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Christmas - 2002



A note to Tanya - and four photos taken during the day


The Presents

The big heap - all nicely wrapped by Tanya - but the paper will soon be ripped off as Tanya gives them out!!!


Two hanging baskets - three photos ..........and click here to see where they'll go - in the pergola which has just been rebuilt

A remote control camping light - what a great invention!!! - two photos

Won $6.00!!! - with a 'scratch-it' ticket which was a gift from Anne Kippin ..........and Sharon took the money!!!

A new computer mouse pad - and what a great place to "rest my hand"!!!??? ..........a fabulous idea by Sharon!!!


Elizabeth Arden "Red Door" perfume - from Anne Kippin

Bedside lights - a pair of three-stage 'touch-lights' - two photos ..........two nice photos

------and here she is putting them together - which she did wrong and Brett had to redo!!! - two photos

------they look great in the bedroom!!!

A travel/beach blanket - the corporate gift from Australia Post ..........great picture

A new "granny box" - and a voucher to fill it up with hobby and craft materials - three photos ..........present idea thought up by Tanya

Shopping money - and a $100.00 present that cost $200.00!!! ..........Tanya thought of this terrific idea as well!!!


Her Christmas card - made by Sharon using paper embroidery and beading

Aromatherapy candles - from Anne Kippin ..........a nice photo

A cross-stitch present from her Mum!!! - a tulip - two photos

A DVD player!!! - this is 'part Birthday' and 'part Christmas' present - two photos ..........nice shots

He has not finished his shopping yet!!! - we asked him what he wanted, but he hasn't made up his mind - though it looks like he might get himself a cordless phone and a pair of black dress shoes - will post the pictures here after he has been to the post-Christmas/New Year sales. (maybe he could go with Sharon when she spends her cash!!!) BUT -ANOTHER -PRESENT -IS -MENTIONED -AT -THE -END -OF -THIS -PAGE!!!

Unwrapping a new beach towell - three photos ..........some good photos

------and here he is - standing up with the huge towell

Food, glorious Food!!!

The dinner table - everything cooked and prepared the night before - and tasted pretty good!!! ..........but what has a 6 year old Tanya and a 2 year old Brett got to do with it???

Sharon, Tanya and Brett filling their plates - two photos ..........and nice shots

Sharon getting her sustenance - which is all 'Weight Watchers' approved!!! - two photos ..........again, these are good photos

Tanya, and she is using her $300.00 DVD player as a table!!! - Sharon in the background

------and here she is earlier in the day, eating dip and mince pies - and with the very expensive picnic table again!!!

......and some other photos taken during the day

Sharon, with the "Stars and Stripes" - which flies proudly at our home!!! ..........great shot of Sharon - and the flag!!!

Sharon, just sitting around enjoying her day - two photos ..........and she looks lovely

Mother and Daughter - "Flowers with Flowers"!!!

Tanya says, "I think I have eaten too much!!!"

Could this be next Christmas???

Sharon, auditioning for the part of "Santa's Little Helper" - no!!! - wait!!! - Can't call her that!!! - for those (like me) who are fans of "The Simpsons" would know that is the name of Bart's dog!!! - so we had better call her one of Santa's Elves!!! - two photos ..........cute pics!!!


Click here for all the details!!!


-Sharon went shopping!!! - to the Boxing Day sales - and spent some of her money!!!

Bought a very nice (sexy and feminine) white suit to "lounge around" the house in!!! - two photos ..........she looks beautiful!!!

White lace-up top and sarong skirt - six photos


It was a great day!!!