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Christmas - 2004


Tanya was still on her working holiday
and she spent the Christmas period in Scotland
CLICK HERE for all the details and photos of her WHITE
(hopefully!!!) CHRISTMAS


Christmas Lights

and click on the picture below

to see what our home looks like each evening


The Ruination of a Chicken Roll by "Chef" Sharon - a photo of what it should have looked like!!!


Dad and Mum - from Tanya - "Winter Wishes"

Tanya - from Dad and Mum - "Handcrafted by Sharon" card sent to Tanya

Brett - from Dad and Mum - "Handcrafted by Sharon" card sent to Brett, who was in Venezuela

Brett - from Tanya - "Winter Wishes"

All of Us - from Anne Kippin - "Your Friendship is a Wonderful Part of my Life"

Neville, Heath and Kath - from Geoff and Sharon - "Handcrafted by Sharon" card given to the neighbours


Sharon - from Geoff - but is this really a present??? - a "Honeymoon Suite" three-piece dining setting - three photos

Sharon - from Anne Kippin - a silver "condiment bowl" (???)

Dad - from Tanya - a carton of "Cleopatra's"

Dad - from Brett - a windmill for the backyard - three photos

Mum - from Tanya - a cartouche - which she bought in Egypt - three photos

Mum - from Brett - an outdoor table - three photos - and includes notes between Brett and Sharon

Tanya - from Dad and Mum - a parcel of "???"sent to Tanya

Brett - from Tanya - "The Eye of Horus" - which she bought in Egypt - three photos

Anne Kippin - from All of Us - The Mickey Vintage Print Collection

The Girls at Work - from Sharon - gifts she made for her friends at Australia Post - four photos


Sharon - her corporate gift from Australia Post - an outdoor folding chair in a carry case
------------------and the card from Helen Brodie, Commercial Manager