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Dad's Military Service

World War Two


SX8114 - SSGT - J.A.Roneberg

2/48 Battalion 2nd AIF

July 1940 - April 1946

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John Andrew Roneberg - enlisted on 6th July 1940
-----------------------------PHOTO #01 ... description on enlistment ... and the 'mug shots' !!
-----------------------------PHOTO #02 ... could be from soon after enlistment

-----------------------------PHOTO #01 ... with his mother Sidney Cecil Raneberg (nee Hackett) ... late 1940
-----------------------------PHOTO #02 ... with his mother Sidney Cecil Raneberg (nee Hackett) ... October 1941 ... Dad was a Corporal at this time

-----------------------------PHOTO #01 ... with his wife Eileen Veronica Roneberg (nee Meers) ... taken on their Wedding Day ... 6th March 1943


During the War

From what I can make out from the backs of these 'faded photos', the majority of these pictures were taken in the Adelaide River region of the Northern Territory during 1942 and 1943
Dad also served over two hundred days outside of Australia (Borneo) and I have a few which I think are from that period
However, they are either too small, faded or unlabelled to be included in these pages
Should I obtain more, these will be added as they become available
At the time of these photos, Dad was around thirty-five years of age

Dad and his mates on motorcycles - there was a note on the back of the photo stating that "150 = number of all cycles in their unit"

Another shot of Dad on a motorbike

Standing outside his tent

Here Dad is overlooking the area for a proposed airstrip - which is covered in huge anthills!!! - two photos

Dad and a mate in the Army workshops - the note on this photo was "We do repairs sometimes!!!"

Getting a haircut, Army style!!!

Dad with one of the Army transports

Sitting on a jerry-can outside his tent
-----------------------------a fabulous picture of Dad !!

Dad, and the note on the photo said he had just got out of the shower

Souvenirs made while at Adelaide River
-----------------------------it can be seen why he received the comments on his workmanship in the 'Certificate of Army Employment' below


Weapons Training

Training and Qualification with both the Rifle and Owen Sub Machine Gun
-----------------------------rifle qualification on 1st June 1943
-----------------------------sub machine gun qualificationon 18th September 1944
-----------------------------the page also includes a copy of his "Member's Personal Equipment Card" which includes the Owen Gun


Badges and Service Medals

Authorization to wear the Service Insignia
-----------------------------page includes handwritten authority for Dad to wear these Medals ... from his "Soldier's Record Of Service Book"
-----------------------------there is also a chart detailing which Medals were issued to him

Badges and Service Medals and Ribbons
-----------------------------includes a full description of each


Army Pay Files

Soldier's Folder - Pay Records
-----------------------------the information on these eighty-one pages is as received from the Australian War Memorial and National Archives
-----------------------------allottees and allotments ... promotions ... ledger cards ... pay book ... war gratuity ... and much more !!


Service Documents

Attestation Form for New Enlistments
-----------------------------NOTE - this is 'Part A' of the form
-----------------------------it covers all personal details and was signed on 19th June 1940
-----------------------------also included are the changes to the "Next of Kin" due to marriage, new address, etc

Attestation Form for New Enlistments
-----------------------------NOTE - this is 'Part B' and 'Part C' of the form
-----------------------------medical examination was completed on 19th June 1940
-----------------------------the Oath of Enlistment was signed on 6th July 1940
-----------------------------includes two 'black-n-blurry' small photos of Dad

Workshop Course - Results of Examination
-----------------------------dated 7th November 1943

Service and Casualty Form (all activity reports)
-----------------------------this page includes Dad's complete Service History
-----------------------------enlistment ... promtions ... overseas service ... discharge ... and much more !!
-----------------------------NOTE - click here to see the original forms ... these four pages are each 1785 pixels wide

Determination of Demobilization Priority
-----------------------------dated 29th March 1946

Proceedings for Discharge
-----------------------------dated 5th April 1946

Certificate for Dischagre - Discharge Certificate #517586 - War Badge #A282519
-----------------------------dated 5th April 1946
-----------------------------includes details of Dad's length of service, both in Australia and overseas

Certificate of Army Employment
-----------------------------dated 5th April 1946
-----------------------------not a bad 'reference' !!


Other Information

Please Click Here
-----------------------------comprehensive details and photos of the Marlin Coast War Memorial ... Trinity Beach Cairns
-----------------------------2010 Dawn Service ... photos and details
-----------------------------2012 Dawn Service ... photos
-----------------------------a recipe for ANZAC Biscuits
-----------------------------photos of the military activity in the Cairns and Trinity Beach areas during the War Years ... Australian War Memorial



The information mentioned in this letter
is included above

More records were ordered and received
during May 2010 and these are also above



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