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Nylex Australia Kitchen Canister Set

A note from Geoff on Wednesday 2nd November 2005
"We have a fabulous Kitchen Dresser which has been fully restored
click here to have a look
Over the years it has slowly filled up with recycled jam and coffee jars
which have been used as canisters and spice jars!!!
It was time for some new ones, and we decided to buy the sets from
the 1950's and the 1960's - the "Retro Look"!!!
They are listed quite regularly on the Ebay Auction Site,
and below is one of the sets we bought
Sharon organised the Kitchen Dresser on Saturday 26th November 2005
and a few photos of the finished result are also below"

- The Ebay Auction

The backstamp on these canisters

Nylex Australia "Vintage Art Deco" Canister Set
Vintage art deco Nylex full set canister set
Here I have a very collectable and useful item for you
Made in Australia
Nice pictures on each canister
Flour - Sugar - Rice - Tea - Coffee
This is a hard to find set from the 1960's
In good condition - no cracks or chips
They all go inside each other
Flour canister size - 26cm high x 16cm x 12cm
Don't miss this opportunity to own this beautiful item!!
No reserve!!
Happy bidding and Good Luck
Item location - Sefton, Sydney New South Wales Australia
This auction ended on Tuesday 15th November 2005
The starting price was set at $10.00 and there were fourteen bids during the auction
We won!!! - with a bid of $31.00 plus postage and insurance

Other----Auctions for similar canisters

......for a price comparison!!!

Auction #01
Retro vintage set of five canisters - this listing is for a set of five retro canisters - they are "Made in Australia" - each canister is a different colour and size, but all have a white lid with a gold handle - the flour canister is rust-brown with a picture of a woman with a sheaf of wheat and the word flour is in gold - the sugar canister is green with a picture of a cane cutter and the word sugar is in gold - the rice canister is brown with a picture of a Chinese person and the word rice is in gold - the tea canister is orange with a picture of a person picking tea and the word tea is in gold - the coffee canister is purple with a picture of a Mexican on a donkey and the word coffee is in gold - there are some minor surface scratches, but otherwise they are in very good condition - December 2005
Final selling price - $61.00
Auction #02
Retro kitchen canisters - set of five - great condition - the colours are reddish (flour), green (sugar), brown (rice), orange (tea), purple (coffee) - they all fit inside one another - very cute and retro for the kitchen - no obvious stratches or marks - Nylex brand - Made in Australia - April 2007
There were no bids
Auction #03
Here is a vintage set of five retro canisters in good condition - they have no cracks but three of the lids are missing the clear plastic top off the handle - and also some of the gold has rubbed of the pictures and names - but they still display very well - the have Made in Australia 323-7030 and Nylex on the base - April 2007
Final selling price - $19.99
Auction #04
Nylex vintage canisters - set of five - they do have some colour loss to the writing and pictures, and this is mainly to the tea, sugar and coffee canisters - that is why there are stickers on them - the handles on the lids have lost the silver colour - the handle on the flour is partially broken off - also, the flour canister is slightly faded in front, probably due to being left in direct sunlight - but all the backs are good in colour, and you could turn them around and they would still look great on display - nice for that retro kitchen - none of them have any splits or cracks, just the usual wear and tear markings for their age and use over the years - April 2007
Final selling price - $8.00
Auction #05
Nylex retro set of three preloved canisters - these canisters, including the gold motif, are in very good condition for their age - this set is ideal for those lovers of retro items - the rice is 20cm high x 13cm wide x 9cm deep - the tea is 17.5cm high x 11cm wide and 7.5cm deep - the coffee is 15cm high x 9.5cm wide and 6.5cm deep - the casing is chocolate, and slightly faded - the lids are cream and the handles are clear - April 2007
There were no bids
Auction #06
Retro 1950's/60's - this set of canisters is made by Nylex and is made in Australia way before political correctness as each canister features a person from where the original raw ingredients were from - they are engraved into the brown marbled plastic and are highlighted with gold colouring - the flour has a lady with sheaf of wheat and it's length is 15.5cm, width is 11cm and height is 24cm - the sugar has a man with sugar cane - the rice has an oriental man eating with chop sticks - the tea has a lady picking tea leaves - the coffee has a Mexican on a donkey - they are all in good condition but with scuff and wear marks, particularly to the bases - the lid handles have lost their original colour and the sugar inside rim has been melted in two places - the flour and sugar people/motifs have lost a lot of their gold colour through handling - April 2007
There were no bids
Auction #07
This set is very similar to ours!!! - the difference being in the colour of the lid handles - plus one of these has heat damage
This is a set of collectable retro kitchen canisters, each featuring a different design - they are made of plastic and are a pale coral ivory colour with bronze coloured rectangular knobs on the lids - the flour is 26cm x 16.5cm x 12cm - the sugar is 23cm x 15cm x 11cm - the rice is 20.5cm x 13cm x 9.5cm - the tea is 18.5cm x 11.5cm x 8cm - and the coffee is 15.5cm x 10cm x 7cm - the canister brand is Nylex and Made in Australia - these are in average vintage condition with general scratches, wear and marks due to age and use - the rice cannister, however, has damage to the base due to what looks like heat damage - it can still be used, but you would need to have the rice in its plastic bag - otherwise, this set does make a nice display - April 2007
Final selling price - $15.50
Auction #08
Nylex Harlequin - a very nice set of five retro kitchen canisters - flour, sugar, rice, tea and coffee - condition from good to very good - there is only some very light scuffing to the outsides - all these canisters have the contents and a picture embossed on the fronts - these would go great in any retro (or otherwise!) kitchen - June 2007
Final selling price - $36.00

The "new look" Kitchen Dresser