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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Grand-Mother (Meers)

Louisa Mary Meers (nee Beerworth)

born during 1883----------died 12th January 1976



Here Louisa is with her son, James Vincent Meers,
and his Bride Margaret on their Wedding Day

Note from Bianca Rowland ... Friday 31st August 2012
Hi Geoff, and I was on your website and realized you didn't have the date of James and Margaret's Wedding
They married in 1968 but I don't know the exact date ... regards ... Bianca



!!--Here is Louisa's Great-Grand-Daughter--!!

An email from Bianca Rowland on Sunday 1st May 2011
Hi, and my name is Bianca Rowland
I am the daughter of Andrew James Meers, the son of James and Margaret Meers
I have only been in contact with Andrew in the last year
Would love to know more about the Family History and meet some of the family
A follow up note from Bianca on Saturday 7th May 2011
Well, I am nineteen years of age, turning twenty later this year in November
I am living in Adelaide, South Australia
I have a older sister, an older brother and two younger brothers
However I am the only child of Andrews
Andrew and I have only been in contact for a year and a bit, as Andrew and my mother broke up when my mother was pregnant with me
I have a full time job as a receptionist/administration/sales assistant with Agar Cleaning Systems
Currently I am renting a house, and wish to buy in the next few years ... if my saving plan goes how it should !!
I will send a photo soon ... Bianca
A photo of Bianca sent on Sunday 8th May 2011
Here is a photo of me, taken during 2010



A Primary School friend of James and Marget's son, Andrew

Hi Bianca ... a school friend of your Dad !!

I am sure Milda would not mind you contacting her

I don't have her direct email address,
but her mother Mary can be contacted on ......

I really hope it's a good contact for you ... lots of info from when he was just a little kid !!

Regards ... Geoff