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Brett and Kahlia - 2012
plus Ramsay and Tai


Updates during 2012

Brett's Unit in Trinity Beach Albumn

Geoff and Sharon
aka - Dad and Mum
are now living in the Unit


Updates during 2012

Brett's Home in Kewarra Beach Albumn

CrossFit ... 2009 and 2010 x


CrossFit ... 2011 x


CrossFit ... 2012 x


Cairns Baseball League ... Brett's 2012 Season x



New Years Day ... Sunday 1st January 2012
Brett and Kahlia watching the Fireworks on the Cairns Esplanade - three photos

Around the House ... Monday 2nd January 2012
The garden at the front has now been extended across to the side of the house - the shots show the pavers and plants and the work in progress ... plus a few of the finished result - fifteen photos - Monday 2nd January 2012

Tai's First Day of School ... Monday 23rd January 2012
Yes, he is heading off to Trinity Beach State School ... which is also Tanya's and Brett's 'old' school!! - the page shows him with Kahlia, Brett and Tanya, at home and all dressed in his uniform and ready to go - then there are shots of them arriving at the School, finding his classroom and initially settling in - there are fourty six photos altogether ... and a number of these include Sharon - Monday 23rd January 2012

And here is Kahlia at a CrossFit Session - and she is lifting a total of fourty kilos above her head ... or is she?? - five photos - Thursday 26th January 2012

Geoff's Birthday - Tuesday 3rd April 2012
And the number is way up to 63!! - the page includes both a Poem and Song by Sharon ... aka Marilyn Monroe - plus a chance to "even the score" using a Gunsports present from Tanya - and I can be full of booze while doing it by drinking a few of the other presents!! - also there are lots of email messages and notes from Facebook Pages - along with a mixture of photos - Sunday 3rd April 2011
---------------NOTE - Tanya also gave a Gunsports Voucher to Brett for his Birthday on Sunday 5th February 2012
---------------page updated on Saturday 23rd June 2012 - added twenty photos and two videos of Geoff and Brett (and Sharon) and The Guns !!
---------------page updated on Tuesday 26th June 2012 - added a copy of both Geoff and Brett's Targets

Ramsay's Birthday ... Sunday 26th February 2012
A get-together at Brett and Kahlia's home - and the page includes the kids in the pool, the Birthday Cake and of course, the Presents!! - fourteen photos - Sunday 26th February 2012

"Twelve Golden Words" ... Tuesday 6th March 2012
And Tai received a Certificate from Trinity Beach State School for the above!! - the page includes photos of the School Assembly ... plus Tai up on stage!! - along with notes from Sharon and Kahlia - seventeen photos - Tuesday 6th March 2012

Honda TRX250 ATV Quad Bike ... Wednesday 4th April 2012
Brett, Kahlia and her sister, Rachael spent the day flying around the Atherton Tablelands on these bikes!! - and according to Brett it was "awesome" - the page includes all the details with lots of photos of which five are 'official' shots of Brett, Kahlia and Rachael - Wednesday 4th April 2012
....................................page updated on Wednesday 11th April 2012 - and it now includes sixty seven photos !!

Tai aka Tarzan - and he is at the Yorkeys Knob Esplanade Playground - does he make it?? - three photos and one video - Sunday 15th April 2012

Kahlia's Birthday ... Sunday 13th May 2012
And it is also Mother's Day!! - Sharon, Tanya, Brett and Kahlia got together at Brett and Kahlia's home - and the page includes the combined Mother's Day / Birthday Cake and of course, the Presents!! - twenty three photos - Sunday 13th May 2012

Celebrating Anne Kippin's 60th Birthday - and Sharon, Tanya, Brett and Kahlia went along to the Ba8 Bar and Lounge - six photos - Saturday 2nd June 2012

London 2012 Olympics ... July / August 2012
"Glory of the Games" - this article was published in The Cairns Post on Saturday 14th July 2012, just a few days before the Olympics got underway - it looks at all the past Olympians from the Cairns area ... and this naturally includes Brett who participated in Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 ... and this is where the Australian Baseball Team won a Silver Medal !! - there is a short interview with Brett along with a great photo

Here is Tai cleaning his room - four photos ... plus two Vacuum Cleaner Adverts from the early 1900's - Saturday 21st July 2012

Barbeque ... CrossFit Members + Rugby Test Match ... Saturday 8th September 2012
A get-together was held at Brett and Kahlia's home ... to eat, drink, and watch the Test Match between Australia and South Africa - was a great night, and this page includes the result of the game, Facebook notes, Brett's Baseball Memorabilia Room ... along with seventeen photos - Saturday 8th September 2012

Fiona and Kathleen ... A visit to Cairns ... during September 2012
Sharon's sister Fiona and her daughter Kathleen paid a visit to Cairns as part of an "Australia Wide Tour" to catch up with lots of relatives and friends before Kathleen leaves to live in Sweden and marry her fiance Erik Johansson - this page includes Facebook comments over the four days along with lots and lots of photos of Fiona, Kathleen, Sharon, Tanya and Brett ... plus the attractions they visited while in the Cairns area - their plane landed late Wednesday afternoon 26th September and they stayed until five o'clock on Sunday 30th September 2012

Rockhampton High School ... "Class of 2002"
Kahlia's School Reunion - and she flew to Rockhampton to get-together with her classmates from ten years ago - the page has details on the evening's celebrations, plus lots of Facebook Comments along with eight photos - it also includes a link to the Reunion's Facebook Page - Saturday 29th September 2012

#01 ... On behalf of Breakthrough, Brett set off on Monday 1st October for a little drive ... all the way to Darwin Nothern Territory!! - this page includes photos of the work vehicle he took, copies of contacts during the trip via Facebook, and a 'strip map' showing the two day journey over it's 2845 kilometres - Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd October 2012
#02 ... The rented house in Darwin - taken from the 'For Lease' advertisement, this page includes details on the house along with ten photos

Kahlia ... A visit from her Mum and Sister ... Friday 2nd to Monday 5th November 2012
And while they were in Cairns they went to the Baseball Finals and also visited Trinity Beach - the page includes two photos at the beach plus links to other photos and videos that were taken at the baseball - Friday 2nd to Monday 5th November 2012

Breakthrough Bandits Baseball Club ... End of Season Party ... Saturday 24th November 2012
And this party had a "B" theme, meaning that you had to come dressed as something begining with the letter "B" ... and Tanya went as a ?? - she had her hair finished off by Sharon - and this page includes eleven photos of Sharon and Tanya which show the hair being done and the finished result - there is also one photo of Tai in his outfit and he was dressed as a ?? - Saturday 24th November 2012

Honda TRX250 ATV Quad Bike ... again !! ... Monday 24th December 2012
Tanya, Brett and Kahlia, along with her father Glenn and her sister Rachael, enjoyed a few hours flying around on these bikes!! - the page includes all the details along with over two hundred terrific photos - Monday 24th December 2012

It is Christmas Day !! ... Tuesday 25th December 2012
A great day which was celebrated at Brett and Kahlia's home in Kewarra Beach - and there are over one hundred photos and three videos on this page !! - these include Geoff, Sharon, Tanya, Brett, Kahlia, Ramsay and Tai, along with Kahlia's dad Glenn Pepper and her sister Rachael ... plus cards sent and received ... plus the presents ... plus the lunch and dessert ... plus fun in the pool - Tuesday 25th December 2012

A Mixture of Photos ... during 2012
This page includes a mixture of shots taken at various times during the year - and they include Brett, Kahlia, Ramsay and Tai along with Kahlia's dad Glenn and her sister Rachael - and there are some "perfect" photos of Ramsay and Tai - a total of twenty two photos


2012 Cairns Baseball League Season
playing for 'Breakthrough Bandits Masters'

Friday 11th May 2012 4 photos and 2 videos HERE
Sunday 20th May 2012 lots of photos ... incl sliding and scoring a run !! HERE
Sunday 17th June 2012 5 photos HERE
Sunday 22nd July 2012 3 photos and 1 video HERE
Sunday 16th September 2012 1 video HERE
Sunday 23rd September 2012 1 photo and 1 video HERE
Sunday 14th October 2012
2 videos HERE
three game series
3 photos and all details HERE
Year to Date Statistics up to and including Sunday 4th November 2012
end of the season


and this page was started on Saturday 27th October 2012

updated on Friday 9th November 2012
added details of their "Four Years Since Our First Date Anniversary"


Ongoing Project #01
continued from the 2011 Albumn

click on the picture below ... last updated Sunday 6th May 2012 ... 78 photos

Ongoing Project #02
continued from the 2011 Albumn

click on the picture below ... last updated Saturday 24th December 2011 ... 931 x photos--+--3 x videos