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"Our New Home"


Unit 136 ... Mahogany Village
2 Keem Street
Trinity Beach


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Thursday 31st July 2014
Yes ... it's time for a New Mattress !!
eleven photos
we purchased this "Arts and Crafts Period Bed - 1894 to 1923" during December 2004
and click HERE for details and more photos
this mattress came with it ... it was already 'old' and it's now another ten years older !!
... and hey, look ... there are a few holes !!
the manufacturer's label
here is a look at the 'double woven steel wire' mattress support


... and here it is !!


maybe a step-ladder will be necessary next ??
before making up the bed, one of these was put over the mattress
!! All ready for a Good Night's Sleep !!
Receipt for Warranty
Saturday 9th August 2014
A Video Tour of Our Unit ... Outside ... Front and Back
Video #01 of 03
( no audio )

video address = http://www.ronebergcairns.com/2014onwards/general2014_1977.flv


duration = 4 minutes 12 seconds
file size = 47.60Mb


standing on the road
looking up and down Keen Street
walking towards the entrance
unit numbers sign
through the carports
Sharon's Ford Fiesta
'75 - SMR'
down the path
unit block
front yard
storage sheds
rubbish bin area
down the path
the upstairs unit
walking around to our unit
the front patio
Unit #136

Video #02 of 03
( no audio )

video address = http://www.ronebergcairns.com/2014onwards/general2014_1978.flv


duration = 34 seconds
file size = 6.81Mb


standing at the front door
the patio gardens

Video #03 of 03
( no audio )

video address = http://www.ronebergcairns.com/2014onwards/general2014_1979.flv


duration = 2 minutes 57 seconds
file size = 33.40Mb


standing at the back door
bedroom door onto the patio
looking out at our view
the patio and plants
walking out
the common grassed area
a look at the pool
down the common area
walking back
looking in to the patio
another look at the plants
the back door

Saturday 30th August 2014
Front ... Back ... Pool
four photos
The Front Entrance which, as you would have seen in Video #01 above, is behind the screening wall
... and a Wallaby !!
Looking to the left from the Back Patio
The Pool Area ...
... and here is the Pool
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