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Sharon - Trip to the USA

August 1999

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Sharon headed off to the United States during August 1999

Brett was playing for the Kane County Cougars,
the Single "A" affiliate of the Florida Marlins
The Cougars are based in Aurora, Illinois and this is near Chicago

Sharon was able to stay with Brett's host family - Robin and Diane Renner,
and their two boys, Brett and Brady
(to stop any confusion in the house, "our Brett" had been renamed "Big Brett")

Sharon had a great time - saw a bit of the USA,
went to her first Major League Baseball game (at Wrigley Field),
and was lucky enough to see Brett hit a home run at
Elfstrom Stadium, the home of the Cougars



A Reunion with Mom
Visiting U.S., watching son play pro ball both firsts for Sharon Roneberg

A great story !!
and it includes a photo of Sharon and Robin Renner watching Brett play

and click here to see the details



During one of the games Sharon attended, she was selected as the Cougars "Sweetheart of the Day" - her name went over the public address, and she received this red rose!!!

Sharon was in the US for her birthday on the 22nd August - had a party at the Renner's home - and had to blow out 56 (???) candles!!!

"Big Brett", Sharon and Brett - the Cougars players wore "old style" uniforms for this game - the jerseys were then auctioned off

The Renner's home

Robin, Brady and Brett - in the bleachers at Elfstrom Stadium

Robin, Brady and Diane watching a Cougars game

Sharon, Robin and Brady in the bleachers

Brett and Brady - at home on the couch

Chicago CowParade
Diane riding a cow in the middle of Chicago!!!
......and click here to read more details on the CowParade

Sharon and Diane upstairs at Wrigley Field - that is a picture of the Field in the background and not the "real thing"!!!

Sharon, Brett and Brady - at the gates of Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs!!! - Sharon was about to watch her first Major League Baseball game!!!

"Big Brett" with Brady, Brett and Diane - Brett in the "old style" uniform

The 1999 Kane County Cougars - Brett's baseball card - was this hit a home run???



video address = http://www.ronebergcairns.com/0video45.flv

Saturday 21st August 1999

This video was shot during a game at Elfstrom Stadium
and shows a number of Brett's plate appearances

Sharon and Brett talk both before and after the game
and Sharon also has a few words to say as Brett comes up to bat

She also dances to "Y.M.C.A" ... well, sort of dances !!

Sunday 22nd August 1999

Sharon's Birthday

Again, this video was shot during a game at Elfstrom Stadium and shows
a number of Brett's plate appearances, with commentary from Sharon ...
including "that's a big foul home run !!"

The Cougars team are wearing special 'old-style' uniforms

The video starts with Sharon and the Renners leaving home to go
to the game ... and Sharon is driving ... in a left-hand-drive car !!

Sharon and Diane then watch Brett taking batting practise

Brett is signing a ball for a young fan
before joining the rest of the Cougars for a Team Autograph Session

During the game it is announced that Sharon is the Cougars
"Sweetheart of the Day"

video address = http://www.ronebergcairns.com/0video46.flv

video address = http://www.ronebergcairns.com/0video47.flv

Sunday 22nd August 1999

Following the above game, the players' jerseys are auctioned

This video shows Brett during his auction

??--How Much--??



this video shakes, rattles and rolls all over the place
but it always comes back and centres on Brett

More games at Elfstrom Stadium

Lots more of Brett's plate appearances
and the video finishes with Brett hitting a single

During one of his at-bats, you can see the rain falling
and as soon as he finishes the covers come on to the field

video address = http://www.ronebergcairns.com/0video48.flv