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Brett - 2007




Brett's USA Visa application photos - from Season 2006 and Season 2007 - and the small 50mm square photos were scanned at 1200dpi to enlarge them - January 2007 ......and they are terrific photos!!!

Brett drove when he shouldn't have been behind the wheel ... and he paid the price ... picked up for "Driving Under the Influence"!! - page lists all the details including the breath analysis certificate, automatic licence suspension, notice to appear in court, etc - it also includes a character reference from the Mayor of Cairns, Mr Kevin Byrne - plus an article, with a photo, which was published in The Cairns Post following his court appearance - and, as well as this, he was also booked for "Overloading" - Saturday 3rd February 2007

Happy Birthday!!! --- Monday 5th February 2007
---------A note from his Mum, with a few "Pics from the Past"
---------A card and gift voucher from Tanya
---------plus what is this???----A lump of Gold!!! - the page includes all the details on this Nugget - lots of photos
---------------------------------------------what is the value of the nugget now ?? ... page updated during April 2008
---------------------------------------------what is the value of the nugget now ?? ... page updated during August 2011

Playing in the Australian Poker League - Brett has played in two of the "League Events" - and was the winner in one of them!!! - the page includes all the details on the "APL" - and Brett's winnings!!! - during January and February 2007

Brett trying out the new hammock in Tanya's courtyard - three photos - Sunday 28th October 2007

A New Suit!!!
Brett required a suit for various functions, in particular as an Australian Team Member during the Baseball World Cup being held in Taiwan during November and for during the two games series being held in Japan immediately after - there are seventeen photos on this page, and he is also wearing the dress shirt supplied by the Australian Baseball Federation - taken on Sunday 28th October 2007

Sharon and Brett are heading to Townsville to see Elton John 'live' in Concert!!! - this page includes details of the Show, seating chart, reviews, and seven 'midi files' of some of Elton's hits - the concert is being held on Tuesday 4th December 2007