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Sharon - 2013





#01 ... Rose-of-Sharon Cross Stitch
This was started on Saturday 1st March 2008
The albumn has the pattern plus all the details and weekly photos on Sharon's progress


#02 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - CrossFit 2010
#03 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - CrossFit 2011
#04 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - CrossFit 2012
#05 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - CrossFit 2013
Sharon, along with Tanya, Brett, Kahlia and a few friends, regularly complete various CrossFit Exercise Programs
Sharon started back in April 2009
---------------The sessions are set and supervised by Tanya - Brett - Ritchie - Lars
Check out the above albumns ...... they include hundreds of photos and dozens of terrific videos !!

Saturday 19th January - Lars' Going-Away-Party - 8 x photos
Saturday 26th January - Workout and Stretch Class - 176 x photos
Saturday 2nd February - Poker Trail Race - 35 x photos
Thursday 7th February - CrossFit FRAN Routine
Saturday 9th February - CrossFit at the Beach - 20 x photos
Tuesday 12th Feb - Lars's Last Session - SIX SHOOTER - 104 x photos
Saturday 16th February - Weight Session Front Squats - 56 x photos
Saturday 2nd March - "F. Y. U. F." Routine - details and times
Saturday 9th March - Walk to the top of Glacier Rock - info + 9 x photos
Saturday 16th March - The Rocks Five Kilometre Race - 1 x photo
Monday 1st April - updated with Shuttle Run Beep Test results
Thursday 4th April - Burpees around Diamond One - 2 x photos
Sat 6th April - Thrusters and Sit Ups and Burpees and Runs / Sprints
Saturday 20th July - "F. Y. U. F." Routine - details and times
Saturday 17th August - FILTHY FIFTY - Facebook + 2 x photos
Thurs 22nd Aug - Sharon's Birthday Workout - 24 x photos + 1 x video
Saturday 7th September - a session doing Deadlifts - 10 x photos
Tuesday 10th September - CrossFit FRAN Routine
Sat 21st September - session doing three Weight Exercises - 47 x photos
Saturday 9th November - Tanya's Birthday - 30 x photos + 1 x video
Saturday 23rd November - CrossFit COUNTDOWN Routine - 1 x photo
Saturday 21st December - Deadlifts - Michelle v Rhiannon - 11 x photos


In the Pool at Mahogany Village ... Tuesday 1st January 2013
New Years Day and Sharon went for a swim in the pool at our home in Mahogany Village Trinity Beach - the page also includes aerial photos of the resort complex - fifteen photos - Tuesday 1st January 2013

It's Our Wedding Anniversary ... #38 ... Friday 4th January 2013
Page #01 -
Geoff to Sharon - "This is your Life" - a series of seventy two fantastic photos of Sharon taken over the years - plus the details on "The Symbols of the 38th"
Page #02 - Sharon to Geoff - and this page includes an Anniversary Card made up by Sharon
Page #03 - A note to Tanya and Brett - and Dinner was delivered by Brett and Kahlia

Just for fun, I bought Sharon a few very sexy oufits along with both short and long haired wigs - she got dressed up and I grabbed the camera and here are the results!! - nine photos - Wednesday 3rd October 2012
---------------page updated on 20th October 2012 - added another thirty three terrific photos
---------------page updated on 6th January 2013 - added another eighteen terrific photos

A Trip to Mossman and Port Douglas ... Sunday 27th January 2013
The first stop was in Mossman and Sharon spent a bit of time in the local Playground and nearby Exercise Area - then it was on to Port Douglas for Shopping and a visit to the Markets - coffee on the Waterfront, a visit to the Lookout and then it was back to Trinity Beach - and the page includes over thirty great photos - Sunday 27th January 2013

Cairns Road Runners ... Poker Trail Race ... Saturday 2nd February 2013
Details = run as far as you can in Sixty Minutes
Sharon, Tanya and Jess Shuttleworth entered this race which was held at the Smithfield Conservation Park - this is one of the Cairns Road Runners "Fun Days" and all the information on the 'Rules of the Race' is included on this page ... plus there are twenty eight terrific photos taken before, during and after the race - there is also a copy of the Official Race Report and Complete Results List - Saturday 2nd February 2013
---------------page updated on 5th February 2013 - added another seven photos from the Road Runners Facebook Page

And here is an "I like You" email from Geoff to Sharon - with Sharon's favourite flower!! - and there is a reply from Sharon - Tuesday 19th February 2013

Lunch with Friends ... Sunday 24th February 2013
Lunch with her 'Australia Post' friends Sue Schwartz, Chris West and Velda Perkins - and it was fully planned and catered by Sharon - the page includes nine photos some of which are of the Restaurant Quality Banquet - plus there are printable copies of three of the recipes - Sunday 24th February 2013

... North Cairns Licensed Post Office ... Certificate of Merit
And here is a "Certificate of Merit" awarded to Sharon and the staff - from Australia Post - for the month of February 2013

A Saturday afternoon stroll ... "Glacier Rock" ... Saturday 9th March 2013
Sharon and Tanya, along with two friends from their CrossFit group and two of Tanya's workmates, decided to go for a stroll ... to the top of "Glacier Rock" which is in the Barron Gorge National Park - it is a round trip of six kilometres and took around two hours to complete - and at the top there are some magnificent views over the Cairns area - there are nine photos on the page along with details and a map of the walk - Saturday 9th March 2013

Cairns Road Runners ... The Rocks 5K Series - Race #3 ... Saturday 16th March 2013
Details = five kilometre run
Sharon and Tanya and entered this race which was held at one of the local scenic and picnic areas - the page includes the race details along with the Complete Results List - at this stage, there is just one photo of them ... but there are more coming soon!! - Saturday 16th March 2013

New Work Shoes ... Sunday 24th March 2013
Sharon bought a pair of black Skechers 'Navigations' - the page includes the receipt along with seven photos - Sunday 24th March 2013

Lunch / Picnic Cooler ... Sunday 24th March 2013
Sharon likes to pack her own healthy lunch each day and she was using a mixture of containers - we also needed something to take on our picnics and this "Six Pack DURUS 300 Bag" will suit both uses perfectly - the page includes the receipt along with photos and a promotional video - Sunday 24th March 2013

Swimming and Lunch at Lake Eacham ... Saturday 30th March 2013
Geoff, Sharon, Tanya, Brett, Kahlia, Ramsay and Tai along with two of Tanya's friends, Jess and Kath, headed to The Atherton Tablelands to spend the day at this picnic and recreation spot - it was a great day out with good food, a bit of running / exercising, and lots of swimming and fun in the water - the page includes a map and all the details on Lake Eacham along with five terrific videos and over fourty photos - plus there was an early Birthday Present for Geoff ?? - Saturday 30th March 2013
---------------page updated on 30th April 2013 - added another twelve photos which were 'found in a camera'

... North Cairns Licensed Post Office ... Multi Currency Passport Promotion
Sharon and the staff won Fourth Place in the "Multi Currency Cash Passport Promotion" - from Australia Post - for the month of May 2013

... North Cairns Licensed Post Office ... Sharon and the Staff
Here are shots of Sharon and the staff - three great photos - Thursday 20th June 2013

The 40th Anniversary of our First Kiss !!...and this page includes a Facebook Post from Geoff to Sharon - Wednesday 10th July 2013
---------------page also includes details on the 39th Anniversary on Tuesday 10th July 2012
---------------page also includes details on the 41st Anniversary on Thursday 10th July 2014
---------------page also includes details on the 42nd Anniversary on Wednesday 10th JUNE 2015
---------------page also includes details on the 43rd Anniversary on Sunday 10th July 2016

... In Memory of Tanya !! ... Sunday 28th July 2013
Sharon and Kahlia, along with lots of Tanya's friends, are going to complete this event - this page includes all the Run Details along with a Promotional Video and Course Map - there are two teams being entered and all these details are also listed - being held in Cairns on Sunday 28th July 2013
---------------page updated on 2nd August 2013 - the page now includes sixty one photos and four videos taken before, during and after the Run

... Played a game of Baseball !! ... Sunday 28th July 2013
Breakthrough Bandits Masters Team was short of players ... and Sharon was all that was available !! - so she jumped in and had her first game !! - this page includes three photos and two videos showing Sharon in the batter's box and swinging the stick !! - Sunday 28th July 2013

... Learning to be a Sailor !! ... Sunday 4th August 2013
A couple of Sharon's friends from Australia Post invited her out for a mornings kayaking - starting at Palm Cove, they went out to Double Island and Scout Hat and then stopped at Ellis Beach for coffee before heading back - Sharon said it was terrific!! - this page includes twenty eight photos and three videos - Sunday 4th August 2013

... North Cairns Licensed Post Office ... Sharon + Staff + Office Tidy Up
Here are a few shots of Sharon and the staff - PLUS - there are 'before' and 'after' photos showing a clean and tidy up of the area behind the counter - thirteen photos - Wednesday 14th August 2013

Sharon's Birthday #59 ... Thursday 22nd August 2013
And it was not a "happy" day - her first birhtday without her Beautiful Daughter - there was a lot of support from Brett, the staff at North Cairns Post Office, the people of Benchmark CrossFit Trinity Beach, along with dozens of both Sharon's and Tanya's friends - plus Sharon and Brett had organised a Very Special Tribute to Tanya - there was also a visit to Tanya's "Spot at Trinity Beach" - this albumn includes over eighty photos and one video - Thursday 22nd August 2013

... Sharon's Page ... Tuesday 27th August 2013
A new Cover Photo has been uploaded to Sharon's Page - and there are lots of 'Comments' and 'Likes' from friends - Tuesday 27th August 2013

... A visit from Relatives !! ... August / September 2013
Sharon's sisters, Lesley and Fiona, came for a five day visit ... and she loved seeing them even though the circumstances are very sad - they all got together for a craft afternoon during which Lesley made up two dresses for Sharon - there was also a trip to the Herberton Historic Village - plus they paid a visit to Tanya at "Her Spot" in Trinity Beach - the page includes twenty photos and Facebook Comments - Wednesday 28th August to Monday 2nd September 2013

... North Cairns Licensed Post Office ... Off to the Races !!
Melissa and Jenetta attended the "Ladies Fashion High Tea" which is part of the Cairns Amateurs Racing Festival - and Jenetta was up on the stage!! - this page includes a note from Melissa along with ten terrific photos - Thursday 5th September 2013

... North Cairns Licensed Post Office ... Jack Noack's 21st Birthday
This page includes the "Happy Birthday" signs that were displayed in and around the shop - there are also photos of all the staff plus Jack cutting his cake - there are a few presents as well ... but Jack is disappointed ... but why ?? - fifteen photos - Thursday 12th September 2013

... Competing in a Half Marathon !! ... Sunday 3rd November 2013
Tanya had registered for this race and Sharon is now going to complete it in her Memory - Brett is also keen to run with his Mum, along with a few of Tanya's friends - this page includes all the Race Details, along with the Course Map and Information plus a Training Diary - and it also has details on Sharon's Training and Preparation for the 21.0975 kilometres Race !! - being held in Port Douglas on Sunday 3rd November 2013
---------------page updated to Sunday 22nd September 2013 - added two photos of Sharon and Brett after their run plus lots of Facebook Comments
---------------page updated to Wednesday 30th October 2013 - Sharon's Training and Preparation Chart
---------------the Race has been Completed !!
---------------there are now links to 41 x photos and 7 x videos and dozens of Facebook Comments

... North Cairns Licensed Post Office ... Jack's Retail Display
Jack and his 'Promotional Retail Display Hammock' - two photos - Monday 18th November 2013

... North Cairns Licensed Post Office ... Goodbye to Jo Wilson
Shots from Jo's Farewell from NCPO - there are some great shots of Jo and Sharon and all the Staff Members - fifteen photos - Monday 18th November 2013

... North Cairns Licensed Post Office ... Christmas Biscuits
A box of Christmas Shortbread Biscuits was given to the Staff by one of the customers - four photos - Wednesday 27th November 2013

... North Cairns Licensed Post Office ... Safety Competition
Australia Post ran a "Workplace Safety" Competition and an entry from North Cairns was organised by Melissa Harwood - this page includes the competition details along with a copy of the entry - lots of notes and photos - during November / December 2013 ...... DID THEY WIN ??
---------------WINNER !!
---------------page updated on Monday 16th December 2013 - added three photos of the "Party Supplies Hamper"

... North Cairns Licensed Post Office ... The Christmas Rush
A look out the back at the hundreds of parcels and letters awaiting delivery or collection!! - one video and one photo - Thursday 19th December 2013

... Christmas Day ... Wednesday 25th December 2013
Geoff, Sharon, Brett, Kahlia, Ramsay and Tai spent the late morning and lunchtime at Brett's home in Kewarra Beach - at this point, this albumn includes a few of the Cards, Letters and Gifts we received ... along with eighty three photos of Present Opening time !! - Wednesday 25th December 2013
There is a "SPECIAL SECTION FOR TANYA MARY" which includes Messages, Facebook Comments, Ghost Bike, Trinity Beach and Tanya's 'Through the Years' Wall at Brett and Kahlia's

... New Years Eve ... Tuesday 31st December 2013
Brett and Kahlia, along with a few friends, booked a room at one of the resorts on The Cairns Esplanade - they stayed for three days wich included New Years Eve - a perfect view of the Fireworks !! - Sharon dropped by to say "hello" - the page includes twelve photos along with lots of Facebook Comments - Tuesday 31st December 2013
There is also a link to the "TANYA MARY ON NEW YEARS EVE" albumn