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Sharon's Mother and Dad

(taken during the mid-1980's)


Coudrey Family History


Knowles Family History



Sharon's Grandparents (her Father's side)

Charles Ephraim Coudrey
----------and this page includes a link to a painting he did in 1935

Elizabeth Mary Coudrey (nee Hill)


Sharon's Grandparents (her Mother's side)

Jock Matheson and Gertrude Matheson - page includes photos of each plus their Memorial Plaques in the Centennial Park Cemetary in Adelaide South Australia


Photos from the early years

Antics in the water!!! - Laurel Knowles and Ronald Coudrey - 11th March 1935
----------NOTE - this page was updated on Saturday 2nd August 2008

A game of cricket on Semahore Beach!!! - Mother is batting, Dad is the wicket-keeper, and Fred - and the delivery looks like a bouncer which Mother missed!!!
----------NOTE - this page was updated on Saturday 2nd August 2008

Games on the beach!!! - Laurel and her sister Audrey - looking at her dress, this photo was taken the same day as the one above - one photo - sometime in the 1930's

The Knowles Sisters

......and a smaller version of the same photos

Norma, Laurel and Audrey with their Mother, Gertrude Knowles - this photo was hand-coloured by Sharon's Mother

Dad and Uncle George
----------NOTE - this page was updated on Monday 13th April 2009 with a note from Sharon

Dad - looking like one of "The Untouchables"!!!
----------NOTE - this page was updated on Monday 13th April 2009 with a note from Sharon

Mother - was before she was married because there isn't a wedding ring!!!

Dad and Mum - and this was taken during the War Years as Dad is in uniform - Mum is on a bike which Dad had bought for her - early 1940's


Their Wedding Day

Ronald Hill Coudrey - Laurel Margaret Knowles

Married at 3.00pm on 1st February 1941
at the Semaphore Baptist Church - Minister Rev Donald McNicol

Reception - Masonic Hall
Honeymoon - American River - Kangaroo Island

Photo of The Bride and Groom along with names and a photo of The Wedding Party - and the page includes ...
----------------------------------Complete history and details on the Semaphore Baptist Church
----------------------------------The organ in the Church
----------------------------------Recollections from Sharon on the part this Church played in her childhood


Dad's War Service

CLICK HERE - and the page includes ...
----------------------------------Certificate of Service - brief details on his enlistment, service, discharge, etc
----------------------------------Details on the Australian Citizen Military Force
----------------------------------Mobilization Attestation Form
----------------------------------Service And Casualty Form
----------------------------------Soldier's Ledger and History Card
----------------------------------Camp Attendance
----------------------------------Infantry Weapons and Minor Tactics Course
----------------------------------Discharge ... Personal / Will
----------------------------------Proceedings on Discharge


Ronald Coudrey - 'The Artist' and 'The Author'


----------1975 - "Exhibition of Water Colours - by Ronald Coudrey" - held at the Yureilla Gallery in Uraidla, South Australia
-----------------From Sunday 3rd until Sunday 10th August 1975
-----------------Invitation to the Exhibition, which includes a photo of Dad
-----------------The page also includes an article "The Printer who took to Paint" which was published following this Exhibition

----------1982 - "A Festival Exhibition of Watercolours and Oil Paintings - by Ronald Coudrey" - held at the RSL Hall in Uraidla, South Australia
-----------------From Friday 5th until Sunday 21st March 1982
-----------------This page includes a photo of Dad finishing one of his landscapes and an article on his work
-----------------Published in the 'Courier' on Wednesday 3rd March 1982

-----------------Invitation to the above Exhibition

----------1982 - "An Exhibition of paintings by our Father, Ron Coudrey" - held at the Five Elms Gallery of Australian Fine Arts
-----------------This Exhibition, held in Uraidla South Australia, was organised by Lesley, Sharon and Fiona
-----------------Opened on 11th July 1982
-----------------Invitation to the Exhibition

------Paintings and Books

----------1975 -Click here to see a few of Sharon's Father's paintings and some of the books he has authored
-----------------When the page opens after clicking on this link, scroll down to the relevant section
-----------------There is also a section showing paintings and books which have been listed on various internet auction sites
----------------------------------including Ebay


----------1975 -Click here to see correspondence with Kathleen Pollitt (nee Whiteman) starting during June 2012
-----------------A very nice note from Kathleen, saying that Ronald was her tutor during the early 1970's
-----------------She explains how much assistance she was given and how it helped in developing her career
-----------------The page also includes results on an internet search for Kathleen along some of her work


Mother and Dad

1975 - Mother and Dad - April 1975 ..........nice photos

1975 - Dad - 1975 ..........a terrific "portrait"

1981 - On their 40th Wedding Anniversary - 1st February 1981 - with the "Family Tree" cake!!! ..........a great shot!!!

1983 - Mother and Dad - June 1983 ..........another great photo

1983 - Mother and Dad - on a fishing trip - with Aunty Audrey, Aunty Norma and Uncle Will Keyte - 1983

1986 - On their 45th Wedding Anniversary - 1st February 1986 ..........a fantastic photo

1987 - Mother and Dad - Christmas 1987 ..........terrific picture

1987 - Dad in his art-room - Maslins Beach South Australia ..........another terrific "portrait"

1988 - Dad photographing a mountain near Alice Springs - August 1988 ..........a fantastic shot!!!

1989 - VIDEO - a copy of a television advertisement Sharon's Dad did for the Christian Television Association - 2nd March 1989

1989 - Mother visiting Dad in hospital - October 1989 ..........a very nice photo