - today was the Opening Day of the 2010 Season, and the Presentation took place before the "A" Grade match ... before which, Geoff then threw out the 'First Pitch' - the Presentation and Pitch are on video, along with three other videos - also there are seventeen photos and these include Geoff, Tanya, Brett, Kahlia and Tai ... everybody except Sharon who was doing the producing and directing!! - in addition there are shots of the Plaque and Shirt presented to Geoff ... plus something Extra as well?? - Sunday 16th May 2010

A New Television
And it is a 106cm (42") LCD Widescreen!! - the page includes all the details on the manufacturer, make and model - and the 'before' and 'after' looks - plus a message from Tanya - and photos - and, of course, the receipt!! - Sunday 30th May 2010

Under Attack!! ... an 'incident' at her home unit - page includes the details and one photo - Monday 21st June 2010

Out and About in Cairns - at a function in support of The Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival - and she was snapped by a photographer and her photo appeared in The Cairns Post - Tuesday 22nd June 2010

James Cook University Annual Law Ball - Tanya attended this with a few friends - all dressed up ... with a "special" headband - lots of photos including two of Tanya with the Guest Speaker, The Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG - Tuesday 17th August 2010

A climb to the top of Walsh's Pyramid
Two or three times a week Sharon, Tanya, Brett and a few friends do a Crossfit Exercise Program - for some time the talk has been that they should climb "The Pyramid" as one of their sessions - this is a 'mountain' at Gordonvale, which is about twenty-five kilometres south of Cairns - well, today is the day!! - Sharon, Tanya and Brett along with Josh and Amanda set off early and started the climb around 6.00am - the page includes all the details on "The Pyramid" and safety instructions for making the climb - plus there are one hundred and two photos and one video!! - Saturday 21st August 2010

Sharon's Birthday - and we all got together at Brett and Kahlia's home in the afternoon - had pizza for dinner followed by a different sort of Birthday Cake - then Sharon was given her card and a couple of presents - the page has thirty one photos and three videos which include Geoff, Sharon, Tanya, Brett, Kahlia and Tai - Sunday 22nd August 2010

Tai's Birthday and Father's Day
Tai is turning four years old - we all got together at Brett and Kahlia's home to help him celebrate!! - plus there were some 'Special Guests' as both Kahlia's Dad and Sister (Glen and Rachael) were in Cairns for a holiday - this page includes one hundred and twelve photos!! ... and these cover the present opening, the cake, and lots of general photos taken during the day - and there are also three terrific videos of Tai - in addition, there are a number of shots covering Kahlia's Family celebrating Father's Day - Sunday 5th September 2010

Tanya, Brett, Kahlia and Lisa McGowan are heading off to Townsville to see country music superstar, Tim McGraw - the page includes all the details on Tim McGraw along with newspaper articles on his Australian tour - plus there is a photo of his wife, Faith Hill, and a video clip of their duet, "It's Your Love" - the concert is on Saturday 25th September 2010
--------------------page updated on Friday 8th October 2010 - added fourty five photos and one video !!

---"Happy Birthday"
Tanya's Birthday is actually on Tuesday 9th November, so Geoff, Sharon, Brett and Kahlia took 'The Birthday Girl' out to lunch on the Sunday before that date - the venue was The Beach Cafe at Kewarra Beach - this page includes details on the cards and presents ... along with fourty-nine terrific photos !! - and it was a great day out!! - Sunday 7th November 2010
--------------------page updated on Tuesday 16th November 2010 - added nineteen photos from Tanya's camera

Tanya attended the Cairns Chamber of Commerce "Christmas Networking Lunch Meeting" on Tuesday 23rd November 2010 - a photographer was at the Function, and a week later Tanya's photo appeared in The Cairns Post - she is with her friend, Natalie Beecroft - page includes all the details along with the photo - November 2010