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Saturday 22nd to Saturday 29th January 2005

Venue - Blacktown Olympic Park
Sydney .. New South Wales



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The Champions

The Shield stays with defending Champs New South Wales

The New South Wales Patriots have won the 2005 Astarra Claxton Shield for the second year in a row, defeating Victoria 8-4 in the grand final this evening at Blacktown Olympic Park

What started out as a slow beginning for New South Wales proved to be a fast and furious finish when they doubled the Victorians run count and claimed the Shield for the second consecutive year

The Victorians took the lead in the first innings scoring two runs, and advanced their lead in the top of the fourth adding another two runs to their tally

New South Wales retaliated in the same inning scoring four runs after a home run from Anthony Krajancic scored four runners off loaded bases
They scored another run in the bottom of the fifth and a further three runs in the bottom of the eighth, leaving their final run count at 8-4

Victorian Coach Dave White commended the Patriots and is confident the Aces will be back next year
“You guys [NSW] got out of jail a couple of times this week, but tonight you showed great class and you are such a great bunch of guys
Obviously we are disappointed with the loss, but we will tweak our game and will see you at the same game next year
Well done” he added

New South Wales Head Coach Shane Barclay returned the compliment and paid homage to his opposition
“Thanks to Victoria for a great game
They were one of the best teams of the series
It was a great game of baseball
We didn’t have many pitchers left, but they all had fantastic outings
It is great to see the accolades going to the quieter boys, most of the accolades go to the bigger names, but tonight’s win was all about Williams, Mangioni and Bennett”

When asked about his plans for 2006, Barclay is confident they can do it again
“These guys will be back next year to try and make it three in a row
We are going for the hat trick”

Tonight’s game also saw the presentation of the 2005 Astarra Claxton Shield Awards and the following are the winners:-
Helms Award - Brad Harman
Golden Arm - Simon Beresford
Golden Glove - Brad Harman
Batting Champion - Paul Rutgers
MVP of the Final - Anthony Krajancic

The Australian Baseball Federation thank you all for your support of the 2005 Astarra Claxton Shield and look forward to seeing you again next year


The Promotional Poster

Monday 28th January 2008

Looking around the internet, I came across this poster promoting the Tournament

I thought ...... "That looks like Brett at the centre bottom!!"
I immediately wrote to the Australian Baseball Feceration and Baseball New South Wales,
asking if someone still had a copy of the original poster
I also mentioned that if an original is not possible, a larger photo would be okay
I just wanted some sort of bigger and clearer copy or image!!

I also sent a copy of the email to Brett ...... and he wrote back saying

Dad, that's Paul Gonzalez
See, the uniform number starts with a 2

Well, I 'didn't really believe' him!! ...... so I wrote back

Do you reckon?
I can see the number is 23 but ...
I have included a 'blow-up' of the shot

It makes it a bit fuzzy ... but I still say it's you!!
Though I guess you would know yourself

Brett then replied saying

No, it's not me
I have never worn a white thing on my arm, ever

I then wrote back to Brett

Well, that's good in a way, because I would never now be able to get a copy of it
And that would peeeee me off!!
I (really you) am probably the only one in Australia who still has original copies of the two posters from 2003!!


NOTE #01

It probably is Paul
He is listed on the roster for the 2004 Claxton Shield ... wearing Uniform #23!! ... but ???

NOTE #02

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