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Geoff - 2010




In the pool at Mahogany Village - and it is a frightening site!! - three photos - Saturday 6th February 2010

Cairns Baseball League Working Bee - and using the mower and a drag mat, Tai is spreading the Bauxite on the Infield Cutouts and Running Tracks - and he is ably assisted by Geoff and Kahlia !! - the page includes twelve photos and two videos - Sunday 21st March 2010

Birthday #61 - Saturday 3rd April 2010
The Invitation - and it was sent to Sharon and Friend (??), Tanya, Errol and Ankle-Biters, Brett, Kahlia and Ankle-Biters, and Ritchie and Karen - and the venue is McDonalds at Smithfield!! - the page includes all the details ... and three important rules!! - Saturday 3rd April 2010
--------------------page updated on Thursday 8th April 2010 - added 48 photos !!

Geoff and The Cairns Baseball League - Is this it?? - Is it all over?? - The final spot?? - six 'interesting' photos - Wednesday 7th April 2010

Geoff and The Cairns Baseball League - part of the Grounds Crew for the Queensland Schoolboys Championships - after clicking on this link, scroll down to the bottom of the page - four photos - Friday 16th April 2010

Cairns Baseball League
Geoff has been awarded "LIFE MEMBERSHIP" !! - today was the Opening Day of the 2010 Season, and the Presentation took place before the "A" Grade match ... before which, Geoff then threw out the 'First Pitch' - the Presentation and Pitch are on video, along with three other videos - also there are seventeen photos and these include Geoff, Tanya, Brett, Kahlia and Tai ... everybody except Sharon who was doing the producing and directing!! - in addition there are shots of the Plaque and Shirt presented to Geoff ... plus something Extra as well?? - Sunday 16th May 2010

Sharon's Birthday - and we all got together at Brett and Kahlia's home in the afternoon - had pizza for dinner followed by a different sort of Birthday Cake - then Sharon was given her card and a couple of presents - the page has thirty one photos and three videos which include Geoff, Sharon, Tanya, Brett, Kahlia and Tai - Sunday 22nd August 2010

Father's Day - Sunday 5th September 2010
The page includes a photo/card and a note from Sharon - and cards and presents from Tanya, Brett, Kahlia and Tai - and there is a "Question and Answer" session with Kahlia ?? !! ?? - there are also a couple of photos of Geoff looking at one of the cards - Sunday 5th September 2010

Tanya's Birthday - and this is actually on Tuesday 9th November, so Geoff, Sharon, Brett and Kahlia took 'The Birthday Girl' out to lunch on the Sunday before that date - the venue was The Beach Cafe at Kewarra Beach - this page includes details on the cards and presents ... along with fourty-nine terrific photos !! - and it was a great day out!! - Sunday 7th November 2010
--------------------page updated on Tuesday 16th November 2010 - added 19 photos from Tanya's camera !!