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Knowlton and Anne

 1977 - Knowlton, Anne and Scott - August 1977 ..........a nice shot

1980 - Anne, Scott and Shaun - March 1980 ..........another nice photo

1983 - Knowlton, using a video camera, and Shaun - May 1983

1983 - Knowlton and Anne - December 1983 ..........good picture

2002 - Knowlton and Anne - Christmas 2002 ..........a great photo

2007 - Sharon's Holiday in Adelaide - Friday 8th to Sunday 10th June 2007 - Sharon flew to Adelaide to attend the "Port Adelaide Girls Technical High School Reunion" and naturally caught up with her family - twenty photos - June 2007

2008 - Knowlton's "New Toy"!! ... which is "A Roller"!! - four photos, one of which includes a 'not-very-clear-shot' of Knowlton - Sunday 27th April 2008

2010 - A Family Wedding - Denys and Fiona's son, Christopher, married Catherine on Saturday 9th January 2010 - the Wedding was in Perth ... and Sharon took off for four days to attend and catch up with all her Family - it was a "surprise" trip planned by Geoff, and this page has all the details of how Sharon was told!! - plus there are nearly one-hundred photos of Sharon, her Brothers and Sisters, and Nephews and Nieces - Sharon had a terrific time!!

2010 - "The Brothers Coudrey" ... poor old blokes!! - page includes shots of Laurence and Knowlton taking turns in a wheelchair ... because they both have 'crook legs' - there are also notes from Knowlton to Sharon with details on Knowlton's problem - two photos - Thursday 25th February 2010

2014 - Knowlton has organised a holiday in Cairns, Trinity Beach and Port Douglas!! - travelling with cousins Rex and Denny along with a group of friends, he was able to catch up with Sharon - lots of shots including lunch at Trinity Beach and a Visit with Tanya, plus the 'Geoff Roneberg Baseball Field' - the page also includes a number of Facebook Comments - twenty photos - Sunday 2nd November 2014

Tuesday 9th May 2017









(Ronald) Scott

1976 - Birth Notice and "Thank You" note - and photo of Knowlton, Anne and Scott - 19th January 1976



1983 - Shaun having his feet cleaned because he had just fallen in the creek!!! - May 1983

1980 - Shaun - ten months old - March 1980


Scott and Shaun

1983 - Scott and Shaun - December 1983


Shaun and Sarah

Shaun and Sarah's Wedding
Saturday 18th March 2006

Click on the image for all the details which include
Sharon's Holiday in Adelaide
Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th March 2006
Her Day-by-Day Diary and over 115 photos!!!

2006 - A Wedding Card - made by Sharon - Saturday 18th March 2006