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Shore and Coggins Queen Anne Tennis Set

Year of manufacture - 1940's to 1960's

Pattern name - ???

Made in England


A note from Sharon on Wednesday 28th November 2007

Rhona, my work-mate at Australia Post, bought me this tennis set
I have been after a set for a long time, checking the Ebay auctions and looking in antique stores
While Rhona was in Nowra NSW visiting her Mum, they went shopping
She spotted this, and being aware of my search, she bought it for me
Thank you, Rhona!!
It is one of the prettiest I have seen and I love it!!



The Pattern

On the plate......

......and on the cup



The cup is 7cm high and 8cm across (2.75 inches and 3.125 inches)
The plate is 22.3cm long and 15.2cm across the widest part (8.75 inches and 6 inches)


Markings and Backstamp - #1

Markings and Backstamp - #2

The backstamp is listed in this book......

......and click on the picture for the book details

The mark is on Pages 574 and 575 and is described as follows:-

The mark is very, very similar ... but ...
#1 - the 'tail' on the 'Q' is different
#2 - the top of the crown also does not look like a cross


The Manufacturer

Shore and Coggins Limited
Longton England
1910 to 1966


Shore and Coggins Limited produced china ware in their Edensor Works, New Street and the High Street Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England
The firm dates back to 1887 when it was known as J. Shore and Co
In 1905 a new partnership was formed with Shore, Coggins and Holt
This partnership survived five years until 1910 when Shore and Coggins Limited was formed

Trade Names

Shore and Coggins also traded under the Bell China name
----------Bell China
----------English Bell China
----------Superior English Bell China
This range pre-dates the Queen Anne, but was produced until the close of the works in 1966
Most of the Queen Anne production dates from around the late 1940's to the close of the works in 1966
Princes Anne was also used c1959 onwards


Information #01

The following information is from......

......and click on the logo to go to their Official Web Site

NOTE - Sharon, here is a job for you
You have to look at all these patterns to find the one that matches yours!!!

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Queen Anne Pattern List
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