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The Hutton Family



Please Note
Also check out Sharon's "Mother and Dad Albumn" as it includes a number of shots
of the Hutton Family from the early years and that albumn can be seen by clicking


1974 - Erina all dressed up, including a fur coat - 1974

1975 - The Hutton Family - October 1975

1980 - Erina and Peter's Wedding Day - walking down the 'aisle' with her Dad - signing the Register - two photos - April 1980

----------during the outdoor service - and Erina and Peter leaving the Reception - two photos

1981 - Geoff, Sharon, Tanya and Brett with Aunty Audrey - in front of our home in Bellbowrie, Brisbane - October 1981 ..........includes a great picture of our home !!

1984 - Erina and Peter - taken during their holiday in Cairns - August 1984

1988 - Team photo of the "Port Adelaide Football Club - 1988 Bi-Centennial Premiers" - includes David Hutton
----------Note - this photo is autographed on the back - by a number of the players, and was organised by David as a present for Brett

2006 - Sharon's Holiday in Adelaide - Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th March 2006 - and this page includes her "Day-by-Day Diary" and over one-hundred photos!!!

2007 - Sharon's Holiday in Adelaide - Friday 8th to Sunday 10th June 2007 - Sharon flew to Adelaide to attend the "Port Adelaide Girls Technical High School Reunion" and naturally caught up with her family - twenty photos - June 2007

2010 - Invitation to attend Erina and Peter's 30th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations - Sharon will not be attending - being held on Monday 5th April 2010

2014 - And it is Erina's 60th Birthday!! - there is a Poem written by Sharon which includes a number of great photos!! - Wednesday 8th October 2014

2016 - And it is Erina's 62nd Birthday!! - Saturday 8th October 2016


Audrey Hutton
5th February 1915 - 2nd August 2004

Eulogy by Rex Hutton

Eulogy by Deane Hutton

A note from Sharon to Clive, Deane, Rex and Erina

"Thank you" note to Sharon from Rex

"Thank you" note to Sharon from Deane, Jan and Family

To Grandma Audrey from Grand-daughter Michelle

"Tireless worker laid to rest" - Wednesday 11th August 2004

Centennial Park Cemetary - Memorial Plaques
Uncle George and Aunty Audrey