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plus there are lots of responses and comments from various relatives
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Tanya and Brett's ... Great-Great-Grand-Parents (Ward)

George Watford Ward and Julia Ann Ward (nee Duxbury)


The Ward Family
reference Section #07 of the Knowles Family History


Correspondence with Jenny Hawkins
Grand Daughter of John David Ward
who was born on 2nd March 1878 (brother of Gertrude)

... and includes lots of PHOTOS !!

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Newsletter sent out by Geoff ... Saturday 19th May 2012

THANK YOU ...... Judith McCarthy and Jenny Hawkins

As you all know, over the last few months, Judith and Jenny have made contact based around George Watford Ward and Julia Ann Duxberry

There has been lots of emails !! ... along with terrific photos !!

These notes and memories are extremely important and needed to be included in The Knowles Family History so I have sorted everything out and the links are below ...
... and yes, there are some "never-before-seen" photos !!

Judith McCarthy ... Page One ... HERE
initial contact

Judith McCarthy ... Page Two ... HERE
eleven fabulous photos which resulted in lots of emails ... and lunch at Shankers !!

Jenny Hawkins ... Page One ... HERE
initial contact

Jenny Hawkins ... Page Two ...
......................................................#1 - thirteen fabulous photos ... and most of them are NEW
......................................................#2 - finally we have a Baptism Record for Julia Ann Duxberry
......................................................#3 - 1968 Swimsuit Competition
.............................................................featuring Fiona, Alison, Erina, Sharon and Julianne
.............................................................and why is Sharon wearing a 'fake-nose-and-glasses' ??

All of the above pages are listed in Section #07 of The Knowles Family History ... HERE


Email from Jenny Hawkins ... Wednesday 16th May 2012

Hi to everyone

I have been very excited reading all of the information from Judi McCarthy and then the resulting information flow
It is just great

I certainly like the idea of a family get together at Shanker
Lindsay (my husband) and I would attend, but would need a little warning to get there from Sydney
I had a look at the menu and I wish I could be there now !!

I love the photo of Audrey, Gertrude, Norma and Laurel from 1922 ...
That is the great thing about this technology ... we can see photos of wonderful quality in very close detail ... that one is a beauty !!

Also Judi’s photo from 1873 is fabulous ... what a lovely young couple ...

I promised Geoff some photos many months ago, and forgot
When looking at the information from Judi I did remember but not before Geoff sent a gentle reminder
So here are some
A couple of notes as well on Judi’s photos and other things


#1 - photo #7 (HERE) being the photo of 1919 Wedding of George Watford Ward junior and Vina Daniel notes "Ethel Ward? (wife of John Ward?)"
Ethel died on 1st March 1915 in Perth according to a transcript from West Australian newspaper of the time ... she was thirty three ... John then married Nellie Rouxel in Brisbane in 1917after meeting in Cairns, so he certainly moved around ... I am yet to find why he was not in Adelaide with the rest of the family and why Perth and Queensland had an impact on him ... later in 1917 they were in Lismore in northern NSW, where their first child (Gordon John) was born


#2 - I found via Ancestry.com the Baptism Record for Julia and it shows her name as Julia Ann Duxberry
Obviously this is still the interpretation of the person writing the document at the time, but it might be the correct spelling
It also shows her date of birth as 17th July 1853 (not 1854) ... and her parents are John and Elizabeth ... this is attached
(attention - refer to note from Julianne further below)


#3 - photo #5 (HERE) has John David Ward in back row with his wife Ethel in front of him holding a child and then another child (names Roland?) in front of her
I would like to know if there was a Roland in the family as it may be Ronald who was John and Ethel’s first child
If it is Ronald and not Roland then likely Ethel is holding their second child Harold Watford Ward ... he was born in 1904 in Perth so this photo would be 1905 or 1906


#4 - I would like to add to the scandal that Judi brought up
I found a couple of newspaper items naming George Watford Ward in regard to misconduct with Alice Uern of Ellen Street, Prospect
This was divorce proceeding brought by her husband
As this was in 1929, it would seem he was active to a mature age
Attached is one of the articles ... the second was the same details


#5 - I found also George Watford Ward senior applied for a patent in 1894 for an "Improved Herbal Medicated Bath" ... any further information on this ??


#6 - also an article about a boy named George W Ward discovering gold at Clare South Australia during April 1893 ... as the dates don’t work for George Watford Ward senior or junior, I assumed it not to be connected, but I have added it to the other attachments
If only ... !!


I realise that this and the family photos I am going to send will make for a large file so I will send to Geoff these photos and he can load them onto his wonderful record for us all
Any one who wants the photos direct to them, just let me know

Until we find some more, I want to thank everyone for their input and to congratulate Geoff and Sharon for the great job they have done
I had a little information about my family and now I have so much ... it is just great !!

Kind regards ... Jenny

Email from Jenny Hawkins ... Wednesday 16th May 2012

Hi Geoff

You will have by now received my other email with bits and pieces of information
I will attach the photos here which you may or may not wish to upload ... obviously it is up to you

Funnily as I was reading Judi’s I did remember I had not sent ones to you, and then found this email from you ... woops !! ... sorry !!

I have been doing quite a bit of research on my mother’s mother’s family being the Rouxel’s and not looking at the Wards
I have tried to stay focused as I am sure you have experienced
I can see that you have been doing a lot of research and so that amazing high of finding little details mixed with the addictive process of just looking for another five minutes must be in you as well

A correction to your site ... I am John David’s granddaughter, not great granddaughter as you have listed
(attention - web site has been adjusted)

The photos I have are not too old other than one of John David
The others are from the SA family connections and so will possibly give them a bit of a laugh ... the first one I have little idea about
Descriptions as I know


#1 - South Australian Relatives ... front left to right ... ?, Stuart Pfieffer (husband of Betty Ward, second child of John David and Nellie), Edna Ward (nee Warren) (wife of Harold Watford Ward, second son of John David and Ethel), children ??, ?, young woman holding baby is one of Betty’s daughters (possibly Narelle being eldest child), ?, ?, Warren Watford Ward (only child of Harold and Edna), Betty Pfieffer (nee Ward), Harold Watford Ward
Any help with names of the other people would be appreciated


#2 - Hutton's 1939 Christmas at Hannay Street ... this photo was sent to me some years ago by Audrey


#3 - Fiona Coudrey, Alison Stehbens, Erina Hutton, Sharon Coudrey and Julianne Stehbens ... cousins outside 30 Hannay Street ... circa 1968 / 1969 ... this was sent to me by Audrey as well


#4 - Betty Pfieffer, Pat Stehbens and Vi Mitchell at Vista Street Caringbah ... circa 1975 ... the three daughters of John David and Nellie


#5 - John David Ward ... other than the two photos of the George Watford Ward and Julia Ann Family Group that you had on your site, this was the only photo of John David ... now with the photos from Judi, we have a little more of him


#6 - Pat Ward and Aunty Gert ... circa 1948


#7 - Vi Mitchell, Harold Ward, Pat Stehbens and Betty Pfieffer at Julianne and Colin's Wedding ... the last of the children ... all now gone ... there were seven altogether ... Melville died in 1925, Gordon in 1962 and I have no details of Ronald


#8 - South Australia Family at Vista Street ... this is the time that Erina mentioned ... Ian Mitchell (my father), Clive Hutton, Anne Mitchell (my sister), Erina Hutton, Garth (family friend), Vi Mitchell (nee Ward), Jennifer Mitchell (me), Audrey Hutton, Gary Mitchell (my brother) ... and I would say this is circa 1967


#9 - Melville, Betty, Gordon and Vi Ward ... circa 1925


I have a few more of the Huttons during the same visit to Sydney and also in the 1940s or 1950s, but unless you want them I don’t want to load you with them

I hope you are all well and enjoying a much warmer time than it is in Sydney right now ... I feel like I need to put the heater on and sit and drink something accordingly

Thanks again ... Jenny

Note from Alison ... Wednesday 16th May 2012

Interesting family life

Love this update on the Knowles Family Tree
Keep us posted

Well done Geoff and Sharon

Note from Sharon ... Wednesday 16th May 2012

It is really cool isn't it, Alison ... specially when there is some intrigue !!

I have to say it is "Well Done Geoff" ... I know nothing ... I get the updates when everyone else does !!
He is very patient and persistent ... he digs and digs til he finds stuff
You have to remember he has also 'done/still doing' the Coudrey Family History and his own Mother and Father's Family

Overall, a great legacy to leave the family

Note from Julianne ... Thursday 17th May 2012

Hi Jenny

I have a mug of Julia Ann Duxbury with a date of 1872 on it
Inside the mug there is a transcript with the birth date as July 17th, 1854
The information says she was born at Leeds, Buston (hard to read) Married May, 1874


Note from Sharon to Julianne ... Thursday 17th May 2012

Hey Julianne

Looks like Julia was born one hundred years before you ... bar 10 days !!


Note from Geoff to Julianne ... Friday 18th May 2012

Hi Julianne

Below our signature there is a note from you saying ... "I have a mug of Julia Ann Duxbury"

One day, when you are wandering around the house looking for something to do, could you grab your digital camera and take a few shots of this Mug and send them to me
I am starting to put all this information together to add to the Web Site (
HERE) and would like to include this

'tank you ...... Geoff

Note from Erina ... Thursday 17th May 2012

I was particularly interested in the reference to Ellen Street, Prospect above, which must have been the Ellen Street we lived in Nailsworth (adjacent to Prospect) as there is no Ellen Street in Prospect
The houses date from 1890's to 1920's
Wouldn't it be funny if Mr Uern lived in our house ?? ... will have to check the electoral rolls

Myrtle Street is just across the road from the Ward house ... and is in line with our street across Main North Road and Prospect Road if you look on Google Earth

Mum took me on a tour of the uncles and aunts' Prospect houses when we moved here, but can't recall the addresses

Grandma worked in a shop across from the house and several shops were owned by the family she told me ??

The Pulsford Street Baptist Church where Grandma was married at number 62 is now converted to a house

Regards ... Erina

Note from Judith McCarthy ... Thursday 17th May 2012

Dear Erina and Others

Francis William Ward (Mum’s Uncle Will) lived at 41 Myrtle Street Prospect with his only child Elsa and her husband Joe Tonkin
Joe worked at RM Williams in Percy Street, Prospect when I was about twenty years old

As a young child I remember going to the house with my grandparents and eating jem scones
I have never had them anywhere else except the ones I make myself ... I have never felt I could make them as well but that is memories

My Mother says that George Watford Ward senior moved from Prospect Road to a house next door or almost next door to Uncle Will ... we were planning to look tomorrow

41 Myrtle Road appears to still be there when looking at Google

My grandparent George Watford Ward junior lived at 55 Barker Road ... the house was built for them by my grandmother's parents

My grandfather George Watford Ward junior purchased the shops on Prospect Road or at least some of them from his father George Watford Ward senior
He also purchased the land at Semaphore from him
He sold all of these later in his life

The house at Dunn Street, Semaphore is no longer standing but I guess most of you know that as it is your branch of the family

I have a Sands and McDougall’s Directory of South Australia 100th Edition printed in 1964 but at that stage there were no Uern’s living in Ellen Street, Nailsworth and certainly it is not listed in Prospect
It would certainly be a fluke if you were living in it, Erina

It will be interesting to see how Mother goes tomorrow
She is very sharp on what happened yesterday but not so good on simple things like making a sandwich or remembering to go to her evening meal
It is just a matter of time before she will have to go into a nursing home ... she wants to go now but she has only been assessed as low care so this is not possible
I am taking her to her doctors on Monday to discuss all the old age issues again ... she is also being treated by a dementia specialist

We look forward to catching up tomorrow

Regards ... Judi

Note from Sharon ... Thursday 17th May 2012

It's all like a big fun jigsaw puzzle !!

Note from Jenny Hawkins ... Saturday 19th May 2012

Great job
Thanks, Geoff


Note from Sharon ... Saturday 19th May 2012

I did ENJOY !!

I liked re-reading the emails in order and seeing how all the information came together

It was great reading the back of the Knowles Family Christmas photo and seeing that Grandma and Grandpa Matheson were not yet married and Aunty Audrey refer to Dad as Laurel's boyfriend !!

The bathing beauties is a good one too ... despite Geoff's less than kind comments about my nose and glasses !!

Julianne and Alison ... I love the pics of your Mother and her family
Julianne ... the one of your Mum and Aunty Gert (Grandma) looks just like you
Alison ... maybe you take after John David ??
I love looking for family resemblances !!

After checking the dates and doing the maths, old George Ward Senior, who was caught fooling around in 1927 and 1928, was seventy seven when he died in 1930
You are right, Jenny ... he was active to a mature age !!

Love to everyone ... Sharon