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Service and Casualty Form

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The details in this chart are taken from the Official Records which are included in full below
They are "just a little bit difficult" to decipher ... the writing and some of the abbreviations the Army used !!
This is particularly so when trying to work out Dad's transfers within the numerous Army sections
His papers state that he was attached to the "2/48 Australian Transport Platoon" when discharged
Until then, the forms below show 'dozens' of different moves within the Army
and most of these are almost impossible to understand due to the writing and abbreviations
One that is reasonably clear is that he spent time with the "2/12 Field Ambulance" during June 1943
and I guess that would have been as a mechanic ... and not a doctor !!
Dad and Mum had a holiday here in Cairns during March 1983 and click HERE for that albumn
Dad was very interested that we lived in Trinity Beach, stating that he had spent time here during the war years
The Forms below mention Queensland and Townsville, but not Cairns or Trinity Beach
The note about Queensland is during June 1944 and it looks like he spent almost a year in this state
so he could have spent time in both Trinity Beach or the Atherton Tablelands ... more research needed !!
I have tried to be accurate ... but ... there could be a few mistakes
plus I will try to obtain some 'professional assistance' from the Australian War Memorial



19th June 1940 Date of Enlistment Port Pirie South Australia - HERE
6th July 1940 Reported for Duty Wayville South Australia - HERE
6th October 1940 Relocation Alice Springs Northern Territory
12th February 1941 Promotion ------Lance Corporal - Mechanist
6th March 1941 Promotion ------Corporal - Fitter
24th April 1941 Relocation Woodville South Australia to Alice Springs Northern Territory
9th May 1941 Relocation Alice Springs Northern Territory to Banka Banka Station - HERE
5th August 1941 Relocation Banka Banka Station Northern Territory to ??
10th October 1941 Promotion Acting Sergeant
1st May 1942 Promotion ------Rank of Sergeant confirmed
24th July 1942 Admitted to Hospital

Adelaide River Northern Territory - 119 Australian General Hospital - HERE

3rd August 1942 Released from Hospital Adelaide River Northern Territory
3rd August 1942 Promotion Acting Staff Sergeant
30th January 1943 Promotion ------Rank of Staff Sergeant confirmed
6th March 1943 Married Eileen Veronica Meers HERE and HERE
9th November 1943 Qualification #16 Workshops Course - HERE and HERE
14th June 1944 Relocation Queensland
11th April 1945 Relocation

Departed Townsville for Morotai - HERE
and the troop transport ship was the "David C Shanks" - HERE and HERE

30th May 1945 Relocation

Departed Morotai for British North Borneo - HERE
and the troop transport ship was the "LST585" - HERE and HERE - and similar to these ...


30th May 1945


11th January 1946


The Borneo Campaign of 1945 - HERE

11th January 1946 Relocation

Departed Labuan Borneo - HERE - for Brisbane
and the troop transport ship was the "SS Lake Charles Victory" - HERE

21st January 1946 Relocation Brisbane Queensland
5th April 1946 Discharge Hampstead South Australia - HERE


Abbreviations and Terminology

from the Glossary on the Australian War Memorial Web Site - HERE

NOTE - as mentioned at the top of this page, some of the writing is almost impossible to read !!
So some of the abbreviations I have listed below could be wrong ... for example, an "L" could be an "I", and "O" could be a "D", and so on
Use the notes in the right-hand column ... and please email me if you can help out ... thanks

AASC Australian Army Service Corps refer to 10th August 1942 and 27th December 1943
AGH Australian General Hospital refer to 24th July and 3rd August 1942
BN Battalion refer to 19th September 1940
COY Company refer to 10th August 1942 and 27th December 1943 and 14th June 1944
DIV Division or Divisional and includes
units from most branches of the Army
refer to 7th January 1941
DOMF Darwin Overland Maintenance Force refer to 19th September, 6th October, and 15th December 1940
DSD ?? refer to 9th May and 5th August 1941
LOC Line Of Communication refer to 31st January 1943
LOFC Line Of Communication refer to 11th February 1943
MD Military District In September 1939, the Australian Army was divided up into eight Military Districts
which were mainly based on geographic state boundaries and these were

This abbreviation is used frequently in Dad's records below
and the Districts mentioned are ... #1 and #4 and #7 ... along with various state names
MO Marched Out refer to 31st January 1943
NAD No Appreciable Disease refer to 3rd August 1942
RO Routine Orders refer to 14th June 1944
RRD ?? ?? "Redbank Reinforcement Depot" ??
refer to 6th / 15th July, and 15th December 1940 and 7th January 1941
SA LTD South Australia
Leave and Transit Depot
refer to 14th June 1943 and 2nd February 1946
SA RR & GDD South Australia
Recruit Reception
and General Details Depot
refer to 8th February 1946 and 2nd April 1946
SOS Struck Of Strength refer to 10th August 1942
TD ?? ?? "Transport Division" ??
refer to 15th July and 27th August 1940
TOS Taken on Strength
(taken into unit / joined)
refer to 10th August 1942
TPT Transport refer to 27th December 1943 and 14th June 1944
TPT PL Transport Platoon refer to 14th June 1944 and 28th December 1945 and 7th / 8th February 1946
X List Lists members of a unit who are
absent ... enables a unit to
maintain its establishment strength
refer to 24th July and 3rd August 1942 and 7th November 1943