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Salter Kitchen Scales - Number 54A

circa 1950's

Made in Australia

A note from Geoff on Tuesday 30th October 2007

Another set of Salter Scales!!
These were bought as a lighter and smaller set of scales
to compliment the cast iron set Sharon was given for Christmas 2005
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- The Ebay Auction

Australian Designed Salter Kitchen Scales Number 54A
Retro pink in colour
The scales are in good used condition
There are some minor marks and scratches present on both pieces
There is a light impressed mark reading 'Australian Patent Number 166276'

Item location - South Australia Australia
Geoff's Brother!!
Ebay Store Name
- 'rosecottagesales' -
Auction ended on Sunday 28th October 2007
The starting price was set at $0.99 and there were twelve bids during the auction
We won!!! - with a final bid of $25.00 plus postage and insurance


Information #01

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An email to Salter Australia on Monday 29th October 2007

Hi, and I am hoping you can give me some assistance

I have just bought an "old" set of your scales --- photo below
These are said to be "No 54A" and are marked "Australian Patent Number 166276"

Would you be able to tell me about when these scales were released on to the Australian market?
Any other info you may have on this set would also be really appreciated

Thank you, Geoff

The reply from Jason Ferguson at Salter Australia

Hi Geoff

I have spoken to one of our senior techs about the scale
We don’t have any info other than we believe it is circa 1950’s

Best regards, Jason


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......for a price comparison!!!

Salter Kitchen Scales Number 54A
With an Australian Patent
The scales work well
They are approx 23cms long and stand 20cms high with the bowl
Item location - Glenore Grove Queensland Australia
Auction ended on Saturday 22nd September 2007
The starting price was set at $5.00 and there were two bids during the auction
Final selling price - $16.00