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#02 - Sharon's Wembley Ware Milk Boiler ... and this page includes
details and lots of photos of the Wembley Ware Pottery in Western Australia

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Saturday 3rd May 2008

"Calyx, Wembley Ware and Bristile China"

A Reference Book on this china ... which was Made in Australia


NOTE - Saturday 10th May 2008

We bought another Wembley Ware Book ...... scroll to the bottom of this page for the details



(another photo of these two pages is shown below)

(a much larger version of the page on the left is shown below)

... and there are more photos down the page !!!


Buying the Book

From what I can find out on the internet,
this book, over the past few years, generally sold for around $55.00

Trying to find one for Sharon, I searched various online Bookshops ... but no copies were available
A couple of the sites did, however, mention that the book was now out of print

My next move was to look around Ebay to see if any were for sale

There were, and what a surprise !!

During March 2008 one sold for $124.00, and another during May 2008 for $107.50 !!
Even a 'beat-up-and-torn-ex-school-fete' copy recently sold for $81.00 in New Zealand !!

So when another copy appeared ...... well, I grabbed it !!

--The Auction Details

Calyx, Wembley Ware and Bristile China Reference Book
By John D Thompson
Published 1989
Details on the ware produced at the factory that was in Western Australia
This book has 176 pages, with many full colour and black-and-white photographs
Includes information about the pottery and many of its unique artists
These books are now OUT OF PRINT and getting harder to find
Other copies in the past have sold well over my Buy-it now-Price!
This item is in excellent condition (new-old shop stock)
It is a must for any Wembley Ware Calyx Bristile collector!

Item location - Fremantle, Australia
It was listed with a starting bid price of $99.00
There was also a "Buy-it-Now" price of $124.99
And so I Bought-it-Now!! - on Saturday 3rd May 2008
Price paid - $124.99 plus postage and insurance


Just as a matter of interest ... other sales of this book

Number One
As new condition Wembley Ware and Others collector's guide - an out of print book that is very sort after - sold on Tuesday 20th May 2008
Final selling price - $152.50

Number Two
On offer is this pristine, new Calyx, Wembley Ware and Bristile China book by John D Thomson - here are some details taken from the back cover - "This book traces the history of the making of commercial china, from 1921 to the present day, at a Subiaco factory in Western Australia. Collectors of Australiana will recognise the names of Calyx, Wembley and Bristile, whose wares are described. Photographs illustrate the range of articles produced. This book serves as both a history of the factory and a guide for collectors of Australian earthenware and porcelain" - the book measures 25cm x 21cm, and has 176 pages with many colour and black and white photos - it is in unused and new condition - please note that this book is out of print and will not be reprinted - sold on Monday 2nd June 2008
Final selling price - $86.00

Number Three
West Australian Wembley Ware, Calyx and Bristile china reference book - written by John D Thompson 1989 - this book has 176 pages, with many full colour and black and white photographs - there is also lots of information about the pottery and many of its unique artists - the book is out of print and getting harder to find and this one is new unused old stock - as a bonus, I am including a copy of Wembley Ware Excitingly Different, a West Australian Art Gallery catalogue, with this auction - as mentioned, these books are in excellent condition and a must for any Wembley Ware Calyx collector - sold on Sunday 6th July 2008
Final selling price - $104.00

Number Four
A second set of books by the same seller as in Number Three above - sold on Sunday 20th July 2008
Final selling price - $79.95


Sharon has a few items from the "Wembley Ware" range, and- CLICK HERE -for ...

... a note from Sharon about "Her Life with a Milk Boiler" !!

... lots of photos

... a history of the factory, which was based in Western Australia, and

... photos of the factory in operation during 1949

Plus see all the links at the top of this page !!


More pages from the Book

(the two pages below are also shown above)

(a smaller version of the page below is also shown above)


Another Wembley Ware Book

Click on the picture below for the details