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Sharon and Tanya




"The Miracle of Life"

Our first child, Tanya - born 9th November 1975

A "very expectant Sharon!!!" and a young mother nursing her daughter
click here for the four photos



A Mother and her Daughter - still in the Maternity Hospital - Tanya just three days old - two photos - November 1975

Tanya now four weeks old - with her proud (and lovely) Mother - two photos - December 1975 ..........very nice photos

..........and another two photos taken on the same day

Every albumn has to have a photo like this - naked, in the bath!!! - Tanya is six weeks old - December 1975

..........and here is Sharon with a "powdered and pampered" Tanya - December 1975


Tanya's Dedication Day - Tanya in the "Family Heirloom" gown, and Sharon in her "Wedding Going-Away Outfit" - 15th February 1976

Here they are out in the bush - February 1976

Mother and Daughter - February 1976

On the balcony of Sharon's Mother and Dad's home - Tanya is around six months old - April 1976

Sharon and Tanya - one photo - September 1976 ..........terrific photo!!!
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Sharon and a seventeen month old Tanya - with our dog, a chihuahua named "Cheeta" - March 1977

Interesting looks from the pair of them!! - one photo - August 1977
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A very nice shot of Mother and Daughter playing games - one photo - August 1977 ..........a nice photo
............this page was built on Saturday 4th October 2008 ...... and includes "super size" photos!!!

Tanya sharing her Smarties with her Mum - one photo - August 1977 ..........a terrific photo!!!
............this page was built on Saturday 4th October 2008 ...... and includes "super size" photos!!!

Sharon and Tanya - and the Christmas Tree!! - December 1977 ..........great pic!!!
............this page was built on Friday 3rd October 2008 ...... and includes "super size" photos!!!


Living in Melbourne now - and here they are rugged up against the cold!!! - two photos - March 1978 ..........nice pictures

A visit to an Animal Farm - with the geese and patting a cow - two photos - April 1978

Natural women!!! - topless two!!! - Sharon is 23 years old and Tanya is 2 1/2 years old - April 1978 - FANTASTIC PICTURE!!!

Waiting for Santa!!! - Christmas Eve - two photos - December 1978


Tanya is 3 years and 2 months old, and Sharon is 8 months pregnant - January 1979 ..........a great photo

Sharon and Tanya with Sharon's Christmas present - a "near perfect" 1963 Holden EJ Sedan!!! - was a terrific car - December 1979


At a lookout on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane Queensland - April 1981

A pair of "Love Birds"!!! - a visit to the Australian Bird Park at Palm Cove, just north of Cairns - December 1981


Outside our unit in Madang Street, Trinity Beach - February 1983


"Mother and Daughter" - Sharon almost 30, and Tanya 8 1/2 years old - April 1984 - FANTASTIC PICTURE!!!

A visit to Green Island, a coral cay off the coast of Cairns - April 1984


Relaxing at the beach - June 1986

Here they are - all dressed up!!! - July 1986


Tanya watching Sharon driving Brenton's "Roadster" - Christmas time in Adelaide - and that is our green Ford Cortina in the background - December 1987


Sharon and Tanya - and Sharon is in her Australia Post uniform, and having a cup'o'tea!!! - December 1990


Here they are all dressed up!!! - Sharon in white and Tanya in black/teal - October 1991

In the stands watching Brett play baseball - taken in Lismore, New South Wales - Tanya is wearing Brett's Team jacket - November 1991


Sharon ready to head off to Australia Post - and Tanya dressed for a "work experience day" at one of Cairns resort hotels - May 1992

Sharon with her "grown-up daughter"!!! - sixteen and a half year old Tanya ready for a date, and dressed in black - two photos - June 1992 ..........nice pictures

Travelled to Townsville to watch Brett play in the North Queensland Junior Baseball Championships - two photos, including a picture of the baseball field - July 1992


Visiting Sharon's parents home at Maslin's Beach, South Australia during a "baseball trip" to Adelaide - January 1993

Tanya playing the Pianola with Sharon looking on - during a visit to Sharon's Aunty Audrey's home in Largs Bay, South Australia - two photos - January 1993 ..........good shots

The two of them ready to cruise around in Sharon's Mother's car - January 1993 ..........another nice photo


A visit to Sydney - and here they are near the Harbour with the Opera House in the background - July 1994 ..........great pic!!!


"The Ultimate Girls Night Out"!!! - Sharon and Tanya went to "Manpower" - and they had to sit on the guy's laps!!! - two photos


Mother and daughter - November 1998 ..........a nice photo


At Cairns Baseball - Mother's Day - May 1999

"Weight Watchers" members!!! - down at the beach - 1999

Dressed ready for tap-dancing!!! - August 1999
............this page was updated on Friday 19th June 2009 ...... added a video of Sharon and Tanya dancing up a storm!!


Participated in "Rosie's Run" - a 3/5km walk/run along the Cairns Esplanade - August 2000

----------"Certificate of Participation" - and Sharon did the 5km in 51 minutes 45 seconds!!!

In the pool at Tanya's home - Christmas Day 2000


Going to see "The Music Man" at the Cairns Civic Centre - Thursday 11th January 2001

Sharon and Tanya scoring during the Provincial Baseball Championships - April 2001 - Barbara Robson is the other scorer

Sharon and daughter Tanya - with Sharon's two sisters, Fiona and Lesley - and their daughters!!! - July 2001

Tanya has just had a haircut and changed the color!!! - Sunday 30th September 2001 ..........five nice photos!!!


A "cross-stitch and craft" afternoon!!! - six photos - Sunday 31st March 2002

The proud mother with her "Award winning Daughter" - Tanya's cross-stitch entry in the craft section of the Cairns Show - Saturday 20th July 2002
..........NOTE - all the details on Tanya's Award can be seen by clicking here

Tanya's 27th birthday - Saturday 9th November 2002 ..........a very nice picture


Looking at Erina's photo albumns during her visit to Cairns - April 2003


Sharon and Tanya - Tuesday 2nd May 2006 ..........a nice photo

Tanya and Sharon 'aka' Daughter and her Mother - taken in our backyard - two photos - Saturday 8th July 2006 ..........good shots again


Mother's Day 2007 - and Tanya spent the day with her Mum!!! - this page has all the details - including lots of great photos of both Sharon and Tanya!!! - Sunday 13th May 2007


Sharon and Tanya at the Cairns Baseball match in which Brett made his return to local baseball - the photos also include Brett's friend Kahlia and two of Tanya's friends - three photos - Sunday 19th April 2009 ..........and look at Tanya's hair!!!

The video below was taken on Sunday 12th July 2009
and includes Sharon and Tanya with her friend, Errol
They were watching Brett play for Shogun Heat in the Cairns Baseball League

(web site notes - this video was uploaded on Monday 13th July 2009 and is in 'flv' format - the video
file name is '0video59.flv' and the full address is 'http://www.ronebergcairns.com/0video59.flv' - the
associated player, which also has been uploaded to the same directory, has the file name of 'player.swf')


Representing Australia Post, Sharon attended the Cairns Chamber of Commerce May Luncheon - the page has all details along with a photo of her and Tanya (who also attended) with the Guest Speaker, Steve Moneghetti - plus Sharon's photo was also included in a Cairns Business Magazine - Tuesday 24th May 2011