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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Grand-Parents (Ward)

George Watford Ward


Julia Anne Duxbury / July Ann Dusebury / Julia Ann Duxberry


Note from Geoff ... Tuesday 24th April 2012

At this stage, I have not made the changes as detailed by Wally Knowles and Judith McCarthy and shown below
The reason ?? ... well, there seems to be a few different versions of her name

HERE - on the back of this photo it is written as Julia Anne Duxbury
HERE - written as July Ann Duxbury and July Ann Ward
HERE - on her headstone it looks to be Julia Ann (no 'e')

!! UPDATE - her Baptism Record is below !!


COMMENT #01 ... from Wally Knowles ... Monday 28th November 2011

G'day, I thought the attached might be interesting to you

Please note the spelling of Mrs Ward's name
Christian = "Julia Ann" not "July Ann"
Surname = "Dusebury" not "Duxbury"

Looking at documents easy to see how it was thought her name was Duxbury
The 's' and 'e' are run together and look like an 'x'

Regards, Wally


COMMENT #02 ... from Judith McCarthy ... Sunday 6th May 2012

1 - she also said her Grandmother was definitely Julia not July
I think the headstone confirms this and by the gap after Ann I would think there was originally an “e”
It appears that Julia was born in July which may be where the confusion comes from

2 - the name variations are interesting
I have noticed that on information that my Mother has that there is July written at times but I think this is my Dad’s work
My Mother is insistent that her grandmother was Julia not July
I do not know who has written on the back of the photo taken 1873
The Margaret Newman is my Mother’s name and was written by her, and note the spelling Dusbury with no “e” or “x”

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COMMENT #03 ... from Jenny Hawkins ... Wednesday 16th May 2012

1 - I found via Ancestry.com the Baptism Record for Julia and it shows her name as Julia Ann Duxberry
Obviously this is still the interpretation of the person writing the document at the time, but it might be the correct spelling
It also shows her date of birth as 17th July 1853 (not 1854) ... and her parents are John and Elizabeth ... this is below

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