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"Our New Home"
Unit 136 ... Mahogany Village
2 Keem Street
Trinity Beach
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Tuesday 4th April 2017


"New Neighbours"


there are enlargements of these photos further below



During April 2017
Storm / Rainwater Drainage ... between the Unit Blocks
Note from Geoff
There was concern that some of the units may flood due to soil settlement, etc, over the years
so it was decided by the Body Corporate Committee to revamp the drains in this grassed common area

Earlier in these five albumns you would have seen the area as it looked
and the shots below show the work in progress plus the finished look ... and just waiting for the grass to grow back !!
the earlier work mentioned above can be seen by scrolling down to March 2017 on THIS page

Robert, the Manager of Mahogany Village, has said he will be planting shrubs along the edges of this "new little creek" !!
and these have now been planted plus stone edges have been added and they look terrific !!
During June 2017

Sharon and I live in the ground floor unit on the right-hand-side of this photo

Look at this Beautiful Tree and it was illuminated by a spotlight very similar to this
The light had deteriorated over the years and needed replacing

The first step was a base for the new light and this was concreted in place
More shots of the tree and base / support
It was decided to install this more powerful flood light
The Tree ... and ... The Light
And again, our unit is on the ground floor behind the screen wall on the right
A day time test run ... all works perfectly
!! ... HERE ... IT ... IS ... !!
The Tree Looks Fabulous
Yes, I know that my night time photography isn't the best ... in fact it is bloody awful
Will take a few more and hope for a better sharper clearer result
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