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Thursday 1st May 2008

Wembley Ware Milk Boiler

Made in Australia

Date - 1950's/1960's ??


A note from Sharon

This milk boiler belonged to my Mother
I think I brought it home just after she died

We were all going through her kitchen stuff and I saw it and had vivid memories of its use
Mother used it to scald the milk - ie - bring the milk to the boil and let it simmer for a while - not sure how long!

Then "The Big Wait"!!!

The pan was put in the fridge the milk cooled, and the beautiful cream rose to the top
It was then skimmed off the top and was ready to use on home made scones!!
If I was quick enough (there were seven of us!!) I had some on my rice bubbles and it was scrumptious

I might have to try it again
Though I'm not sure if it would work with homogonised and pastuerised milk!!!


Diameter - 93mm - 3.625 inches


Stamps and Markings

Wembley Quality Wares

I found this clearer backstamp photo on the internet...


Information #01

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Information #02

The following article is from

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Andrew Nicholls is an art curator and Wembley Ware enthusiast
Like many Australians he grew up admiring the lustrous ceramics
He remembers the gaudy pieces taking pride of place on his parents mantle piece
He now sees Wembley Ware as a reflection of the times

It may not have the sophistication of Sevre porcelain or the beauty of Royal Worcester pieces,
but Wembley Ware, produced in Western Australia in the fifties, is now fetching record prices

There was this kind of growing Americanisation of Australian culture
People wanted their homes to look like the pages of American lifestyle magazines
British ceramics began to be seen as something a bit nostalgic and old fashioned
People wanted something bright and colourful and exciting especially following the shortages and very mercenary nature of the war years

A lot of people would consider it to be very kitschy
It's very 1950's
It's fun, it's really funny stuff

And while some may think it ugly, others consider it art
Some think its quite beautiful and that's the thing with Wembley
Some of the designs are quite naive but some of them arguably can be seen as being quite sophisticated works of art

In 1946 ceramics company Brisbane and Wunderlich created a range of decorative crockery called Wembley Ware, starting with the Cruet Set
To avoid paying a high sales tax the piece was fashioned into a salt and pepper shaker and a mustard dish
It was a huge seller

After this came hundreds more pieces of functional fancy tableware and more

Brisbane and Wunderlich was based in Subiaco, Western Australia
Surprisingly it was the biggest commercial ceramics company in Australia at the time, even exporting to New Zealand

The company, which also owned Bristle Tiles, introduced quirky landscaped display parks around Perth as an innovative method of advertising
The Land of Make Believe in Nedlands is now gone, but other displays in Victoria Park and Belmont are still standing
They were very much the brainchild of Sir Lance Brisbane
I suppose it's a really uniquely Western Australian idea that he came up with that rather than putting up billboards or more conventional forms of advertising to actually purchase or lease little plots of land around the suburbs that weren't used for anything else and beautify them
You know, it is quite a unique thing to be doing

In the 1990's Brisbane and Wunderlich sold out to Australian Fine China
This was long after its Wembley Ware range ended in 1961

Now, after nearly 50 years, the gaudy pieces of crockery have been transformed into collector's items


Information #03

Wembley Ware
'Fancy ware' produced by Brisbane and Wunderlich from 1946 until 1961
Operated as Australia's largest producer of commercial ceramics

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#1 - "Calyx, Wembley Ware and Bristile China" by John D Thompson
#2 - "Wembley Ware - Excitingly Different", the catalogue produced by the Art Gallery of Western Australia for the 2006 exhibition of Wembley Ware


Information #04

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Record Number = b2052237
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Manufacturing Wembley Ware and other china in the
Calyx Porcelain and Paint Co Ltd factory, Subiaco, Western Australia
Year - 1949

Clay mixing and grinding mills
Stacking a kiln
Forming pots
Forming a plate or bowl
Moulding handles onto teacups
Finishing a mould
Putting plates into the drying furnace
Hand painting a jug
Hand painting a jug
Pottery decorators
Finished toilet bowls
Finished articles


Information #05

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--Auctions for similar Milk Boilers/Savers

......for a price comparison!!!


Auction #01

A vintage piece of Australiana from a long gone era - Made in Australia ceramic AUSTCO Milk saver or boiler - these were placed in the bottom of the saucepan filled with milk and the coiled underside guided the bubbles out through the little vent to stop milk from boiling over! - it's great to find an old Australian one, but it does have a chip on the underside (see pic) - this item would look great and be quite a talking point in any kitchen!! - March 2008
Final selling price - $10.50

Auction #02

This is a gorgeous off white milk boiler - it is marked on the base "Wembley Quality Ware - Milk Boiler - This Side Up" - it measures approx 9.6cm in diameter and is about 1cm in height - the item is in very good condition with normal age wear, surface scratches and scuff marks and the normal potter's marks on the base - there are some areas of discolouration, mainly on the edges, and there is some crazing - April 2008
Final selling price - $6.51

Auction #03

I have for auction today this great little vintage Wembley Ware milk boiler - who hasn't put milk in a saucepan to boil and its boiled over, burnt and gone all over the stove!! - well, with this little utensil it's a thing of the past - just sit this in the milk while boiling and no more boil overs!! - this is in great condition with no wear to be seen - it looks to me like it has never been used - April 2008
Final selling price - $7.00

Auction #04

Vintage Wembley Ware porcelain milk boiler or saver - a great addition to your milk saver collection or a nice little piece of Wembley Ware - it has crazing and a hairline crack in the side - measures 8.5cm in diameter - these were added to a pan of milk to attract the attention of the cook and rattle when the milk was about to boil over - the hole at the top allows it to be hung in the kitchen ready for use - May 2008
There were no bids @ $19.95

Auction #05

This is an Australian pottery porcelain Wembley Ware milk boiler - it is in good condition with no cracks or chips - however, there is a couple of spots on the front that have not been glazed properly - you used to put these in the base of the saucepan to stop the milk from boiling over - it measures 9cm across - very collectable and a great piece of Australiana - June 2008
Final selling price - $9.99

Auction #06

Wembley Ware milk boiler - July 2008
Final selling price - $8.06

Auction #07

I have for auction today this great little vintage Wembley Ware milk boiler - who hasn't put milk in a saucepan to boil and its boiled over? - burnt and gone all over the stove! - well, with this little utensil it's a thing of the past! - just sit this in the milk while boiling and no more boil overs! - this is in great condition, no wear to be seen, and looks to me like its never been used - these vintage pieces just fascinate me - so many great ideas - July 2008
There were no bids @ $6.99

Auction #08

Vintage milk boiler - made by Wembley - this was used when heating milk in a pan and it would stop the milk boiling over - and/or it could be used as a decoration in your kitchen - it measures 9cm across and is 1.5cm thick - it is quite heavy to hold - the boiler comes from a deceased estate - July 2008
There were no bids @ $8.50

Auction #09

Wembley Ware Australian pottery milk boiler - it measures 9.5cm in diameter - this item is in excellent condition with just a few very slight crazing lines - July 2008
There were no bids @ $9.95