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Royal Winton Grimwades Salad Drainer and Underplate

Pattern name - unknown

Made in England

A note from Geoff on Wednesday 7th March 2007
I bought this as a 'Surprise Present' for Sharon
Over the last twelve months, we have gone out lots of times
checking the local antique and secondhand stores
And a "Salad Drainer" is one of the items that is always looked for
We have found a couple,
but they were either too expensive or Sharon didn't like the pattern
She found this one listed at Ebay,
and though it has some 'age-crazing', she thinks it is "very pretty"
The auction link was sitting on her computer desktop,
so I pinched it to get all the details
I made a bid - and won it for her!!


- The Ebay Auction

Rare Royal Winton Grimwades Floral Salad Drainer and Stand
I am offering here a vintage Royal Winton Grimwades Salad Drainer
Complete with the stand/plate
I do not know the name of the pattern
but as you can see it is decorated with bouquets of flowers
There are no chips or cracks
but as could be expected with vintage Royal Winton, there is crazing
There are also some slight discolouration marks
The bowl measures 8.25 inches by 8.25 inches and stands 2 inches high
The underplate measures 8 inches by 8 inches
It is overall a rare and hard to find item!!
Item location - Sydney, New South Wales Australia
This auction finished on Wednesday 7th March 2007
The starting price was set at $29.00 and there was only one bid
And that was ours!!! - we paid $29.00 plus postage and insurance


More Photos


A close-up shot of the Pattern


The underside of the Drainer


The Backstamp

......and some information on the Stamp

NOTE - click here for all the details
of the book shown opposite


The 'Grimwades' marks are shown
on Page 293 of this Encyclopaedia

A photo of the page is below


There is not an exact match to the
one on the bottom of our drainer

However, it looks to be a variation
of the 1934 to 1950 mark


As can be seen above,
Sharon's also includes the words
"Made In"
between Grimwades and England

In addition to the above, click on this logo......

and this page has more information on the
Royal Winton Grimwades backstamps - including these photos and comments......

An early
Royal Winton backstamp

A little later
Royal Winton backstamp

The "A" was incorporated after 1943

The stamp on the left is the same as the one from the Encyclopaedia
and the one on the right also includes the words "Made In"

The notes state that the "A" replaced the scroll at the end of the word Winton
so does that mean that Sharon's was made sometime between 1934 and 1943???


The Pattern Name

The seller mentioned in the auction details that she did not know the name of the floral pattern
Sharon, this is your job!! - to find it out!!

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Grimwades Patterns
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Someone may be selling another piece from this pattern - and list the name!!


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