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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Grand-Parents (Ward)

George Watford Ward and Julia Ann Ward (nee Duxbury)


The Ward Family
reference Section #07 of the Knowles Family History


Correspondence with Judith McCarthy
Grand Daughter of George Watford Ward
who was born on 24th February 1893 at Port Pirie (brother of Gertrude)

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Newsletter sent out by Geoff ... Wednesday 9th May 2012

George Watford Ward (senior) and Julia Ann Ward

All the details of the above couple and their Family are listed in Section #07 of The Knowles Family History ... and this can be seen by clicking

They had a daughter - GERTRUDE - and this is the line that led to all the Coudrey's ... including my lovely wife, Sharon !!

One of their sons was John David Ward, and we have recently heard from Jenny Hawkins, one of his descendants ... and this information can be seen

Now we have heard from Judith McCarthy, who is related to the eighth child in the family ... who was George Watford Ward (junior)
All the correspondence with Judith can be seen

PLUS ... Judith also sent photos ... ELEVEN OF THEM ... and thank you, Judith !!
I was going to list them here, but I changed my mind and just used numbers instead !!

You will not know what you will see until the page opens !!
I will say that the shots range from 1873 through to 2009 ... ENJOY !!

Number 01

Number 02

Number 03
can anyone help with the name ??

Number 04

Number 05

Number 06
Number 07

Number 08

Number 09

Number 10

Number 11
and thank you again, Judith !!


Email from Judith McCarthy ... Wednesday 9th May 2012

Hi Geoff and Sharon

Thanks for update

Mother had a bad fall yesterday and is now staying with me for a few days and we have been looking further at family things together

George Watford Ward's "Leeds Villa" (Mother says it was definitely called this) was at 89 Prospect Road, Prospect

The front of the building was restructured ... it had a new front on the left side of it

It became the Prospect Police Station and Court House (HERE) but is no longer used for that

It is now an Indian Restaurant ... Shanker’s Authentic Indian Cuisine ...

This link (HERE) should get you onto it at Google
The building ... if you look on Google you can see the original roof line at the back behind the old-new front
You have to lift over the front part to see the roof line and if you can maneuver along the right side of the building, you will see the bluestone
It is amazing how the building has changed ... I would not think it is for the better but different eras have different designs

Mother has Sharon's place worked out in the family now
Gertrude and Mother's Father George Watford Ward were brother and sister, therefore Gertrude was her aunt

Mother said Gertrude and John Matherson were lovely people
Norma, Audrey and Laurel were Mother’s cousins so Sharon and I are second cousins ... I think I have that right

I can now put faces to the stories my Mother has told me over the years about 26 Dunn Street, Semaphore ... the original house is no longer there

We have a holiday house on the Marina at North Haven, not far from Semaphore

You certainly have a network of family trees webbed together, and it must be very time consuming

How did Sharon’s family end up at Cairns ?? ... it is a long way from Adelaide

Judith McCarthy

Note from Sharon ... Wednesday 9th May 2012

Hi Judith

Thanks so much for sending the photos and information about your Family
I love it when new information pops up and seeing new photos is so interesting

The photos of you and your family in 1950 (
HERE) and 1953 (HERE) are gorgeous
Your Mother and Grandmother were very alike

In photo #3 (
HERE) I wonder if the little girl in George Watford's lap is Gertrude because I remember my Mother (Laurel) telling me she came out from England in a sailing ship when she was two years old (attention - mistake ... see Sharon's next email below)
This seems to match in with the information in Section #07 of The Knowles Family History ...

In photo #4 (
HERE) I picked Gertrude (my Grandma) because I remembered this photo ... HERE
This shot has Aunty Audrey (Hutton) in it and they look very similar

On looking through some of the pages this evening, I think Julia's name has been misread rather than misspelt
I reckon it definitely says Dusebury ... it's just not written very clearly ...
Just my opinion !!

I also want to live in that house in Prospect ... wonder if it is still there !!

Thanks again for the photos

Geoff has done an awesome job on the research and putting it altogether ... he is patient and persistent !!

Regards ... Sharon

Note from Lesley ... Wednesday 9th May 2012

Hi Sharon

Well, that was an eye-opener !!

I think the little girl in picture #3 (
HERE) looks like YOU when you were little and the baby in picture #2 (HERE) is Gertrude (Grandma) because she was two when they all arrived out here

Thank Geoff for all his good sleuthing ... but it must be great when people send him stuff 'out of the blue'

I will contact Lynn Parker and see if she knows about this site

Love ... Me

Note from Sharon ... Thursday 10th May 2012

Hi again ... I mucked up !!
I meant the little girl in photo #2 (
HERE) is Grandma (Gertrude)
Just seeing if you were all paying attention !!

Lesely thinks the little girl in photo #3 (
HERE) looks a little like me so I found an old photo ... HERE
A little similar !!


Email from Judith McCarthy ... Friday 11th May 2012

I am not surprised you mucked up ... it is a continual brain tangle with so many families and so many branches

The little girl does look a bit like you but if she or he was born in 1900 I expect it would be a child of Millicent Mary Ann Ward (born 1875) or Susan Grace Ward (born 1876) or John David Ward (born 1878) or maybe Alfred Ernest Ward (born 1880)

Your grandmother Gertrude was born in 1886 so I think she was too young

Email from Judith McCarthy ... Monday 14th May 2012

Hi Sharon

It appears the gentleman holding the dog in photo #6 (
HERE) is my grandfather George Watford Ward junior

My sister-in-law has an in-depth detailed family tree list of the Wards and she thinks the child sitting beside my grandfather in photo #3 (
HERE) would most likely be Millicent Briscoe's (nee Wards) child either Grace (born in 1899) or Alfred (born in 1901)
I would think Grace would be the more likely

Have you or has anyone else got a photo of either of these children when they were about one or two years old ??

Regards ... Judi

Note from Erina ... Thursday 10th May 2012

Thanks Judith, Geoff and Sharon

Very interesting to fill in more bits of the genealogy

My mother (Audrey) spoke often of Margaret and exchanged cards and letters
In Mum's old address book, her home was listed as Auldana then Glenside

The house is still there at 89 Prospect Rd, but unfortunately it has had a 1920 addition tacked on to the front, which makes it unrecognisable
It was initially a police station, then various restaurants, and currently our favourite ... Indian Restaurant Shanker's !! ...
The view from the left shows the two storey art deco addition ...

The Manager was very interested in the history when we were last there in January
Maybe we should have a family reunion there sometime ??
It is only a couple of streets away from us, and the food is delicious !!

If you look at Google maps street view, you can see part of the original building's roof and chimney to the right, and when you move the arrow to the right and look down the side, the original bluestone walls are visible
The back part of the house is used I think for antiques storage, but the high arches and some features are visible in the second and third room of the restaurant

Mum told me that the Ward's would have dinners for large groups and that the hallway was so wide they could seat them all at tables ranged down the centre

We are going there in a few weeks and will take some photos inside ... I must not forget !!

Regards ... Erina

Email from Judith McCarthy ... Thursday 10th May 2012

Hi Sharon and Erina

In photo #2 (
HERE), if I have it right, is a photo of the family either before leaving England or just after arriving in Australia before Elizabeth Prudence and George Watford Ward junior (my grandfather) was born
I am sure the little girl on George Watford Ward senior's lap is Gertrude your grandmother

In photo #3 (
HERE) my grandfather George Watford Ward junior was the youngest born in 1893
I think he would be around eight years old so this photo would have been taken in about 1901 so I expect the little girl sitting beside him would have been born in 1900
I would think it would be a niece or nephew

I am sure that you are right Sharon, in regards to the various spellings
Mother says often family members would not have seen the name written and eventually when it was written it would be from just hearing the name
My husband is Jeff, yours is Geoff ... this is always confusing
I have several friends that I cannot remember which version their name is
Jeff’s sister’s name is Denise or Denice whichever is the boys way is how her name is spelt

I expect you have received my email sent to Geoff in regards to the location of the old "Leeds Villa" on Prospect Road
An email from Erina Hutton also confirms this, detecting the bluestone and roof line

Erina, my Mother does live at Glenside in a retirement village but is staying with me at present due to a bad fall earlier this week

After having Googled the old family house yesterday, I said that she and I should go to the Indian restaurant sometime
So if you are interested, Erina, or any other family members, we would love to catch up

Regards ... Judi

Note from Sharon ... Thursday 10th May 2012

Hi Judith

Your Mother has a point when she says that family members would not have seen the name written down
It makes sense and no doubt contributes to confusion when people are researching their family histories

I hope you are able to catch up with a few relations ... it would be fun to catch up ... we are a little too far away


Note from Erina ... Thursday 10th May 2012

Hi Judith

It would be lovely to go to Shanker's with you and your mother
And any others available who may want to ?? ... do you like Indian food, Lesley ??
I will see if my brothers are free but I know they will be away June/July possibly later, and we are going to England in June
Would it be okay after that ??

Will send you take away Sharon and Geoff !!


Note from Lesley ... Friday 11th May 2012

Hi Erina and Judith

I’m interested in lunch ... August, September, or sooner, next week !!
This sounds like a "Cousin's Do", Erina ... make a date !!

Judi, I have exchanged emails with your brother, Tony, some time ago, re the descendents of Gertrude Knowles, and have a long list that he sent me
I update it now and again when my grandchildren arrive or anyone older departs

I have visited your Mother with Aunty Audrey and my Mother ... she lived at Wattle Park, I think
I cannot remember whether the occasion was something 'special' or just a visit but it would have been a rare thing

Regards to you both ... Lesley

Email from Judith McCarthy ... Friday 11th May 2012

Hi Lesley

Am I correct in saying you are Sharon’s sister, Laurel’s daughter ??

Mother used to live in Auldana so that is almost Wattle Park ... she now lives at Glenside

Yes, Tony is my brother, two-and-a-half years younger than myself and his wife has been very good with the family trees over the years

I guess my main interest is back to my great-grandparents, one of whom I can remember

It all started with the need to put names on photos before we had lost the family members that could help

Mother and I would love to join you at a lunch and I am sure my cousin Roslyn, whom I am very close to, would love to join us too
Roslyn is the eldest of Mother’s sisters three children and she lives in Adelaide

Regards ... Judi

Email from Judith McCarthy ... Tuesday 11th September 2012

Hi Geoff

I am back on my family photos

I am trying to get a photo of each of my Great-Grandparents
I have one of each of my husband’s so I thought I would try and get mine
Have you or has anyone else in the family got a photo of Robert and Isabella Ward or John and Elizabeth Duxbury ??

Regards ... Judi McCarthy

From Geoff to Everybody ... Wednesday 12th September 2012

Hello to you all

Received this note yesterday ... and for those who don't remember, Judith is the grand-daughter of George Watford Ward (junior), born in 1893 ... and George was Gertrude's brother

She attended the "Lunch at Number 89 Prospect Road" back on 18th May 2012 ...

This part of the family is detailed in Section #07 on
THIS page
With Robert and Isabella, their details are in Section #09 of the same page

Now, in respect to the photos that Judith is looking for
There isn't any on these pages, so I am sending the note on to you all to see if you can help ... and remember, if you have any, please also send me a copy so they can included in this History

Regards ... Geoff

Email from Judith McCarthy ... Wednesday 12th September 2012

Thanks Geoff

I will wait and see if anyone can help

Regards ... Judi